11:11 : The TRUTH About Signs From The Universe | What Does Seeing 1111 Mean?

Are you seeing the signs 11:11 on your
clock? 1 1 1, 2 2 2, or any types of
numbers on your clock repeatedly? Maybe
you’re seeing them out on the street
signs or anywhere. I want to tell you
what it means, so that you can actually
use it to create and attract more of
what you want into your life using the
law of attraction. This is Jake Ducey

So the important thing to
know is that the universe speaks to you
in signs and in symbols and the cool
thing about life is that we’re all here
for freewill and we’re here in order to
learn to grow to expand and realize
ourselves as a co-creator in this
physical universe and whenever I see the
sign 11:11 on my clock 1 1 I’ve noticed
the same type of numbers when I’m out
and about when I see that the way I
personally look at it as a sign from the
universe that’s saying focus on what you
want so I have my main things that I’m
attracting in my life and I have my main
affirmation that I use every single day
that’s based off of my goals but you’ve
probably heard me on this channel before
say it’s essentially that I’m so happy
and grateful that my I’m a thought
leader inspiring millions of people
across the world and it’s a few
sentences like that it carried it on the
index card with me and I don’t want to
share all the details of it and what I
do is every time I see that I say that’s
the universe saying think of your
statement think of your affirmation
think of your statement think of your
affirmation right because we have 65,000
thoughts in a day according to
psychologists 95% of them are
subconscious they’re unconscious so so
much of the day we’re not even thinking
about what we want so whenever I see
that I do that now if you want to play
this game with me I mean it’s worked
amazing for me you know I’ve created the
life of my dreams the business of my
dreams I’ve attracted my soulmate and
I’ve been doing this for quite a while
and so what I invite you to do is take
whatever it is that you want your main
manifestation and turn it into one or
two-sentence affirmation put it on the
index card every time you see those
numbers or those signs what you do is
you take a second and you consciously
think of what you want so other people
like other interpretations but this is
the way that I look at it I look at it
as the purpose of life is not
necessarily to accumulate things and get
things into succeed the way that I think
about the law of attraction and
manifesting and attracting is that
what’s happening is it’s allowing me
it’s a creative process that allows me
to realize myself as a spiritual being
that’s connected and a part of the
universe a part of God now the more I
realize that the more that I grow in my
soul’s evolution the more I realize
myself as a creator as a spiritual being
to me that’s the purpose of life and so
to mean the universe presents different
types of symbols and signs to remind me
of that
every time I go back to my affirmation
what I’m in tracting I invite you to do
the same thing comment down below if
you’re gonna do it if you’re gonna give
it a try let me know what you think
11:11 means one one to two whatever it
is and this is Jake Ducey com
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