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HIDDEN BIBLE PRAYER Technique Reveals How To Manifest What You Want INSTANTLY (Law of Attraction)

This prayer technique was kept hidden throughout all of human history in religions and institutions to keep you from connecting with God or the universe in order to harness that power to attract anything that you want and live in your highest potential. They didn’t tell you how to use this and that’s because if you knew it was going to be way harder for you to be controlled and for us to be controlled.. Use this knowledge in prayer wisely. Let’s dive right into it. Here’s what most people think of God. Hey God, can you please do this for me? Can you please have some money? Show up to help me get my house or pay my mortgage, or please God. Could you fix me? They like thing. God is a vending machine in the sky that they need to beg forth to fix their life. Stop thinking of God. Stop thinking of the universe and stop thinking of the creative force of our world in an intellectual way. Most people have been conditioned to think of it in an intellectual way, so they’re trying to talk at it and plead with it to get the things that they want.

The real way to pray is to talk with your God is to talk with the universe. In fact, just before this video, here’s how I pray, something like this. Thank you God and Dear God, I am so grateful now that the, the creative force of the universe speaks through me and that I’m able to touch the lives and hearts and spirits of people and connect them to their true power in the creative force of the universe. I’m grateful to be an instrument for your love, for Your glory, for your beauty, and I’m grateful that the spirit of God is allowed to be touched in my viewers and my listeners and I get to be an instrument for you in that, and I’m grateful that you’re speaking through me and allowing me to inspire millions of people every single month. Amen? I’m coming to God as a co-creator. I’m coming to God saying, look, I don’t want anything from you. I want to be an instrument for you. I want to be an instrument,

and when you’re coming from that feeling of, of knowing that you’re wanting connected with God and you’re giving thanks for the things that have not happened, as if they already were like it says in the scripture that to call the things that are not as if they already were. Most people plead for the things that are not and they wish that they were, but they think that they’ll never get them, so they try to plead for him. No. So here’s what you do, dear God. And if you don’t like that word, dear universe, but it’s not the word water that gets you wet, right? If I dumped water on you wasn’t the word that got you wet, it was the energy of what? Of what it is. So it’s this energy, this beautiful, loving, all powerful energy that’s created us that beats a heart that’s built our world, our universe that lights the sun in the daytime and the stars at night.

It’s that so dear God, Dear Universe, and then you insert whatever it is you just connect to that heartfelt place within you. You close your eyes and you talk with it and give thanks for things as if they already were, dear God, I’m so grateful that I now have my beautiful multimillion dollar dream home and the financial freedom to live there with ease. I’m so grateful that this gives me the peace of mind in order to focus on my art or my work or my business or my spiritual mission in life and I can give my love for life and creation wholeheartedly while living in my dream home. Being creatively stimulated and having the financial security to not have stress and worry, interfering with my true calling in life, to be a mother, to be a father, to start that business, to help my church, to focus on being the best shape it can be in whatever it is.

That’s how you talk to it, and you can list and talk about anything that you want, but you do it in the present tense and you truly just like you’re talking to me. You truly connect to that and you say, thank you. Thank you universe. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you that I’m healthy today and I know that I’ve had a really tough time the last week. I’ve been stressed and I’ve been worried and I’ve been doubting the beauty of life. It’s been really tough for me the last week, but right now I can see clearly and what I see clearly as I’m so grateful that you always support me and you always attract more abundance and prosperity in my life. And you know, lately I’ve been struggling with this problem or that situation. I haven’t noticed the beauty of this life. And right now I’m so grateful that, uh, I, I’m, I’m able to drive my dream car.



This prayer technique was kept hidden throughout all of human history in religions and institutions to keep you from connecting with God or the universe.

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