3 Things I Let Go Of To MANIFEST MONEY FAST With The Secret (Law of Attraction 2019)

3 Things I Let Go Of To MANIFEST MONEY FAST (Law of Attraction 2019)

In 2018 my life changed forever. I get to do what I love to do for work, and that’s to inspire you. Here’s what I let go of, to manifest money fast.

Money. In 2018 my life changed forever. I went from my wife being in debt to being able to retire, and and she is actually able to get paid through my business as well. My whole life changed forever. I get to do what I love to do for work, and that’s yo inspire you.

and my life change I don’t want to share with you three things that I actually consciously gave up three things that I let go of that allow me to manifest a lot more money in 2018 and if you apply these three things they’re gonna change your life forever and you’re gonna see your bank accounts start to go and and in fact Napoleon Hill said it best in thinking Grow Rich and the palain Hill said that riches when they come they come in such vast quantities that one wonders where were you hiding all those lean ears I remember reading that and thinking okay yeah that sounds funny yeah they’re I’m the floodgates are gonna open and I’m gonna say hey all this money come from but that’s pretty much what happened in my 2018 and it was from these three things so I’m excited to share them they’re gonna change your life I can’t wait for you to apply them and for you to manifest more money in 2019 and beyond this is Jake Ducey with Jake Ducey calm if you haven’t yet make sure you download my free success of noses Jake’s hypnosis com to reprogram your subconscious mind to attract abundance let’s dive right into this video [Music] if you have not subscribed yet be sure to hit the subscribe button right over there and hit the bell notification because that’s what’s gonna notify you for new video subscribe down notification let’s get right to the video number one competition dude I don’t care what you do anymore like on the Internet and I don’t care if there’s people that steal our sales copy all types of things I don’t care at this point I am focused only on me and my destiny and my connection to God and my connection to the universe and bringing inspiration through my work the word inspiration means in spirit so when I’m inspired I’m connected to spirit I’m connected to the universal energy and when I’m connected to that I can do my best job with my work and I’m going to be rewarded why because I’m in flow of abundance because I’m connected to spirit inspiration I’m inspired and for so much of my life I lived the opposite way my my attention was always focused exterior with my eyes primarily what are other people doing and I heard this beautiful quote by Bob Proctor he says that amateurs compete and professionals create and I was listening to Eric Thomas the motivational speaker I flew out to Houston to watch him do a seminar and in the seminar he said his life changed when one time he was speaking at the same event as Bob Proctor and he asked Bob Proctor for advice to become a more successful motivational speaker and Bob gave him some great tip bits and Eric said back to him something to the effect of and I might be paraphrasing this a little bit but something to the effect of you know thank you a lot of people don’t share their their wisdom and everything like that because you know it’s a competitive field as a motivational speaker and Bob said back to him listen there is no amout business you can do that’s ever gonna take away from my business and at first glance you might think that was kind of being a tisket no he was talking about a higher plane of universal energy that he was living from and that another individual can’t take away from his work the value he provides the world and the financial benefit that he receives in return for that that it was about him in his connection to the universe now I quit worrying about what other people were doing you know when you worry about what other people are doing it can also even make you doubt yourself and I finally said you know I’m worth it I know that this stuff has changed my life and I want to share my story and I want to share the things that I’m learning and I believe this can help millions of people I truly believe that the greatest revolution that we can have to make the world a better place is for people to increase their connection to God increase their connection to their spirituality and live from their real talents and do what they truly love in life and have the belief that they’re worthy of them that they can do great things in life and when we have those things we’re gonna create a more excited happy and fulfilling world and so as I started to focus on my why as opposed to what other people were doing I certainly connect to my talents on a deeper level and I got myself out of a scarcity mindset because when you’re overly focused on other people you know it might be someone in the workplace that you think maybe they’re more attractive to me therefore they might get promoted quicker at school in high school you know some of them might think that someone else is prettier than them or they might think someone else is better-looking as bigger muscles in them and somebody else might think of someone else is more talented than me therefore it’s gonna be very hard for me to be successful look at how good they are at what they do and you know I don’t know if I can really do it hey that person has a nice car oh I don’t think I’ll give it you know give it away I don’t have any money they should give theirs away and we get focused on a limited consciousness this all it’s all embedded in scarcity and fear and lack and when when you worldview is based off of that you can only attract to you a worldview and a worldly experience that matches your perception about reality and I began to shift mine to this one of abundance and lo and behold as the pullian Hill said riches when they come they come in such vast quantities that one wonders where they were hiding all those lean years and at the time my wife was in debt she was my girlfriend at the time she’s not my wife and we were struggling we couldn’t really were having trouble paying for anything really and people close to her we’re telling her I should quit I shouldn’t do this anymore and you know I have three published books out and they said you know they’re obviously not working you know he should do you should get a normal job and you know at least he tried and you know it was stressful I couldn’t we couldn’t do the things we wanted to do Ashlee was working out a job she hated but she had to do it for the money and every day she’d wake up disappointed that she had to go to the job anymore and I imagined I got my energy focused on what other people were doing and I started imagining her not having to go to work at a job she didn’t want anymore and I started imagining being able to essentially retire her and for her to do what she want to do with her day whatever she want to do she can do and I wanted that and I started getting my energy focused on that you know everything is two things the presence of what you want or the absence of what you want and what I invite you to do is quit focusing on the competition and start getting focused on what you want why you want to do it what great things can come about it what awesome things are in store for you get focused on what you’re gonna do with the money get focused on what its gonna be like to retire your spouse or your mother or to help that single mother with a you know putting her children through school or you’re gonna develop your own foundation and you’re gonna put underprivileged kids into college or you want a brand-new Porsche hug you want to travel around the world whatever it is that you want get focused on the presence of those things and forget about what other people are doing because it has nothing to do with what other people are doing it has everything to do with what you want if you’re connected to that if you believe you’re worthy of that and you’re moving confidently in the direction of your dreams and then has nothing to do with what other people are doing when you get that out of your head you connect to a creative plane of existence where you can start to create the things that you want and you live in a reality where everyone else can have what they want to that’s great you know some people get so focused on you know if I get someone else isn’t and it’s like this dog-eat-dog world now we live in a world of infinite abundance and all that could all anyone could ever want can be created and already exists and if it doesn’t the universal intelligence is gonna supply it number two I gave up every single thought that I had that wasn’t in alignment with what I want now that doesn’t mean I didn’t have those thoughts I gave them up though I don’t believe them anymore I don’t believe everything that I think anymore so I’ve decided consciously what it is that I want and who it is that I want to be and who it is that I want to become and all of that’s already within me and I saw myself being able to inspire millions of people and for you on the other side of this watching on your phone or computer for us to have like a genuine internet relationship and I just want I truly believe that this world will be a more marvelous place if everyone knew how powerful they’re like whatever it is that you want you can have it and you can help other people get what they want and I truly believe that and that’s what my work is about and I got focused on that and I said I’m going to be successful I already am successful I’m inspiring millions of people I’m employing people and people that don’t like their jobs and what they do heck I’m gonna be able to employ my friends like one of my best friends is employed by me and that feels good every single night to me and [Applause] and so in order to have that reality I realized that I had to have my thought patterns and my energy in a certain reality so my conversation with myself is like this I’m aspiring millions of people worldwide I’m so grateful that the universe is using me as a powerful instrument and vessel to inspire millions of people thank you subconscious mind I now command you to bless me with the skills humor bravado wisdom whatever it takes to inspire the person that’s watching this on this video you watching this right now I’m so grateful that God’s abundance flows to me an avalanche as well I’m creating more and more opportunities for everyone around me I’m helping other people get rich I’m inspiring millions of people worldwide to live their happiest the best life I’m full of energy vitality that’s a way that I want my thought patterns to be now growing up in the Western world were bombarded with other thought patterns and for most of my life my thought patterns were around an inadequacy I believe that wasn’t good enough smart enough I was actually in high school I was prescribed ATD pills ADHD and I I wasn’t a very good reader I was definitely not a good writer which is ironic because now I have three published books with penguin Random House world’s number one publisher and I had all of these thing I did really bad on my SATs I knew when I got into college that the only reason I got into the college is because I was a good basketball player as the first team all San Diego basketball player and so I had a certain self-image of myself as if somebody who is essentially an unintelligent jock I was an unintelligent athlete and sports and being tall and things like that were what was gonna carry me in life I firmly believe that it turns out none of that was true and what actually has changed my life is the very things that I thought I was stupid and dumb and badass and so you might have that too right and so the second thing I said was giving up any thoughts that weren’t in with what I want and so I gave up all of those thoughts like when the thought comes up and I’m to this to that to this to that I don’t want it’s just a thought what am I really I’m pure God what are you really you’re pure God you’re an individual individualization of God how could you not be totally worthy of everything that you know that you want how could you not be a genius how could you not make that perfect album how could you not make the youtube channel you’ve always dreamed up how could you not earn the money you want to earn from the job you want how could you not invent that thing that you want how could you not finally have the perfect family you’ve always wanted how could you not retire your mother your father put children through school lose 40 pounds how could you not learn the guitar or the piano how could you not become a fantastic cook and finally go back to school and get your degree and get out of debt and have this thing happen and this thing happened how could you not cuz you’re a child of God and man I decided that that was gonna be my reality and I was gonna let go of any other thoughts that I had and when they came in I was gonna be like that’s not me that’s just a subconscious pattern that’s playing itself out I’m not gonna give any energy to this I’m not gonna identify with this and I’m gonna replace those thoughts with what I want I’m so happy and grateful that I’m a world-renowned thought leader inspiring millions of people worldwide I’m blessed beyond measure and I would replace those thoughts and I used and I took it to the next level and I actually created a software called the second mind that literally started rewiring my brain because this is all neuroscience – it’s actually connected all into your neural circuitry and the dominant thought patterns and emotions that you live by so I created a software and it changed my life and you can demo it – with the second mind calm it’s free these second mind calm right there down below so the first mine was my old mine that was like I’m not good enough I’m not smart enough and you have it too it’s your first mine it’s your limited mine now your second mine is one you can rewire any way you want so you can live the life that you truly want and you have to actually have it rewired though and so ii mind is our software we created that’s designed to do that for you it’s the second mind comm right there down below number three i quit focusing on short term rewards so for me to have the the life that i have now it was actually focused on totally delayed gratification so i invested a lot of money in a lot of time into building a youtube channel making videos every single day and i wasn’t getting any results and if you’re if you’re new to this channel you haven’t heard but i was making videos for a long time and i’d get 20 views 30 views 60 views and it was super disheartening and at one point i remember in my car just being so frustrated like i was mad at youtube i was mad at the algorithm of youtube and it was hard but i was focused on delayed gratification and that was that i was committing to consistency of something and then the mind is like whoa you’re you know you’re helping all these people and nothing’s coming back to you and you’re making these great videos and they’re inspiring people but you’re not you’re not getting anything in return for it and that’s the whole way the world works in a lot of respects especially in in as someone who’s an entrepreneur it’s about just providing value all the time and i started focusing on that i just like i wanted to like be somebody that every day you look forward to to watch a video and to learn something new and apply something new and I look forward to saying like in my mind advance like I could see people riding me telling me about how their lives change they’ve accomplished this goal they did this thing so I got focus on my why and I started to delay my gratification a lot of times people are like I need the result right now like or else the work isn’t worth it but when you’re Purpose Driven and your work and you’re inspired you’re in spirit then you can delay the gratification Abraham Maslow the famous psychologist called it process / outcome meaning that they were in the people were in the process of what they were doing as a pose to be fixated on the outcome and when you’re fixated on the outcome you’re in reactionary consciousness you’re in the limited state because you’re basing your progress and your success and your self-worth based off of the world outside and around you and if you do that then you’re living from your limited physical senses your physical senses can only perceive a small amount of reality you are an infinite being in a little body or a spiritual being in a physical body so your potential is beyond what your physical senses can even perceive and when you’re living in out coming you’re like I’m not getting the results that I want yet then you’re literally you’re it’s like it’s like turning the lights on in one in your living room and being in your bedroom and the dark and trying to read a book and you have the lights on in the wrong room it’s like the lights are on in the wrong room because the lights of awareness are on the room outside of yourself focus on the results aren’t coming the results are coming but it’s all within yourself and I started connecting to that sort through myself and saying this is what if I die tomorrow this is what I want to do with my life and Steve Jobs has a beautiful quote and he says every single morning for the last 25 years I’ve looked in the mirror and and I’ve asked myself is this what I want to do with my life if it is what I’m about to do today if it was the last day of my life is it what I want to do and he said if his result if his answer was no prolong enough in a row then he made a change and my answer was yes I want to do this is what I do I want to be this what am all my life to be about this is inspiring to me and this is fulfilling to me and this is what how I want to use my talents and this is what I want to be this is my passion and I’ll figure it out now that energy was where my focus was as opposed to not getting results yet and the fact that I was focused in that helped me become the type of person that could actually have a successful business and so that’s what I invite you to consider is getting focused on the things that you value most and inspire you most and not getting so fixated on isn’t gonna happen in six months well I haven’t gotten the results I want in the first nine months for me it took actually numerous years and a lot of that is because I didn’t understand the law of attraction at that point and I didn’t understand the subconscious mind yet and it took me a while to finally start reprogramming it but what was more significant was that over the process I learned to stop saying to myself oh you’re not getting the results you’re not getting the results yet because the results already exists everything is energy so what I want technically already existed I just wasn’t in vibrational harmony with it and I had to get in vibrational harmony with it and in order to create the life that I wanted and so start focusing on effort goals and effort goal is a task you do with a commitment to yourself not based off of results mine was publishing YouTube videos every single day without expecting a return every day without expecting return it was about me and my commitments myself was my effort goal now you pick one and every single day start focusing on your effort goals forget about the outcome forget about the outside world it’s all an illusion anyways the truth of who you are and your real essence in your true nature and the ultimate truth of reality is within yourself and it’s in a non-physical dimension and so tap into your effort goals so this is Jake do see with Jake do satakam these are three things that changed my life they’re gonna allow you to manifest more money start focusing on those effort goals and your life’s going to change so hit the subscribe button the bell notification if you haven’t yet make sure you download the second month it’s right there down below the second mine calm the second mine calm that’s my software designed to rewire your brain so it becomes easier for you to live into a reality where you’ve attracted abundance success and freedom the things that you desire in life it’s the second line calm and it’s designed to start rewiring your brain for abundant success and happiness these second mind calm right there down below demo for free go ahead down below and hashtag best day ever if you watch this video all the way through that means you’re committed to creating the best life ever for yourself you watch a very long youtube video all the way through about developing your mind and harnessing the real levels of your true potential so hashtag down below best day ever everyone that does and will come back through send you all positive vibes so hashtag down below best day ever I’ll see you on the next video

In this video we discuss how to use the law of attraction to manifest money and success fast. This is Law of attraction explained in a simple manner so you can easily apply it to your everyday life.

There are certain tricks to using law of attraction to easily manifest money, and we discuss them here.

Most people struggle with law of attraction because they’ve never properly understood how they work.

And most people struggle with money because they do not understand what money is, and because their relationship with money is so poor.

In this video you’ll learn how to use the law of attraction easily to manifest more money and success into your life.

The first step is to understand that you’re always using affirmations. Most of us spend our whole lives doing it unconsciously.

We use unconscious negative affirmations as a technique that holds us back from what we want in life.

You have to become conscious of your affirmations and begin to use positive thinking techniques to feel what you want before you have it. It’s a constant affirmation meditation to visualize success and feel it in your nervous system.

This is how you use positive affirmations to reprogram your subconscious mind, how to visualize images, how to visualize what you want, and how to create what you want as a reality.

3 Things I Let Go Of To MANIFEST MONEY FAST With The Secret (Law of Attraction 2019)

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3 Things I Let Go Of To MANIFEST MONEY FAST With The Secret (Law of Attraction 2019)
3 Things I Let Go Of To MANIFEST MONEY FAST With The Secret (Law of Attraction 2019)

In 2018 my life changed forever. I get to do what I love to do for work, and that's to inspire you. Here's what I let go of, to manifest money fast.

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