#1 Dangerous Thing That Blocks You From Attracting Your Soulmate & Romance | The Law of Attraction

#1 Dangerous Thing That Blocks You From Attracting Your Soulmate & Romance | The Law of Attraction

The number 1 dangerous thing that you might be doing that’s blocking you from attracting your soulmate. This is Jake Ducey.

When I learned this thing I attracted my soulmate into my life. My life has never been better. if they’ll happier healthier more in love my business has grown more than ever before and it’s all been a product of identifying this one thing so my soulmate come into my life and amplify my life this is Jake Ducey with Jake Ducey calm and it’ll work for you too okay so here it is don’t place your responsibilities of happiness on somebody else don’t place the responsibility of you being happy on somebody else prove to yourself that you can be as happy healthy and fulfilled as you can possibly be on your own say to yourself I am deciding in this moment that I do not need a soulmate a romantic relationship for me to feel whole what we’re told is the idea that when two people come together in Union whether that’s a wedding or just a commitment to one another what we hear is that it is two halves that make a whole they become one and what I learned the hard way is that if you’re dependent on somebody else to make you happy now somebody else can make you feel good somebody else can make you feel appreciated someone else can make you feel pleasured but nobody else can make you feel truly happy and what happens is we want a soulmate we want a romantic relationship really really really really really really really bad and we come from a place of I need this thing for my life to be hope if I don’t fall in love like what’s the per my life how am I going to be fulfilled how am I gonna I don’t get to have a family if I don’t get to fall in love but I don’t have to get to truly meet my soulmate how am I going like what’s the point and when you come from the energy even if you attract somebody into your life it’s going to be what I call a recyclable relationship a recycable relationship is when two halves come together that aren’t totally whole and they believe the other person is what they need to become whole and when that happens the relationship is the belt is is built upon dependency and need so it becomes recyclable and now maybe you can think of a time in your own life or somebody you might know that’s constantly recycling relationships constantly recycling them me you know maybe you could think of somebody that every year every six months every three months every two years there’s a new relationship there’s a new romantic relationship and what happens is we’re coming from a place of you need to fulfill me but when you come from a places you need to fulfill me it’s not based off of truth the truth is only I can fulfill myself and when I fulfill myself and I live a purposeful life and I attract you as my romantic partner into my life and you’re coming from that premise to that I cannot fulfill you you can only fulfill yourself you’re going to lead your own purposeful life and we’ll come together in a sacred union it amplifies our life but when we come from I need you to fulfill me what happens is it’s a truth that can never be met it’s an expectation that is impossible to meet therefore the relationship is built to fail because at some point they won’t make you happy the way that you expect them to make you happy and when that happens emotions are met needs aren’t met and the relationship falls apart and we recycle it and we find another person who can do it well you know I think the problem was last time you know they didn’t like yoga as much as me they weren’t as fit as me um you know they came from a different part of the world and I think we just you know we weren’t exactly on the same page thread a different age than me and we come up with all of these reasons why the relationship didn’t work but it’s always predicated upon something other than the internal truth and the internal truth is anything in life it doesn’t matter if it’s a soul mate anything in life that you think you need for you to be fulfilled it will never fulfill you and it will almost always lead to destruction now you see that all the time in relationships outside of romance you see that with people that believe that fame or success or money will fulfill them it never does but when you come from a place of wholeness and you don’t seek validation out of the success fame or money you’re able to enjoy it but it never has control over you and so what I invite you to consider is to ask yourself this question how can I take responsibility for my happiness how can I live my purpose now how even if I don’t attract my soulmate in this lifetime how can I live my purposeful life and what happens is when you ask yourself that question and you start to live that out you start to step into your true self when you step in and live from your true self you attract a true partnership but you can’t attract that true partnership unless you’re first walking and living from your authentic self because otherwise you attract inauthentic relationships that never last now when when I really wanted to attract my soulmate I had a relationship before my current one that didn’t work out and it was built along the premises that I discuss here that’s how I got the term recycable relationships after that fail to ask myself like what well how can I create the happiest best life for myself and I clearly defined my of doing this work and getting us healthy and well as I could and I said if I meet someone that’s great if I don’t that’s great too but I need to build a life that I’m proud of because that’s how I’ll be fulfilled someone else loving me and giving me attention and validation will never give me the fulfillment that building a life I’m proud of will I want to know my life meant something and somebody else can’t give that to me and when you understand that that somebody else can’t give that to you and you take this necessary steps to build a life you’re proud of your fulfilled with you’re excited about and and it’s in alignment with your true self your highest values your souls mission your purpose and light the result of that is you attract people that are on that same path or desire to be on that same path and then the two of you can work together to create something even more amazing and so what I invite you to consider is that and how can you live from that place in your life this is Jake doozy with Jake new sitcom and I’m inviting you to consider and let go of thinking that somebody else is responsible for your happiness I invite you to consider dropping the idea that two halves are gonna come together and make a whole no two holes are gonna come together and rock the frickin world but the first step is for me to live holy fully in my true self in my greatest power in my greatest purpose and and take the necessary steps to build a life that I’m proud of them when I do that I know that I’m gonna meet the perfect people that I’m destined to meet but I need to walk my true path and that’s what I invite you to consider download my free success of Knossos down below Jake’s hypnosis dot-com train your subconscious mind for success for abundance for prosperity if you’re in fear and doubt and worry about like well what if I try to build a life I’m proud of and it doesn’t work out that’s all subconscious patterning and you can erase and retrain that for success abundance prosperity Jake’s hypnosis calm down below hit the subscribe button and the bail notification because that’s what actually notifies you for new videos if you got a soulmate if you’ve got a relationship if you’ve got someone you’re dating share this video with them talk about it how can you guys amplify each other’s true selves so that you can both step more fully into your power and amplify one another’s lives by first seeking and taking responsibility for your highest levels of happiness ever possible I’m so excited because we finally finished the second lining your program or every day from all over the world we get people than with the most amazing manifesting stories attracting more money health love happiness because your brain is wired in a certain way if you can change the way your brain is wired you can change your life and we created a tool that’s designed to do that you can demo it for free the second mine calm down below the second mine calm go ahead demo that have a beautiful day share this with somebody that you love go out there rock your best life ever and good things will meet you along the way

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#1 Dangerous Thing That Blocks You From Attracting Your Soulmate & Romance | The Law of Attraction
#1 Dangerous Thing That Blocks You From Attracting Your Soulmate & Romance | The Law of Attraction

When I learned this thing I attracted my soulmate into my life. My life has never been better. - Jake Ducey

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