#1 Law of Attraction Manifestation Technique That CHANGED MY LIFE FOREVER

#1 Law of Attraction Manifestation Technique That CHANGED MY LIFE FOREVER.

Jake Ducey: If I could distil it into one thing, one Law of Attraction technique or strategy that you could implement, how would it change your life.

Over the last few years, I’m so grateful to say that I’ve been able to use a lot of Attraction to employ my friends and to take my now wife out of debt and allow us the freedom to live the life that we dream of. Live where we want to live, in our dream home, and have the health, the energy, the freedom that we desire. And I was just thinking about okay so how did this my whole life change and if I could distil it into one thing one Law of Attraction technique or strategy that you could implement, how would it change your life. but I want to share with you the number one thing that allowed me to go from a 19 year old college dropout everyone said this was a bad idea for me to follow my heart and and I wouldn’t be successful and matter of fact it wouldn’t be happy because then I’d regret leaving and all of these things and my life changed with this one thing I don’t want to share with you so my name is Jake dulce this is Jake dulce from Jake dulce calm and let’s dive right into this video [Music] if you have not subscribed yet be sure to hit the subscribe button right over there and hit the bell notification because that’s what’s gonna notify you for new video subscribe down notification let’s get right to the video so this was prompted cuz I read a message he was a comment from someone and it was like it was someone arguing with with my ideas on this channel and you know they were talking about how oh this doesn’t work and this is a scam and you know I was thinking what is the number one thing that has allowed me to manifest and what’s a common thread between people that are living exceptional lives across the board and it’s that you believe that you’re worthy so you can do every law of attraction technique man you can even work 18 hours a day just all day you can become a workaholic and you can still not achieve what you want to achieve in life because it all comes back to self-worth self-esteem and self-confidence now this is across the board for all things because it affects our relationships sometimes we settle for people that really aren’t worth our energy it affects financial situations because you may be under valuing yourself and your skills because you don’t think you’re good enough smart enough deserving worthy or whatever it might be and it affects all areas of our life so comment down below I am worthy of all that I desire comment down below I’m worthy of all that I desire so here’s the way that I see it everything in this physical universe is just energy and you’re just energy – and I’m just energy – and your true self is just an individual ization of God so what could be more worthy than the God force that has created and is constantly expanding this universe what could be more worthy than that nothing because it’s the substance that creates everything and it’s also your true self now some people get in the way of that true self and that’s called our ego or eg oh edging God out is what Wayne Dyer would say that ego was the part of us that has edged God out its edge the perfection of the universe out and it’s started to take on this self construct and slowly you might start to believe that you’re not good enough to have abundance that somehow like God’s gonna love you more if you don’t if you if you don’t have any money or you believe that you’re not worthy of a romantic relationship that’s free of abuse and free of all of these negative energies that inflict so many of our relationships or we believe that we aren’t worthy to create the dream or goal that we have and we start developing these self concepts now the way that this works is that it becomes a habit just like a record player so if you just press repeat on your phone for instance and you play the same song over and over and over again let’s pretend it was mary had a little lamb right and you play that over and over and over and over and over again what’s gonna happen it’s gonna get stuck in your head and then it’s just gonna keep playing over and over and over and over and over and over and and even if you don’t like the song it’s gonna be stuck in your head why because your what your mind really is is just a habit that repeats itself over and over and over again and if you think about it there’s our world is predominantly a lot of the constructs in our world are predominantly negative and what that means is that if you look around most people are struggling and they say seventy five percent of people are actively disengaged from their jobs nine out of ten people are dying with less than $10,000 in virtually no financial assets we’re at the highest rate of depression and stress and just over sense of overwhelming and then not to mention that we have all these major companies that are trying to convince us that we’re not good enough as as we are so that we feel a void within ourselves and thus by things we don’t need to fulfill the agenda of those specific public relations or media companies and so this collective consciousness is one of not enough and what begins to happen is that starts to that macro consciousness starts to infect the individuals and that’s what we see in today’s world is you know some of the most successful people in the entire world still don’t believe that they’re good enough and it all comes back to you believing that you’re good enough for whatever it is that you’re wanting in your life and for me that was hard right because everyone said and I’ve been told my whole life you can’t be successful unless you go to college I was 19 years old I dropped out of college and I wanted to pursue this path that I’m on now and that’s why I created my success hypnosis that you probably heard me talk about you can download it for free right there down below it’s Jake’s hypnosis calm right there down below and what I began to do was start to affirm my self-worth constantly in fact there’s a woman named Brittany that is a subscriber on the channel and 10 minutes ago I got a fantastic email from Brittany after my I am affirmations video that I made recently she went and made all of her own I am affirmations and I was like oh look that’s the creative process really at work a lot of people believe that if they just think about what they want they’re gonna get it and a lot of times it does set things in motion and beautiful experience come about but at the core at all you know there’s that old saying everywhere you go there you are and if you don’t believe that you’re a child of God if you don’t believe that you’re totally divine and worthy if you don’t believe like I had to believe that I was good enough to be able to build a successful business I had to believe that I was good enough and intelligent enough when my story in my head growing up was that I was never very smart had to believe that I was good enough so I could get on camera and I could talk and inspire people and I had to start to believe that I was good enough to charge for my ideas and my things that I was teaching I had to believe that I was good enough to attract a healthy romantic relationship because the one I had before actually might now my wife the one before wasn’t healthy so I had to believe that I was I was like somebody who had just adores me that I could attract that into my life and I have that now and the same is so with you you got to believe and you got a grasp that you’re this worthy being so comment down below I’m a child of God and if you don’t like that word you can use whatever word you want but Alan Watts says you can’t get wet by the word water to me the word God is simply describing the energy that creates and sustains and expands this ever-growing universe I call that the God force this is non-physical intelligence that like that breathes life into everything and is constantly expanding the universe and the cosmos and the stars and all these beautiful things and then you’re a piece of it you’re an individual ization of it therefore you are worthy you’re good enough to make the money that you want you’re good enough to attract new people in your life that inspire you and support you and uplift you you’re good enough to start saying no to the things that aren’t uplifting you you’re good enough you’re worthy you’re an individual ization of God start affirming that I am an individual ization of God I’m worthy of all I desire if you’re an individual ization of God then all of your desires are really God wanting to express itself through you let me say that again if you believe you’re an individual ization of God which I believe that if you believe that then every desire that you have is really God’s seeking expression through you so I started to look at it as if the universe was wanting to deliver and use me as a medium you know there’s that beautiful quote Lord make me an instrument and really it’s the universe wanting to make you an instrument for whatever that desire is it’s the universe wanting you to drive in a beautiful car and feel the cold wind on your face with seat warmers on your butt right it’s the universe that wants you to finally experience a truly magical romantic relationship it’s that but you you gotta realize that you’re totally worthy all the things people have told you or ideas or old emotional stories it was just hurt people it was people with their own trauma and their own baggage and their own issues and they carried that forward and they projected it onto you and and and and right now in this moment you’re free of all of it because here this is the only thing that exists is you this beautiful infinite piece of consciousness that’s what you are infinite potential and right now start affirming I’m worthy of all that I desire I am a child of God so this is Jake do see with Jake do see calm and I’m reminding you that you are an individual ization of God and you’re worthy of every single thing that you desire in life and when you start to really constantly affirm that all the time not just watch this video and then the video ends and you go off into your life but while you’re driving your car you’re firming that to yourself you’re starting to practice it you’re turning the music a little bit lower in your car so you can say out loud yourself I’m of all that I desire I’m a divine being I’m attracting beautiful godlike experiences that that that make me feel happy and harmonious you’re getting into that energy and then that’s the stuff that’s when the magic starts to unfold into your life you are a child of God you’re your Divine Being you’re worthy of all that you desire and everything else is just white noise so if you haven’t yet make sure that you use my software the second mine it’s right there down below you can demo it for free given everything that I shared in this video see there’s actually even science behind this is all of that collective energy that negative energy what happens is when we start to have habitual thoughts or emotional reactions we fire nerve cells we fire brain cells and what begins to take place is a term in neuroscience called hebbs law that says that brain cells that fire together wire together so what begins to happen is you’re the neurocircuitry of your brain starts to wire fundamentally to certain chemical reactions that control your habits your reactions and the things that you attract into your life and for most people it’s set up so that they constantly attract more of what they already have and for most of us it’s it’s a a very small portion of our potential and I call that the first mine that’s the condition first mine that doesn’t believe that we’re that great the second mine is this wired into you and it beat your brain your your your energy becomes a magnet for you to attract what you want and we created a software the second line you can demo it for free it’s the second I’m calm right there down below the second mine calm so go ahead hit the subscribe button in the Bell notification comment down below I am worthy of all that I desire and start affirming that to yourself today you

There are certain tricks to knowing the signs that what you want is on its way with law of attraction.

Most people struggle with law of attraction because they’ve never properly understood how they work.

And most people struggle with money because they do not understand what manifesting and attracting is, and because their relationship with the law of attraction is poor.

In this video you’ll learn how to use the law of attraction easily to know the signs if what you want to manifest and attract is coming and on its way!

The first step is to understand that you’re always using affirmations. Most of us spend our whole lives doing it unconsciously.

We use unconscious negative affirmations as a technique that holds us back from what we want in life.

You have to become conscious of your affirmations and begin to use positive thinking techniques to feel what you want before you have it. It’s a constant affirmation meditation to visualize success and feel it in your nervous system.

This is how you use positive affirmations to reprogram your subconscious mind, how to visualize images, how to visualize what you want, and how to create what you want as a reality.

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#1 Law of Attraction Manifestation Technique That CHANGED MY LIFE FOREVER

Jake Ducey: If I could distil it into one thing, one Law of Attraction technique or strategy that you could implement, how would it change your life.

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