3 Ways to MANIFEST WHILE SLEEPING & Reprogram Your Subconscious Mind| LAW OF ATTRACTION | The Secret

In this video we discuss how to manifest while you’re sleeping, reprogram your subconscious mind to release the law of attraction , what affirmations are, and how to use positive affirmations and advanced law of attraction techniques to manifest your desires.

how to manifest your wildest dreams while sleeping and reprogram your subconscious mind you heard that actually before you go to bed you can start to program your subconscious mind which controls 95% of your thoughts feelings and actions that you have and creates all the results in your life you can start to program that and brainwash that the way that you want to create your dream life before you fall asleep sounds nice and too good to be true but it isn’t and that’s the way our psychology works so this is Jake Ducey and I want to teach you how to manifest while you sleep in man [Music] number one clear your mind and create the images of what you want before you’re going to bed now you can do this when you’re meditating before when you’re sitting on the couch hanging out I like to do it just before I’m going to bed while I’m lying down in bed I’m getting close to the sleep state because what happens when you get close to sleep state is that your conscious mind starts to actually disappear right so you enter the subconscious mind territory so your conscious mind is a logical rational mind that it is there on a day to day basis but it only controls five percent of your life according to psychologists whereas your subconscious mind controls approximately 95 percent of your thoughts feelings and actions that’s the seat of everything that’s creating itself in your life in my life and when let’s say somebody says you know I want to make more money and they tell you it consciously I here’s what I want to do here’s what I want but then subconsciously they’re programmed negatively around money maybe their parents divorced around money maybe their dad always yelled about how the government steals all their money and rich people are bad and dah dah dah dah and they’re programmed negatively around money so what is actually happening is that your conscious mind that’s saying I want more money at one moment as you’re getting more tired your ego your conscious mind is starting to dissipate and you’re entering more of a more of a subconscious state your brain waves are starting to change to more of a passive to more a hypnotic state well that’s a state where you can actually start to reprogram the subconscious mind away from the negatives that will call that guy Billie Billy’s a guy and his parents got divorced over money is that always said the government’s about it out or not so Billy can start to reprogram the subconscious mind very much easier than in ordinary waking hours just before sleep because the conscious mind is disappearing so that’s why I say you’ve got to be able to clear your mind right so whether that’s breath work whether that’s meditation whether that’s journaling whether that’s being with your loved one whether it’s going on a walk run whatever you got to do stretch whatever hour anything that gets you out of that state and it starts to relax you and to put you into more of a receptive and what you would call hypnotic state is where you can actually start to enter and reprogram subconscious mind so when you clear your mind then the question is what are you trying to manifest and your mind works in images so when I say think of your refrigerator you don’t spell your refrigerator out in your mind white refrigerator you see the image of your white refrigerator when I say let’s pretend you have a red Corvette Convertible black top convertible with a tan leather and I was like think of your car you don’t spell that out you’re not like re D red hood it’s image it flashes on the screen of your mind right away on the screen of your mind well the screen of your mind is images right so your mind works in pictures every picture you have you have an emotional and energetic of vibrational resonance with it that creates your emotions it creates your energy creates your vibration it creates your point of Attraction that you’re using the law of attraction that you’re using your mind from in your life and so the question is what do you want because what happens is most people’s images in their mind are negative they have a very negative self-image they think they’re too fat they’re too skinny they’re too old they’re not tall enough there’s teeth that aren’t wide enough they’re their stomach isn’t good enough their skin color is too dark or too light right and they have these images and they see themselves in this way and I always use the example of like the fifteen or sixteen year old girl freshman in high school she’s super pretty right and she looks at herself in the mirror every day and she says to herself she grabs her belly you know and she’s like a pimple right there she doesn’t even see that she’s gorgeous and that she’s so beautiful all she sees is this fake image of herself so your mind works in images whether it’s real or not real in this instant for the young woman it wasn’t even a real image it was a made-up negative image she started believing it so she couldn’t even see reality because the fact is you don’t see with your eyes actually you see with image reflectors in the back of your brain that are sending signals based off of the electrical input outside of you that are activating cells of recognition that are flashing images activating cells a recognition in your brain so it’s sparking an electrical impulse that’s simulate stimulating an image that will papa unconsciously or consciously on the screen of your mind right and so an example of that is the young woman is beautiful but she doesn’t even see that why because you don’t see with your eyes you see with cells of recognition based off the images that are programmed in your mind her image is too fat for instance right so what’s important to keep in mind is clearing our mind at taking our breasts and starting to imagine and somebody will say well I don’t have a good imagination well you have a perfect imagination you actually just haven’t used it that’s something Bob Procter always says and you have a perfect imagination you have a perfect memory it’s just that you haven’t actually used it you haven’t it’s the same it’s the same thing as when you don’t use your left muscle but you use your right muscle your left one’s not gonna be very strong you still have the capability for a strong left muscle you just don’t use it right so the question is what’s the image that you’re wanting to manifest is that more money is it a soulmate is that your dream house is the place you want to live is it your dream career is it your nonprofit that’s gonna feed the homeless what is it that you want that you imagine for yourself or your loved ones or your life what is it that you’re wanting to manifest while you’re sleeping while you’re awakened for the rest of your life right and when you do that then you start to imagine it and you start to step into the the feeling of the wish fulfilled you start to step into that state and there’s been studies that they actually did where they took Olympic athletes and modeled the Apollo program because the astronauts were using visualization like this to simulate actually being out in space and doing their launch and landing on the moon and stuff like that and when they took Olympic athletes and they actually hooked them up to sophisticated machines that would like measure the heartbeat and their muscle pulses and stimulations and things like that when they would imagine their race or their heat or whatever they were competing in when they would imagine it fully they would actually have the same muscles twitching and firing and to elevate to the same level of heartbeat so they would actually have a physiological response to the image so that’s why your mind works in images so if you want to reprogram your subconscious mind before you fall asleep and enter that into sleep and wake up in that energy it’s important to note that your mind works and images and you have the freewill to focus on whatever images you want to create you can hold any image you want regardless of the reality Steve Jobs for him is called his reality distortion field he’d focus on the images that he want everyone that Apple would be like that’s not possible and he would say no that’s not the way it works I already seeded this image in my mind it’s already done he says in fact that the world was built by people no smarter than you and you mold it shape it you can change it however you want when you realize that the world is built by people that aren’t smarter than you so the question is what is your image start to get emotionally involved and that start to sit and that’s hurt to see it every single night and start to carry that energy into sleep into the morning and you’re starting to reprogram your subconscious mind in a different way in the same way that the little girl with who look beautiful but she had programmed her subconscious mind that she was ugly she saw that and lived that reality it wasn’t really even true to everybody else well when you start to focus on the images that you want to manifest in your life you’ll slowly start to see opportunities that weren’t there before action steps and circumstances that would be the bridge to the next level of whatever it is that you’re wanting to manifest but first you have to start to give emotional credence you have to start focusing on the images of what you want to program your subconscious mind in that respect and that’s the first step to start to manifest while you’re sleeping and while you’re awake number two practice gratitude for the wish already fulfilled right because think about it every thought has a chemical reaction that creates an electrical impulse and emotion an energetic state in your body in your nervous system every thought that you have that’s what the thought creates whether it’s true or not true right the little girl it’s not even a true story but she’s already assumed that reality that she’s not good enough and not this enough and that not bad enough right but the same thing happens when we think there’s a robber in her house right have you ever had that happen to you you don’t have to admit it to anyone except for me I know I have right thinking there’s a robber in the house and you’re all scared and your hands are sweaty and your heart is beating and you’re gonna call the police at this very second cuz you’re freaking out but it’s not even true the monster isn’t even there the robber isn’t even there you know there’s not this actual threat but you’re having a physiological reaction to a thought that you focused on long enough that your subconscious mind in your nervous system and your brain think it’s true and it creates it and you take the appropriate actions that you live out the reality as if it was true people do that they think their spouse is cheating on them the economy’s gonna fail their boss is gonna fire them and they do it with a lot of other things like not being good enough smart enough not having enough money and they live out this imaginary boogeyman this imaginary threat this imaginary or monster that isn’t even true but they live out this reality that controls and limits them for their whole lives if if if you could do that which you do which I do which all of us do every single day we use this type of negative affirmation to create what we don’t want in our lives if you can do that couldn’t you also give thanks for your dream already being realized even though it hasn’t happened yet you could do that right your niku what happens right let’s follow the crop the process of creation thought creates a chemical reaction which creates a feeling which creates a vibration that I’m in which creates what I attract into my life and the action that I do or do not take that controls my destiny that’s what’s happening so when when I start to focus on feeling appreciative already being who I want to be and already having what I want to have and experiencing and manifesting what I want to manifest before it happens I become that person that lives in a total state of certainty it’s already here it’s already arrived I know I mean I may not just see it with my eyes yet but it’s basically here already it’ll be here any moment that’s the energy of the people that create amazing things most people say I hope I wish I don’t see it yet you know I don’t see you with my eyes I mean this law of attraction thing sounds nice I mean I’m doing my affirmations I mean I watch this stupid guys videos every day yeah but we’re not seeing any results why because when you start to give thanks for something that you’re wanting to manifest as if it’s already happened you change your physiological state your subconscious mind starts to believe it’s already happened and what it starts to manifest it the same way that it digests your food and it beats your heart while you’re asleep you don’t consciously have to say hey subconscious mind I just want to remind you make sure you beat my heart tonight I don’t want to die okay I do not I really like my life I don’t want to die okay please breathe please okay fine right you don’t have to tell it what to do you don’t have to give it a commands it just accepts it has a natural way of manifesting things well the same as so as soon as you can can start to give a pre I can give appreciation and I was giving appreciation for my youtube channel blowing up before last month when we grew by thirty five thousand subscribers and I had two videos that both got about four or five hundred thousand views I was so I was like any second this thing is Bob blow up I already know it I already know it and I’d say that all the time I already know and I’m so grateful that my channel is just blowing up and inspiring millions of people and it feels so awesome that I’m able to deliver my message that’s how I talked and the result was last month my channel blew up and so what I invite you to do is before bed with your lover with your friend with your spouse with your journal start to give as much thanks as you can for your wishes the things that you want to manifest already true so you bring that energy into the subconscious state where it can be reprogrammed in your reality and your destiny can be rewritten just before you go to bed and you can wake up in that energetic state to step number three create an affirmation based off what you want to manifest and start to tell yourself that hundreds of times over the span of two minutes three minutes four minutes right so I call just tell us we have sixty five thousand thoughts in a day so we’re having so many conscious and unconscious thoughts over the course of a five or ten minute span so before you go to bed start to use that to start to affirm something let’s say for instance that you wanted to create more prosperity in your life you could affirm with your eyes closed lying on your bed with a slight smile on your face getting emotionally involved in the idea I’m so happy and thankful that large sums of money are coming to me easily and quickly right or if you think that you don’t have good luck right and you can’t go out for your dreams because you don’t have a good luck I’m so happy and thankful that I’m a magnet to great opportunities that realize all my dreams right whatever it is that you’re wanting to manifest in your life pick a very short hypnosis like that that’s what I did I was trying to build my career wasn’t really working yet I was like kind of starting to build traction but I wasn’t even making enough money to be able to do this full-time and what I did is I created a financial hypnosis for my life and my business and I recorded it and it was like four years ago and I started listening to it every single night every single morning before I go to sleep the search of program my subconscious mind it was just habit I just I didn’t even I was I wasn’t even considering does this work yet I was like I’m committing to this for the next year and I’m gonna see amazing results right and so what happened was everything blew up my life blew up I got signed by penguin Random House I started I I went on Vans Warped Tour the the the largest Music Tour in America as their first motivational speaker I got all these book contracts things just started picking up cuz I started to drop out of my old stories and reprogram my subconscious mind and so if you want that it’s just Jake’s hypnosis calm I I link it right down there below it’s free you can listen to it immediately and it’s like an easy trick or tool that you can use especially if you have difficulty creating your own affirmations or if you want to listen to it and you want to pull your favorite sentence out of it and make that your favorite affirmation the point being is that every single moment where negatively or positively consciously or unconsciously using affirmations to create what we want or don’t want in our life and don’t want is a very important emphasis because most people use negative hypnosis right like I’m saying I’ve got this free success of Knossos tens of thousands of people have used it I’ve had great success with it when we program your subconscious mind in that way you get amazing results well the same is so like I’ve got this positive hypnosis thing a lot of people have a negative hypnosis it’s not recorded they don’t plug in their headphones into their iPhone and start to listen to it but it’s playing on the tape recorder of their subconscious mind in their brain at all time saying you are an idiot you know ever since third grade you’ve been an idiot and your mom was stupid where you weren’t as smart as your dad and your brother and them better new and remember in 4th grade do you remember in 4th grade when everyone laughed at you and they said you were too stupid and fat nerd nose was too big and you kind of had a pig nose and they like and all these stories start to go on in our head and you didn’t get into the college that you wan you got C’s and when you look in the mirror you’re not as smart in as good-looking as them and that’s this hypnosis that we brainwash ourselves with these silly stories and so that’s why you created my own hypnosis because when you really grasp that we’re hypnotizing ourselves at all times that’s why it’s so important to have an affirmation so when you’re going into bed at night close your eyes clear your mind visualize what what it is that you that you want and get emotionally involved and it’s not an idle thing you’re getting involved with it and then start to affirm it either through my hypnosis so you can just download for free and listen to right now maybe it’s nighttime and you play it or you just think of what it is whether it’s great opportunities or money or love or happiness and you affirm I am love I am prosperity I’m attracting great opportunities and you affirm the same sentence over and over and over like a tape record like if I were to start singing like mary had a little lamb little lamb little lamb mary had what would happen you’d get that thing stuck in your head you might already have it stuck in your head but what would happen and what is happening is subconsciously you’re programmed on Mary’s had a little lick em right it’s your subconscious taking information and starting to program that thing and starting to replay it over and over again so why not do it with the things that we want so take an affirmation take a hypnosis brainwash yourself just before you go to sleep and you go into a brainwave into a brainwave state where you can receive that information and when you commit to that for 60 or 90 days you will feel different you will act different you will walk and talk different you will receive different opportunities and that’s what I’m inviting you to consider is that you can have the life that you want you can manifest the things that you want and you can actually begin to do it while you’re sleeping and I think it’s actually one of the best times to do it it’s quiet you’re relaxed you can access the subconscious mind and you can start to set a different program to attract the things that you want in your life this is Jake do see with Jake do c-calm I hope that you enjoyed this video make sure you subscribe to my channel if you dig these there’s a little bail notification in the corner so make sure you hit that because that’s gonna alert you want to have more inspiring videos that I hope that you dig as much as I enjoy making them I got my free success hypnosis down below it’s Jake’s hypnosis calm you can download that and start to listen to that comment in where in the world you’re coming from I love to know I’m currently making this video in st. George Utah but I hail from San Diego California the beautiful sunny San Diego California I want to know every city and every country or state that you’re from so comment that in thank you for watching my videos it means the world to me I hope that this inspires you and I hope that you teach someone else about how to manifest while they’re sleeping so utilizes three-step formula first clear your mind form the image of what you want in your mind second give thanks for what it’s already happened serve to tell yourself that on time so thankful that this video is inspiring people from all over the world there’s gonna be 50 countries of people that comment in where they’re coming from and like 30 or 40 different states and I’m so thankful for the opportunity to be able to do what I love and that people are receiving and talk to yourself like that and third either make your own hypnosis listen to my hypnosis or write down an affirmation that you start to tell yourself every single day or pull one out of my hypnosis and start to use something like that before you go to sleep every night when you wake up first thing in the morning giving appreciation for that thing and you will start to manifest things while you sleep

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3 Ways to MANIFEST WHILE SLEEPING & Reprogram Your Subconscious Mind| LAW OF ATTRACTION | The Secret
3 Ways to MANIFEST WHILE SLEEPING & Reprogram Your Subconscious Mind| LAW OF ATTRACTION | The Secret

In this video Jake Ducey discusses how to manifest while you're sleeping, and how to reprogram your subconscious mind to release the law of attraction.

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