#1 Shocking Signs The Great Awakening Has Begun…

#1 Shocking Signs The Great Awakening Has Begun- In this video we talk about spiritual awakening that is occurring right now in the world.
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Breaking news. The great awakening has officially begun, and in this video we’re going to be breaking down the signs that the great awakening is here in what to expect.

Okay, so you look around and there’s a lot of people waking up. There’s a lot of people quarantine stuck in their house. There’s a lot of people looking at how much money governments are printing all over the world. They’re starting to lose a little bit of faith in the banking system, in Fiat currencies. Then you have other people that have been home for a really long time, so they’re starting to question what they do with their lives, their jobs, their careers. They’re starting to wonder, is there more to my life? And there’s this big shift where all areas of people’s lives, they’re beginning to question things.

Who am I really? What am I here for? Do I trust the government? Do I trust the life path that I’m on? And there’s all these questions popping up. This is the beginning of an awakening in awakening where first and foremost, it’s a spiritual shift. It’s a shift where we start to remember, first of all, we are spiritual beings in physical bodies. We are spiritual beings in physical bodies, and as this shift is really occurring in our lives, we begin to wake up, we begin to wake up and we begin to realize, I only have one life in this body, in this particular body, and I’m not going to waste it anymore and I’m not going to rely on other people. See, we put all of our financial trust and in our health trust into governments. We put our career trust into jobs. We put our self esteem trust into other people’s opinions and we hope other people approve of us.

And all of our self-reliance is given up to the exterior environment and we forgotten how to listen to the own whispers of our soul, our intuition. And right now as a world is slowing down and we’re on this giant reset, we’re on this giant pause. This is the time to ask yourself, who do I want to be? What is my purpose and what do I want most out of my life? Cause you think about it, we’ve all been living on this social program. We’ve all been programmed by society, by our culture and everything that we believe we’ve been handed to by other people. Everything that we believe, it’s just a story. It’s just a belief system, a mental that we’ve attached to and we’ve inherited from other people. Even your name, it’s all a story. Your name is and who you really are like you say, who are you? I’m Jake doosey. I’m six foot three I’m a like about 200 pounds. I have blue hair, I have long, I have blue eyes, I have long hair. I’m this old and this is who I am. That’s just a story and it’s not really even who I am at all. I’m not Jake. It’s just a label. It’s just a word. Who I really am is a point of awareness and infinite spiritual being in a physical body.

That’s who I really am and what I’m saying is we have all of these belief systems and stories, whether it’s an a, meant an attachment to a mental construct about who I am or whether it’s an attachment to this is what’s possible because we’re conditioned to say, Oh, you can’t make money that way. When someone says, my dream is to be a painter, a musician, a writer, a business owner, my dream is to live here. My dream is to do this, and then we get taught. That’s not possible. That’s come on. You can do that later in life once you’re 65 once you’re 70 once you retire, then you can do what you want, but you can’t make money that way. That’s not realistic. You can’t support yourself. See that’s another example of a belief system that we’ve inherited and there’s all these belief systems that we’ve inherited and we abide by them all needing other people to like us having other people’s approval for our ideas and our plans, believing the things that the governments tell us, believing all these things and a lot of them are starting to be questioned right now.

There’s certainly gonna be question in what’s happening is we’re realizing the worst that could happen isn’t that bad. It’s not that bad, like it can’t get much worse. If we finally face our fears, what stops us? What keeps us in these little ideas in these little mental constructs and these little belief systems and these little mental illusions and Buddhism, it’s called Maya. Maya is the world of illusion and we’ve been so attached to thinking where our bodies and that we are our problems and that we are what other people think about us. We’ve gotten so attached to these things that we’ve been stuck in the world of illusion in Maya, and now we’re starting to wake up as bill Hicks would say, we’re starting to wake up and question, is this real or is this just a ride? Now life is like a ride in an amusement park.

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#1 Shocking Signs The Great Awakening Has Begun...
#1 Shocking Signs The Great Awakening Has Begun...

The great awakening has officially begun, and in this video we're going to be breaking down the signs that the great awakening is here in what to expect.

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