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5 Signs From The Universe That What You Want To Attract Is On Its Way | Law of Attraction

Wishing you a great day! Here, I’m going to give you five shocking ways to know you are seeing signs from the universe that what you want is on the way, because things might be pretty good or not so good right now. It doesn’t really matter. What matters is the ways that the universe is speaking to you and communicating with you.
There are five ways you will begin seeing signs from the universe in your life. My name is Jake Ducey. And if you are excited about the great things, headed your way, and you’re ready for some great things to head your way, make sure you watch the video or read through this post.
Sign From The Universe #1:
You Don’t Need It
Number one sign, you don’t need it and you don’t doubt it, but especially you don’t need it because what happens is whenever you really need something, you’re an energy of lack, You’re an energy of desperation and it controls your vibratory pattern.
Everything in life is energy. Similar energy patterns attract themselves to one another through the ability for consciousness, to create reality, perception, and the overall frequency that you are emanating to the universe and to the quantum field. This in turn pulls, similar types of people, circumstances and situations back to one another.
What tends to occur is we really want something to happen in our life, but we don’t have it yet so we get needy and desperate about it into the universe. Needy is creepy. When you realize that all the energy that ever was and ever will be is 100 percent evenly present in all places at all times.
Albert Einstein showed us that time doesn’t really exist. He showed us that equals MC squared, which is essentially telling us that energy and physical objects are essentially one in the same thing. Energy is never created or destroyed. This mean that what you want already exists. You don’t need to doubt it and you don’t need to need it. You don’t need to need it because it already exists and the kingdom of heaven is within you.
There’s nothing outside of yourself that will ever make you happy and ever making you fulfilled. If you don’t recognize that the seed of everything begins within yourself, if you don’t believe that you are a divine being then You will always need something outside of yourself to come into your life, to validate it.

“There’s nothing outside of yourself that will ever make you happy and ever making you fulfilled.”
And when you don’t need any of that, You will have this abundant, rich, powerful energy. It starts to pull things back into your experience. And you will attract what you want in your life quicker, faster and easier. You will begin to understand that You are already good and smart enough. You don’t need something outside of yourself. You already are a divine being. The kingdom of heaven is within you. The universe is on your side and you don’t need something outside of yourself to validate your existence. You are powerful. And when you realize this, you have this confident, magnetic, powerful energy, that pulls, great things into your life.
Sign From The Universe #2:
You Realize Everything is Energy
Seeing signs from the universe
Seeing signs from the universe, sign number two. You realize everything is energy. When you know that everything is energy, that it is never created or destroyed and that everything that you want already exists as a possibility in consciousness in ether, basically in the realm of spirit. And you can manifest that here in this dimension, when you recognize it already exists, you already give thanks for you already feel as if it’s real, because what happens is you pull that possibility from the quantum field, from the divine mind, and you bring it into your life.
That is the amazing process of manifestation. You take something from a fantasy, you build it into a picture in your mind, you start to create it and reinforce it into your subconscious, into your neurocircuitry as a feeling, as an emotion. And when that begins to occur, the energy moves and you start to bring new things into your experience.
The word emotion means energy in motion and everything in this universe is energy and like energy attracts like energy. So I want you to affirm this statement. All I want comes to me now, all I want comes to me now and amazing miracles, grace, and power, the miracle working presence of the universe unfolds into my life in mysterious. And miraculous ways I’m a magnet to synchronicities and coincidence is in good luck and good fortune and miracles. Everything I want comes to me now, when you adopt this type of consciousness, you will begin seeing signs from the universe in you life.
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Sign From The Universe #3:
You are Brainwashing Yourself
Seeing signs
You are seeing signs from the universe, number three. You are Brainwashing Yourself. There’s a quote that said, that the learned of the earth will not be those who learn new information. It will be those who become skilled at unlearning. This means is there’s a difference we’ve seen learning and unlearning. And for most of us, our problem is we need to unlearn bad things that we’ve inherited from our society. We need to unlearn these stupid belief systems, these silly ideas of us not being good enough or smart enough, or our dreams not being possible.
We need to unlearn these bad memories that we’ve associated with our future as somehow defining our own inadequacy. And the only way to do that is to put new programs in your subconscious. If you think of your mind, like an operating system on a computer, everything makes sense.
How do you make a computer perform better? You run a diagnostic, delete the viruses, and update a better software that performs more with how you want. Your minds is the same way you got to delete the viruses and update to a new software.
Well, I decided I was going to update some new software into my supercomputer that I was a happy spiritual multimillionaire. I was 21 years old. I was, I was not doing that well. And my wife, girlfriend at the time was in credit card debt for basic necessity and things weren’t working out that great. And I started programming myself. I started brainwashing myself that I was really successful. My life changed forever. And the things that I wrote down about being happy, spiritual multimillionaire happened very quickly because I hypnotized myself.
I want you to use my free success hypnosis. Listen to it for five or 10 minutes every single day start unlearning your deep programming and you will find all your dreams are possible. You’re good enough. You’re smart enough in life can work out a lot better than we’ve been trained to believe.
Sign From The Universe #4:
You Know You Are Worthy Of It
Number four. You Know that You are Worthy of It. So what does that mean? Whether you believe in a higher power, the traditional sense or not? The word means is that your desire is really an inspiration from some form of higher power from the universe, a higher destiny, a higher calling, from spirit. That’s what your desire is. What it really is, is the universe seeking to express itself more fully through you. That’s what it is at the end of it day.
This means is you’re already worthy of it. What happens is the separation between our desires becoming reality, ultimately ends up being our own beliefs about ourselves. And we get attached to these silly ideas about not being good enough and smart enough.
We just in general get attached to what we see in the mirror. This is not Jake Ducey. I’m not Jake. Jake Ducey is first of all it’s a word, second of all, this is a meat suit that will live and it will die. It’s not who I am. I’m a spiritual being, living in this physical body here to learn certain spiritual lessons. I’m a divine being I’m good enough. I’m smart enough. I’m worthy of everything that I want. And when you start to understand that, and you start to release yourself from these limiting beliefs about who you are, what you find is you’re worthy of everything that you desire.

Sign From The Universe #5:
You Are Already Grateful For What You Have

Number five, you are already grateful for what you have. The fact is. It says clearly in the Bible to those that have more is given into those that don’t have, even that, which they have is taken away.
If you do not already have a mindset of consciousness, a perception and energy of abundance, you cannot attract abundance in your life because everything is energy. And like energy attracts like energy. The simplest way to think about this is I can’t get anything that I do not already have. And that I am not already.
Wayne Dyer said it best. He said, you don’t get what you want. He said, he’d get what you are. Everything is energy in this physical universe. And everything that you see in your outer life is just an outward expression of who you are and how you show up to life. The truth is you can’t get wealth when you are acting and being a very limited person.
You can’t get love in your life. If you’re a vengeful, bitter, jealous person, it’s impossible. So what we must do is recognize a very simple truth. You don’t get what you want, you get what you are. And when I show up different than my life, guess what amazing things start to happen.
You Will Begin Seeing Signs From The Universe
When I show up different and I changed my energy and I changed my focus, and I recognize that I do have things to be grateful for that I don’t need more money and I’ll never be happy if I hope that one day that’ll solve my problems. Sure. Money’s great. Sure. Relationships are great. Sure. That promotion is great, but I have to recognize I am already a totally whole worthy and complete person and nothing outside of myself can validate me. I must validate myself first. And when that occurs, you see an amazing outward expression in your life and things start to manifest where you didn’t think they were possible before.
This is Jake Ducey. These are the five ways you will begin seeing signs from the universe that you will attract what you want this year. If you’re ready for the best year of your life, if you’re ready to start to up your game by thousands of times, comment down below ‘I AM READY’

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5 Signs From The Universe That What You Want To Attract Is On Its Way | Law of Attraction
5 Signs From The Universe That What You Want To Attract Is On Its Way | Law of Attraction

Jake Ducey gives you five shocking ways to know you are seeing signs from the universe that what you want is on the way.

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