#1 Signs From God Money Is Coming YOUR Way!!!

Perhaps God is sending you signs that Money and Wealth are coming your way. A lot of people are wondering if money is coming to them, but they do not know the signs from god… in this video we discuss the #1 signs that wealth is coming your way….
#1 Signs From God Money Is Coming YOUR Way!!!
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If you can see what’s happening, you’ll notice there are actual signs from God money is coming into your life. Now, this is important to know because you may or may not be doing the things that are blocking you from attracting money into your life.
I want to share with you these three quick and easy steps that are signs from God that you’re about to be blessed with large sums of unexpected money. The first sign from God that money is flowing into your life is an understanding that God itself is an infinite source of energy. Alan Watts says that you can’t get wet by the word water so you can call it God, you can call it spirit. You can call it Krishna. You can call it Frank. You can call it the universe. You can call it anything you want.

There is an infinite originating source of energy and originating source of the universe. We now know from science that everything in the physical universe is actually energy. So everything from the wall to my face, it’s all 99.999 percent empty energy.
If you look at the universe itself, it’s always for expansion. It’s infinite in nature. We know from science, energy is never created or destroyed. So that can only postulate one theory which is the theory of life, which is infinite and always for fuller expansion in its very essence in nature. Well, money is just one little part of that same universal flow of life.
So therefore money follows the same flow of infinite expansion. But we’ve been conditioned by divide and rule society that there have been a select group of people that have tried to basically control and have power over the whole human race. This has gone on for a very, very, very long time. The way that it’s done is that these people understand that life is all about psychology and perception.
They understand all these things about living in a field of consciousness and that consciousness creates reality. If you’re trying to control the world, how do you do it? You’ve got to control the resources and you’ve got to control the money. You got to make sure other people don’t have power in our world. Power is money. You have to convince them that God won’t love them If they have money and that money is bad in general.
You got to convince them that they don’t have enough degrees. They don’t have enough resources. They don’t have the right network. Therefore it’s going to negatively affect their net worth. You have to convince them of all of these things through generations so that you have the power that you crave. We’ve been programmed to believe in an illusionary limitation of abundance.
And so you have to start to retrain that pattern and start to see the world and recognize that’s an illusion. And when you shift your consciousness and you understand that financial abundance can flow to you every day in every way and increasing quantities. So comment that down below financial abundance flows to me every day in every way.

The second step or sign is that you trust your goals that you’ve been blessed with will unfold. You decide that you want to have more money in your life. And you’ve set new goals for yourself and new strategy and plans.
You don’t worry about if or how it’s going to work out. You have to trust that when you call and better into your life and you demand it of yourself as well, you can’t help but get those results. But what most people do is when they want more money, they tell themselves that it’s not going to happen. This is because they don’t know how it’ll work out. You have to trust in order for the universe to deliver. How can it give you what you want if you’re not really sure it can happen?

The third and final signs from God Money is on it’s way is that you’re about to have some fantastic financial success come into your life with your chosen endeavor is that you let go of the need for validation. This is huge because it’s encoded in your DNA, the need to be liked and be a part of a tribe, of a group, of other people in society.
And so we’re embedded very deeply with a need for validation, but oftentimes this inhibits us from our own greatness and our own true calling in life and our highest level of success. It’s the guy that was at the office that has had a business idea and is thinking about quitting. Everyone else laughs. They ask “are you serious?” They are pulling you back into the hole with everybody else and you talk yourself out of it. You know how cars have a governor that limits the speed you can go?
We have a similar thing in our thinking. The governor is set by a subconscious need to be validated by others, but that people pleasing actually stops us from everything we really wanted in life. And it stops us from ever being our true selves. Instead, we’re more worried about the image other people have of us. It’s not your job to get everybody to like you, it’s your job to follow your dreams and claim the success that’s rightfully yours. So that means marketing is good. Sales is good. Telling people about your ideas are good. Offering to serve people is good. Receiving money for what you want is good. Some people not liking you is good. That’s fine. Who cares? Don’t worry about it. Some people aren’t going to like what you do.

It’s good. Don’t worry about it. The brain is moldable. We know from neuroplasticity, the brain is changeable. It’s malleable, it’s adaptable. You can reprogram it the same way you can build bigger muscles. And so I created a software to do that for myself. You can use a free demo of it. It changed my life. 300,000 people from all over the world have now done a free demo of it. Please take advantage of this so you can take control back of your brain and accomplish and attract all that you desire in life. I hope you enjoyed signs from God money is coming to you.

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#1 Signs From God Money Is Coming YOUR Way!!!
#1 Signs From God Money Is Coming YOUR Way!!!

There are signs from God money is coming into your life. You may or may not be doing the things that are blocking you from attracting money into your life.

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