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#1 Shocking Manifestation Technique For Attracting What You Want (Law of Attraction)

#1 Shocking Manifestation Technique For Attracting What You Want (Law of Attraction)

The one thing that I constantly see is people that don’t believe that manifestation is real. People that don’t believe the law of attraction is real. People don’t believe that you could take the dreams, the visualizations, the images that you’re holding in your imagination that you hold in your mind and that you can’t make them into a reality. It’s the most common thing that I see. And as this channel has gotten bigger and bigger and bigger and bigger, I see more and more and more and more and more of those. So in this video I want to share with you the number one manifestation technique for attracting what you want. This will work.

So as channels such as mine and a lot of others have gotten bigger and bigger and bigger, there’s also become a lot of channels that are solely devoted to debunking people like me that are sharing this type of message on the internet. And one of the common things that you’ll see is people say you can’t just take things that you imagine and make them into a reality. Life doesn’t work like that. It’s not that easy and they discount the idea that the law of attraction or manifestation is just a bunch of Hocus Pocus like they and they’re dead serious about it. They just make 10 minute, 20 minute videos and they just rip on the topic and you also see a lot of people like that and I can emphasize with it because when I was 19 years old and I came across manifestation and the law of attraction, I thought it was absurd as well.

I grew up, I actually grew up in an atheist. I didn’t believe in a higher power. I didn’t believe, I didn’t even know actually that there was more than this realm of visible light, this third dimensional time space, physical reality. I had no idea that there was anything more or I had no idea that everything in this physical world was just made up of energy. In fact, scientifically proven that an atom is almost all empty space. Technically it’s made up of subatomic particles and those subatomic particles are made up of mostly empty space. So no debating that for all the people that were to say it doesn’t work like that. So your hand, your body money, house, car, wall, chair, desk, iPhone, computer that you’re on, it’s all made of empty space. So like I was saying, I grew up in, I just thought it was this physical body.

I thought if you said, who are you? I would have said, I’m Jake Ducey. I’m six foot two / six foot three. At the time I had buzzed head, I would have said I have a bus, had a blue eyes. I go to this school, I weigh this much. This is who I am. This is what’s happening in my life. This is my story. And I would have thought that I was my identity and the my true self. I would have thought it was just my story in the collection of physical experiences that I had. I had no idea that what I can see, feel, taste, touch the world of my senses in everything that I conceive and that I, that I can, that I can perceive. All of that is 1 percent of who I am. 99 percent of who you are. You cannot see taste, smell or touch.

Its senses are tuned differently. This whole bandwidth is called visible light, but there’s a bunch of spectrums of energy outside of visible light. So my point is that I can totally understand why people feel like this, why people try to make money by putting clickbait of influencers names and the titles of their videos, and then basically go on for 10 20 minutes and collect ad revenue saying this is ludicrous. There’s no science that supports the law of attraction and consciousness. This is all a bunch of bogus there. So there’s no basis for that at all. But I used to think like that until I was 19 years old. I stumbled on the Wayne Dyer. I stumbled on that car. Totally. And I started uncovering about consciousness manifestation, law of attraction. I learned about the observer effect, which is something in quantum physics where a little particle that scientists perceive with a very powerful microscopes, this little particle, these little particles, these subatomic things that ultimately make up atoms.

And those atoms make up a molecule, molecular, uh, physical matter mass things matter in the world of the physical. And they go down to the subatomic level. When scientists and when scientists at the observer effect, and this is pretty trippy, what they basically found out is that these little particles could be both, uh, waves and particles. A wave is energy that’s outside of visible light, almost like a, an example would kind of just be like, you can’t hear the dog whistle, right? So it’s, it’s, it’s basically, it’s at a wave level that’s outside of what our ears can pick up.

#1 Shocking Manifestation Technique For Attracting What You Want (Law of Attraction)

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#1 Shocking Manifestation Technique For Attracting What You Want (Law of Attraction)
#1 Shocking Manifestation Technique For Attracting What You Want (Law of Attraction)

People don't believe that you could take the dreams, visualizations, images that you're holding in your mind and that you can't make them into a reality.

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