#1 Signs God Is Preparing You for a Major Breakthrough

#1 Signs God Is Preparing You for a Major Breakthrough
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Here’s what really tripped me out about the whole thing. I didn’t realize that God was literally speaking to me. And if I would have known what the universe was trying to tell me, I would have made a lot more money faster. I would have been a lot happier. And so what I want to tell you is God is speaking to you. Like the universe is delivering you a message and it’s totally unexpected, absolutely 100,000,000 percent unexpected, but it will change your whole life. If you learn how to hear the message that God is delivering to you, that the universe is sending.
So I titled this video the way that I did and I’m making it what I made, because the most shocking and unexpected way that God spoke to me. I thought something that I wanted out of my life, and I had put all my energy into it. I was working at it. And then I was also doing the inner work and visualizing it. And I wanted to be a college speaker. I had done very well speaking in high schools and unity churches, things like that. And I wanted to go to the college market. A lot of money in the college market, met a mentor, spent a bunch of money to have him mentor me. Wasn’t getting the results that I wanted. And so I, and so I didn’t want to pay him the next round. Right? And so he ended up refusing the service, taking the money.
It was a big ordeal because I was only 21 at the time. So it was the majority of the rest of the savings that I had. And it wasn’t just the majority of the rest of the money that I had. It was also that my wife was in credit card debt because of just basic things. Cause my career hadn’t really panned out on consistent cash flow. It was always like this and the college market was going to be my way to do that. So I dumped the last of my money into learning how the college market worked. Guy takes off with my money. I’m super pissed off. He was my mentor, my hero. Like I thought I wanted my life to be just like his and I also on top of all those things, that was my plan. And then all of a sudden, my plan to make money as a college speaker, that I was certain putting all my energy into the rug was pulled out from underneath me.
So I was really mad. I was also depressed. I was afraid I was uncertain and I didn’t know it at the time, but the message that God is trying to deliver to you right now. And that the, the sign that the universe is sending is that life is happening to you. Not for you, God, isn’t doing that. You, the universe isn’t like doing it to you. It’s not trying to it. It seems like it, but it’s actually trying to help shape you. Like it’s actually not trying to break you. Okay. It’s trying to give you something even better, but it doesn’t look like it. And I know that that sounds a little abstract or maybe it just sounds hard to believe because you have this bad thing happened or something hasn’t happened yet, the way that you want or something good didn’t happen, or someone double crossed you or this circumstance turned out to be the opposite of what you’ve been wishing and praying for.
But literally it’s happening to you for a greater benefit. I didn’t know that. But then when that happened, I’m lying on my bed and I’m so angry. And, and Ashley, my now my wife, she was, we were just a few years into dating at this point. The point she was trying to get calm me down and I didn’t know what to do and all these things. And I got to this place where I couldn’t sleep. I literally could not sleep at night. Cause that was so not only mad, uh, that they did this and that I couldn’t get some of my money back or at least get the rest of my services rendered to help me still try to make money as a college speaker. I was also just afraid, like, I didn’t know what to do. And so I can’t sleep in the middle of the night.
And I finally say, yes, no, what I did. We even want to be a college speaker. I thought I did. But the only reason I really wanted to do it is because other people were doing it. And I thought that’s what I needed to do. So it wasn’t my total path. I just needed at a certain point to be able to have a stable situation, but I didn’t really want it. And I realized, what do I want? Like a Bible I’d tomorrow out of my, I work in my life. What would I want? And I said, I’m want to go on the internet. And I want my stuff to live forever. So if I get hit by a bus tomorrow, then my stuff will still be out there for the world forever. And so I found someone like a day or two later, uh, named Clark Kegley on YouTube.

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#1 Signs God Is Preparing You for a Major Breakthrough
#1 Signs God Is Preparing You for a Major Breakthrough

The universe is delivering you a message and it's totally unexpected, absolutely 100000000 percent unexpected, but it will change your whole life.

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