#1 Thing You Must Let Go Of to Create A Miracle Using the Law of Attraction (The Secret)

In order to create a miracle using The Law of Attraction, there is one important thing you must give up and let go of. When you give this thing up, it opens your mind to possibilities that your eyes have been conditioned not to see even though they are already present.

More money, love, excitement, success, happiness, whatever it is.

It is already here.

When you learn this thing, you will begin manifesting so many things in your life.
How To Create a Miracle Using the Law of Attraction:

If you want to create a miracle in your life fast, think about the way that our mind generally works to manifest a dream. It works linearly.

It goes from A to B to C to D.

We make a plan. “This has to happen, then I’m probably going to need to meet somebody like this and then I need to check this box here.

We forget that there are three planes of existence. We’re generally stuck on the first two, the mind and the physical realm. We look at our world as it is and analyze it.

We define and make sense of of what we can see, taste, touch and experience as a physical reality in our world. We then define and decide what’s possible for our future.

We use the physical and the mental realms to define the possibilities of our life.

What science has started to show us is that time isn’t linear. What science now suggests is that there is a quantum field, which is a quantum field of energy.
Create a Miracle

All possibilities already exist.

We are creating reality moment by moment. We are at the apex of an infinite reality.

We decide and create at every moment, based off of our consciousness, what we’re going to experience as reality.

Most of our belief systems suggest that our past and present control what is possible for us.

Let go of that.

Release the idea that it has to happen linearly.

You could walk out of your home or your apartment or your office today and you can meet your soulmate today but it’s going to be impossible for you to do that if you think that it’s not possible.

We live in a world of infinite possibilities now. Everything that you want can happen so much faster,

We have to release the idea that miracles need to take a long time.

Be realistic. Expect miracles.

Expect the things that you want to come now, feel grateful that you know for an absolute certainty that they are on their way. Something amazing is about to happen. In fact, something amazing is happening in this moment right now because your consciousness is starting to shift.

You’re starting to see yourself, your world, and your future in a different light. That little shift in your thought pattern that’s happening right now is going to be the thing that propels you to attract and experience something different today.
Expect miracles.
Create a Miracle

Live from your higher self.

You are not controlled by the mental and the physical realms because you recognize that spirit, that consciousness, that energy is what gives life to this entire reality and that you, the meat suit, is just a thing housing your soul, just a garage that’s housing your spirit, your soul, your consciousness, and at every moment spirit energy is flowing into and through our body.

Our energy field in our brain is channeling that energy, that consciousness, that electromagnetic frequency into different images. The image that you’re now holding in your mind is one of prosperity, of abundance, of joy, happiness, success, one where you are already in possession of the things that you desire.

Your obstacles are gone. Your barriers are gone. You feel lighter. You can feel that your that your shoulder blades, your shoulders, your neck, can’t you feel it all relaxing right now? dYou are dropping the stress, the uncertainty, the doubt.

It’s gone because you’re not stuck on the linear timeline anymore.

You recognize that you live in a world of infinite possibilities and at any moment you can change your point of attraction in bringing new things into your life.

Today I see a possibility in the future of abundance for you, of success, for you, of miracles, for you as something good that you literally didn’t believe could happen so fast. It’s going to happen today and it’s impacted on the way right now. So when this video ends,

Repeat to yourself:

I am realistic. I expect miracles.

This is the number one thing that we must give up for our future in order to create miracles:

defining our future by our past thinking. It all has to happen.

You are a miracle.

The fact that you’re here, the fact that we’re a human being, breathing oxygen, experiencing life on this little speck somewhere in infinite outer space, that’s a miracle.

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It’s all here now.

We live in an infinite world and the only thing that defines what we experienced is our consciousness.

You’re not even creating miracles. They already exist. They’re already right in front of us. It’s just that we’re manifesting them by getting our thoughts and our consciousness and our perception in alignment with those things.

Let go of the idea that it’s going to be hard and take a long time.

Today I see a future of abundance, of success, of prosperity, and have something miraculous happening to you and for you today.

The universe is working with you and for you for your highest and best good,

I’m realistic. I expect miracles.
I”m realistic. I expect miracles.
I’m realistic. I expect miracles.

Have a beautiful day.

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