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17 Second Meditation To Manifest Anything You Want | The Law of Attraction

How To Attract ANYTHING You Want in 17 SECONDS | Law of Attraction (WARNING!! INSTANT RESULTS!)

In this video we discuss how to attract anything you want in 17 seconds! This is Law of attraction explained in a simple manner so you can easily apply it to your everyday life.

There are certain tricks to using law of attraction to easily manifest in 17 seconds, and we discuss them here.

Most people struggle with law of attraction because they’ve never properly understood how they work.

And most people struggle with money because they do not understand what manifesting and attracting is, and because their relationship with the law of attraction is poor.

In this video you’ll learn how to use the law of attraction easily to attract anything in 17 seconds.

The first step is to understand that you’re always using affirmations. Most of us spend our whole lives doing it unconsciously.

We use unconscious negative affirmations as a technique that holds us back from what we want in life.

You have to become conscious of your affirmations and begin to use positive thinking techniques to feel what you want before you have it. It’s a constant affirmation meditation to visualize success and feel it in your nervous system.

This is how you use positive affirmations to reprogram your subconscious mind, how to visualize images, how to visualize what you want, and how to create what you want as a reality.

Here’s a 17-second manifestation technique to attract and manifest things that you want in as little as 17 seconds. This is Jake Ducey.

okay step number one. Distill what you
want into an image. see the problem with
most people is they actually don’t know
what they want now you may say I don’t
know what I want but what are some
things that you do want right we’re not
talking about a definite thing that is
going to destined and control your
entire life we’re talking about what are
some things that you want is it that you
want more money a new house a new car
you want to travel around the world you
want to manifest an amazing romantic
relationship or a new circle of friends
you want to live in another side of the
world what are things that sound
exciting for your one and only life the
only time you’re gonna be alive what
sounds exciting to utilize your precious
energy you precious time to live this
life fully what is some of those things
because here’s your shot right now
now here’s what really important
understanding that your mind works in
images when I say think of your car you
see the car on the screen of your mind
unconsciously it flashes up when I say
what color is your refrigerator you see
it right it doesn’t spell out WH ite on
the screen everybody no you see
your mind works in images on an
unconscious level and the images that
you consciously hold imprint your
subconscious mind
what’s your subconscious mind well it’s
the part of you that controls ninety to
ninety five percent of your life
according to psychologists C
psychologists say that ninety to ninety
five percent of your thoughts feelings
actions and the things that you attract
into your life your life results are all
unconscious their habitual they’re on
autopilot they happen even if you
consciously want something else or
consciously direct your energy somewhere
else your conscious thoughts imprint
your subconscious mind and like a record
player your life unfolds so your images
that you hold consciously impact your
subconscious mind it’s just that most
people are visualizing what they don’t
want all day have you noticed that most
people visualize what they do not want
the entire day they visualize they may
consciously want more money but they
visualize not having it all day but as
it happened
have you seen my bank account lately
they pay for their thing for nine
dollars and they’re like wow that was
really expensive and they have firm lack
and scarcity have you seen the price of
beans lately they’re so expensive and
they’re constantly affirming scarcity
they’re imagining what they don’t want
because it seems logical you got to get
rid of logic Albert Einstein said that
logic will take you from A to B but
imagination will take you anywhere if
you’re not trying to go to A to B if
you’re trying to manifest and attract
the things that you want fast we’re
trying to change your life and a
reasonably quick time and not in 40
years a to be is 40 years go to a to B
to C to D and then in 12 years if
everything happens well my life will
no no no if you wanted to happen fast
you got to use imagination imagination
will take you anywhere cording to Albert
Einstein logic will take you from A to B
an imagination will take you anywhere
logic says yeah but I mean is that
really possible I mean if you saw how
much money I was making be a different
I mean I’m 48 thousand dollars in debt
here I mean I I have me met a good guy
yet the last four guys screwed me over
there’s no good women I mean they’re
either hot or they’re cool and they’re
not attractive and the problem is I mean
it’s working for somebody else every job
sucks my house sucks we get in this
energy of affirming what we don’t want
but then it doesn’t happen they say yeah
but I know what I want to have my goals
I want more money I want my soul mate I
want this thing but we spend all of our
conscious waking hours thinking about
what we don’t want and imagining what we
don’t want we say I want this thing and
then we spend the rest of the time
imagining what would happen if it
doesn’t happen what’s the best that
could happen most people’s subconscious
question is what’s the worst that could
comment down below what’s the best that
comment that down below please please
please please please please
comment that down below I want to see
10,000 comments that say that what’s the
best that could happen why because I’m
wanting you doing grain that in you know
they’ve they’ve done research that you
retain seventy five percent more
information when you write it down write
that down below what’s the best that
could happen and ask yourself that
question what’s the best that could
happen if you imagine what you want what
is so when I started this channel right
now there’s maybe somewhere around two
hundred seventy five thousand
subscribers on this channel four million
views a month or something like that and
I used to get less than 100 views on
every video it was about 15 months ago
how the heck does that change so fast
because every time I looked at 70 views
or twelve views on my video I said man I
got 12 million views I talked to myself
like that I didn’t take what my the
information the data that my eyes told
me and let that imprint my brain see a
free will you get to use your conscious
mind to decide whatever meaning you give
to something so I want you to take a
minute and imagine what it is that you
do want okay so step number two is
recall that image every single day when
you wake up in the morning when you go
to the bathroom when you brush your
teeth when you put your robe on when you
take a shower when you get some water
some coffee whatever it is that you do
in the morning recall what you want
before when you open your eyes in the
morning say thank you God thank you life
Thank You universe I’m alive again today
my heartbeat through the whole night all
my organs work I feel fantastic today
and then close your eyes and imagine
that image my image was that I had a
million YouTube subscribers technically
I still don’t have a million YouTube
subscribers but I already know that I
have them so we’re just on the process
of that happening it’s just kind of like
when you’re driving to 7-eleven and you
know where 7-eleven is and you go there
all the time but you’re not there yet
but you know you’re gonna get there
that’s what I feel and I want you to
imagine that same thing so see that
clearly in your mind just quick 17
seconds very very quick
you need to set a timer might be 12
seconds someday might be 5 seconds I’m
bait or 35 seconds someday or 6 minutes
some days because it feels so damn good
for what I invite you to do is use your
imagination in order to live in a
reality that does not happen yet and
when you call it upon your mind enough
it’s going to imprint into the neural
circuitry of your brain it’s gonna
influence your nervous system and you’re
gonna live into that reality that has
not happened yet that’s how it works
so what is it I imagine it new car new
house new job an amazing prosperous life
is it an amazing relationship with great
friends traveling the world building
your dream nonprofit we’re being an
artist what is it just imagine right now
literally right now close your eyes
please just close your eyes like this
real quick let me close them take a deep
breath in 1 2 3 hold it
exhale 1 2 3 and with your eyes closed
calm the screen of your mind what you
want can you see it staring in the eyes
if your soul mate the money in your bank
account in your dream house putting your
children through school what is it see
it close your eyes right now and imagine
it see that image now what I want you to
do is every single morning call that
image on the screen of your mind and
when you open your eyes here in a moment
open your eyes and when you open your
eyes what’s gonna happen is the outside
world’s not going to control your
thinking anymore does the outside world
control your thinking or do you control
your thinking you control your thinking
now you have a clear image of what you
want you can focus on whatever it is
that you want to focus on regardless of
the world outside of you and when you
hold that image long enough what tends
to happen is the world starts to mirror
the way that you’re thinking within
yourself so every day open your eyes in
the morning while you’re waiting in
traffic when you pull off to go to work
before you get out of your car close
your eyes for just a couple seconds
don’t close your eyes while you’re
driving no wait till you’re parked
please and what you’ll do is just close
your eyes and imagine that
when you do that enough times an imprint
subconsciously and you live in the
reality that has not happened yet so
this is Jake do see with Jake do see
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