3 Biggest BLOCKS To Shifting Into A Parallel Reality (WARNING THIS CHANGES EVERYTHING)

3 Biggest Blocks To Shifting Into Parallel Realities (WARNING THIS CHANGES EVERYTHING)

Warning, make sure you buckle your seatbelt because you can shift into a parallel reality. Here’s three things blocking you. These are the three biggest blocks that are stopping you from shifting into the parallel reality where you have everything that you want in life. You see, everything is energy and energy is never created or destroyed, so that means the reality that you want, that you currently cannot see with your eyes exists. You just have to eliminate these three blocks. You can shift into that parallel reality. This is Jake Ducey with Jake [inaudible] dot com this is going to change your life. Let’s dive right into this video.

Number one, belief in past and future science stills as something very simple. You hear the word parallel reality and you immediately think, Woo, Woo, wee or new age or unproven, right? That’s the way that the mind has been programmed because the mind has been programmed to believe in this physical universe. This physical universe is all that is. That would be the Newtonian model of physics where you’re believing that physical matter is the creation of all things in energy as some random side effect of it. No, that is not true. We know for a fact that is not true. Albert Einstein comes along and he goes, Yo, Yo Yo, what’s up? Everyone Equals Mc squared, which essentially is telling us that energy is, is inextricably connected. It’s one and the same with matter. Energy and matter are one in the same, so energy is never created or destroyed.

So the past and the future can exist. Do enter the twilight music past and future can’t exist because energy is never created or destroyed. So if energy is never created or destroyed, all the realities that you want are happening simultaneously right in front of your face. It’s just that it’s an energy frequencies beyond the capabilities that your eyes have to pick up, right? We know there’s infinite levels of energy, but your eyes only can see the level of energy called visible light. There’s a bunch more happening. The opportunity is right there. The money is bright there. The resources right there. The how, the what, the person, the opportunity. It’s right there. It’s just that the mind can’t see it yet because the mind can only see where the consciousness is program. So pass in future do not exist. So you think about it like you’re on an endless um, conveyor belt.

You know, you go to the airport and they put everyone’s bags out there and they keep circling around. Will picture a thousand bags circling around and you’re the only one they are. No one else has made it there yet. So you’re standing in front of this conveyor belt that’s moving in a circle. You’re the only one there are, there’s a thousand bags. You miss the red bag. Oh, here comes the pink one. Here comes the green one. Here comes the blue one. Here comes the Magenta one. You’re comes the black one. Here comes the white one. Here comes that crappy one that’s got a bunch of holes in it that it looks like it was left outside for six weeks, one after another after another after another. And then they continue to circulate back round. And your freewill determines which bag you pull. Hopefully you pull your own bags, you use your arm, you reach over, you pull your bag.

I got my bag, I can go home and get out of the airport. Now, whoa. Similarly, think of it the same way. Time moves in a secular note in a secular way. Meaning that the exact same analogy as a con, as a conveyor belt only, forget about baggage and then insert reality. The reality of use immediately changing the next 12 months being the best financial year of your life, you attracting your soulmate tomorrow, all of these realities exist. It’s just that your consciousness determines which bag you pull off the conveyor belt. Most people’s consciousness is focused on the lack of what they want or they project their desires into the future. So they say, I hope one day I could get the money. It’d be really nice if in the next four years this works out. You know, I’m really planning on, um, you know, this working out sometime in the future if when I ho and it’s all taking your desire now it’s taking the infinite energy that already exists and it’s pushing it into the future that does not exist.
it in consciousness, then it will manifest itself in the physical realm, but visible light, the amount of energy your eyes can see that is secondary to the inner light called consciousness.

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3 Biggest BLOCKS To Shifting Into A Parallel Reality (WARNING THIS CHANGES EVERYTHING)
3 Biggest BLOCKS To Shifting Into A Parallel Reality (WARNING THIS CHANGES EVERYTHING)

Buckle your seatbelt - shift into a parallel reality. 3 things stopping you from shifting into a parallel reality where you have everything you want in life.

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