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I wasn” t=”” getting=”” the=”” results=”” that=”” i=”” wanted,=”” because=”” my=”” brain=”” was=”” hardwired=”” to=”” keep=”” me=”” away=”” from=”” fears=”” and=”” afraid=”” it=”” wouldn’t=”” work=”” out.<="" p="">

hey I couldn’t be more excited because I
want to share with something with you
that’s gonna rewire your mind change her
life and I’m really excited because on
Saturday is John’s brand Athan which you
probably heard me talk about by now and
it changed my life for forever and so
it’s down below there’s a link right
there down below so go ahead and click
that it’s totally free and it was a few
years ago my now wife Ashley was in debt
and I was working so hard all the time I
was working and I wasn’t getting the
progress that I needed just to not be
stressed and worried about all the time
let alone the fact helping Ashley out
because she was in debt because I
couldn’t pay for anything and I watched
the brain thong and I realized that the
reason I wasn’t getting the results that
I wanted was because my brain was
hardwired to keep me away from my fears
and I was afraid that it wouldn’t work
out I invested all my time energy I
dropped out of college I went full after
this career path everyone said it
wouldn’t work out and so I was afraid of
it failing and I was afraid of them
being right it turns out your brain
wants to keep you away from fears so
that you don’t experience them because
long ago you actually needed your brain
to keep you safe from fear so that human
species could evolve to today well that
same thing is one of the things that’s
probably blocking your brain from being
in alignment with you manifesting what
you want so please do me a favor and
join John’s free brain athon coming up
on Saturday it’s right there down below
you’ll see the link and I’m really
excited so rallied up my family and
letting all my you guys my online
friends know so yeah after that I
actually actually purchased John’s
program which was a program basically
all about the brain and so what I did
was I realized that I had to literally
start to recondition my brain for a new
reality so what I did is when I joined
this program I got an accountability
coach to help me along the way and with
one of my programs we actually have a
program on that our monthly
accountability coaching calls so I want
everyone to sign up and join the brain
athon it’s absolutely free for those
that are interested in John’s paid
program everyone that joins if you use
this link down below I’m gonna allow
everyone free access to my coaching
because I think that’s the most
important thing because once you learn
the information you’re gonna learn at
the at the free brain athon this weekend
it’s a matter of applying that into your
life and in my experience the way that I
was able to cement those things that I
learned to rewire my brain was coaching
and so that’s why I put together my
coaching program my accountability
program and it’s part of our paid
program that people pay for but if you
join into John’s program then you’ll get
that absolutely for free so just wanted
to let you know that so let’s click
click that link there down below and you
may be like okay so I’ve been working on
manifesting things I’ve been working on
creating things and you may be working
really hard or you haven’t had the
things show up I’m willing to bet it’s
something about the way that your brain
has been conditioned by your environment
growing up and so yeah super super
excited every year Ashley and I sit on
the couch we turn our computer onto our
television and we watch it it’s like I
said totally free so click there down
below what we will resume to regular
broadcasting of normal YouTube videos
but everyone comment down below and use
this as your affirmation today I attract
amazing things out of nowhere comment
that down below I attract amazing things
out of nowhere I attract amazing things
out of nowhere so comment that down
there right there down below and that’s
the affirmation for today and feel the
energy of that so yeah really excited
even if you can’t make the brain athon
live you can get the replay it’s totally
totally totally free and for those that
do want to use the program that I used
you and you do join that you’ll get my
coaching program for free so it’s right
there down below click that link comment
down below
all that amazing affirmation and
‘sheriff me one thing you’re grateful
for today I’m grateful that through
everything I’m alive right the news your
mind all of these things might want to
say bad things are happening or your
stress or there’s challenges in your
life like it’s amazing through all of
that that were alive still and I’m
really grateful that we’ve been blessed
by the creator of the universe to be
alive and have this experience so
comment down what you’re grateful for go
ahead and sign up for the brand Athan
coming up can’t wait so excited and
let’s see what type of amazing things
you attract into your life today



I wasn't getting the results that I wanted, because my brain was hardwired to keep me away from my fears and I was afraid that it wouldn't work out.

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