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Number one, speak only have it in the present tense. Now there’s a passage in the Bible and it says something to the effect of to those that have more will be given and to those who have not even that which they have will be taken away from them. What does that mean? When you’re in the consciousness of having you will attract more and when you’re in have not consciousness I don’t have, I don’t have even that what you have will be taken away from you, so you must assume the feeling of what you want already fulfilled. You must live in your mind as if you already have what you want. Now there’s actual science behind that too. Every time you have a thought, what happens is you have a chemical reaction in your brain and you fire brain cells. Every time you have a thought or an emotional reaction, that’s what happens. You fire brain cells and have a chemical reaction. There’s a term in neuroscience called [inaudible] law that says that brain cells, nerve cells that fire together, they wire together so your brain is made up of neuro circuitry. The actual brain cells are wired in certain ways, so when you have habitual thought patterns, whether they’re real or not real true or not true, you wire the neuro circuitry in your brain that way so your brain can habitually fire that way.

Does that make sense? So what that means is people that have been told or believed forever that they weren’t good enough, they weren’t smart enough. I have this problem, I have this wrong, isn’t wired into your brain. So the reason that people have difficult times breaking habits and behaviors and lifestyles is because it’s wired into their brain.

Now the crazy thing is it doesn’t matter whether a thought is real or not real. It will wire into your brain if you have actually used that. So get this. You can literally write your brain the way you want it to be written before the events in the future outcomes and you want have happened. I’ll say that again. You can wire your brain in a way to a reality that has not happened, happened yet, and thus by wiring that way you create the reality that has not happened. Now, there’s also your subconscious mind. Psychologists say, we have 95 percent of our thoughts and actions being subconscious or unconscious in their habitual and the subconscious mind doesn’t know the difference between what’s real and what’s not real. So today, here’s what I invite you to do. Talk only in the present tense about what you want. If you have a boyfriend and girlfriend, a husband, a wife, a roommate, a great friend, start a practice.

Ashley and I, my wife, and I call it googling, and so what we do is we talk only in the present tense about what we want and we spend time going back and forth. Man, I’m so grateful that this has happened in your living in this place and you have this experience in this thing before. It’s happened. Now it’s going to be difficult probably at first because what you’ll notice is in the same way you’re conditioned to only use one hand. When you write like let’s say you’re a righty, and I said, you write your name 400 times with your left hand. It’d be really difficult to do that, right? Because it’s a paradigm. It’s a habitual pattern, so it’s hard to do that right away. Well, we have a habitual pattern to only talk about what is in order to trick your mind and retrain your brain.

You have to talk about what you would like to happen as if it’s already happened, so maybe difficult, but start the practice of talking to yourself and talking to everyone around you in the present tense as if what you want has already happened. What will happen is you’ll start to push yourself into a new reality and you’ll trick and train your brain and your subconscious mind to create that reality for you. Number two, put a do not disturb sign on your imagination. Do not let a single person enter your imagination in your mind unless it’s in alignment with the reality that you want to create. Put a do not disturb. Sign on the center of your imagination. Don’t let anyone in. When somebody says something that’s contrary to what you want to and you intend to manifest, you just simply say this, thank you, but that’s not part of my belief system.

I appreciate you. I love you, but that’s not part of my belief system. You’re the one that gets to decide your belief system and your belief system was what’s going to create your bank account, what’s possible in your career, your health, your happiness, the adventures that you take in life. Put a do not disturb.

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