7 Warning Signs You Will NOT Manifest Money Using The Law of Attraction

7 Warning Signs You Will NOT Manifest Money Using The Law of Attraction

Seven warning signs that you will not become rich and manifest money using the law of attraction. You must learn these warning signs. Alert, alert if you desire and would like the financial freedom to become rich and to manifest more money. You must learn these warning signs is Jake Ducey, and let’s dive right into this video.

Number one, you think money isn’t that important. In my own experience, when I would tell myself money was not that important. What I was really doing was justifying the fact that I did not have money and it made me feel better about the fact that my efforts were coming up in vain. If you had a relationship with somebody romantic relationship and you said to them, you’re not very important, how long would they stick around?

Seriously? How long would they stick around? They’d be out the door. Why? Because anything that you don’t value isn’t going to stay in your life. A person is a massive energy moving at a very high speed of vibration. That’s what a person is and that’s what everything is in this reality, different frequencies and vibrational rates of energy. A person is one and money is another. Money has consciousness just like a person does, and based off of the way that you view it will allow it to come into your life or not. Treat money with the utmost respect. It’s okay to want money regardless of what your religions have told you, regardless of what your parents have told you or the voices in your head, I’ve told you, you must come to terms with the fact that you want in desire money no longer tell yourself, oh, it’s not that important. You would never say, oh, my left arm is not important. Now. I’ll just use my right now. My feet aren’t that important that I don’t need my feet. Food isn’t that important. I would never do that. Money is extremely important in the arena in which it’s used and the number one warning sign that you’re not going to become rich and even attract any money at all is that you tell yourself money isn’t that important. Stop that. Number two, you are afraid to spend anything.

Your subconscious mind is your emotional mind. Psychologists say you have a subconscious mind and a conscious mind. Your subconscious mind is unconscious. It’s a habitual mind and your conscious mind is your logical mind. Now, your subconscious mind, as they said, is responsible for 95 per cent of your life. Well, how is your subconscious mind get programmed through emotions? So what is fear and worry and anxiety, their emotions and what are you doing cell often throughout the day you’re buying things, whether it’s a bill or a coffee or a water, you’re working for things nor we’re worrying about money. People that don’t have money say money isn’t that important, but they’re constantly worrying about money, so it must be important if it’s taking up that much of our thought process and so what’s important to understand is that money actually comes when you can willingly in graciously circulated and so every time you’re paying for a bill or people say, oh, that pr, I went to 7:11 today and there are these really great a Vegan ketogenic bars at the 7:11 that I that I’m at.

And what was so funny and interesting to me was when I was checking out, the woman said, oh my gosh, are you sure you want these? These are so expensive. And in my head I’m like, this is a fantastic investment. And in her head, it was very expensive and a lot of times when you’re making purchases you might say, well that costs $5 coffee, that will the cleaning lady’s going to cost 100 bucks. I mean my electricity bill, dude, I’ll happily pay my electricity bill every month because I have an internet business and the electricity pill, no matter how high it is, is helping me reach more people. I love it. It helps me fulfil my spiritual mission on earth. You must learn to start to have a positive relationship and understand every single time you’re putting money out, you’re allowing it to circulate back. Otherwise, every time you’re paying for something, you have a relationship with fear around money in your subconscious mind is the emotional mind in it imprints, so the emotional mind imprints and has an association of money with fear, with lack and scarcity, so because 95 per cent of your life is controlled by your subconscious mind, the majority of your relationship with money is constantly perpetuated and constantly creating more and more fear.

Stop that. Every time you’re paying say you are so grateful that you even have the opportunity to spend it because you know that more is coming back.

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7 Warning Signs You Will NOT Manifest Money Using The Law of Attraction
7 Warning Signs You Will NOT Manifest Money Using The Law of Attraction

You must learn these warning signs if you desire and would like the financial freedom to become rich and to manifest more money.

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