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Best 4 Step Success Formula Morning Routine For Law Of Attraction That Will Raise Your Vibration

There’s one thing that all successful people have in common: they have a morning routine. This routine helps them get their mind right, their body right, and sets up to get the most out of the day ahead so they can consciously create the life they want.

This is my law of attraction morning routine to get my mind working right, my body working right, and my life working right. And I hope that you use this morning routine to create what you want in life.
Law of Attraction Morning Routine:

1. Get a vision board.

Your mind works in images. If I say think of your refrigerator, what do you do you see? An image of your refrigerator.

When I say think of your mom, what do you do? You recall an image of your mom in your mind.

Your mind doesn’t work in words. It works in images.

Every time that I say something, you can do it. I say something positive to you, it conjures up a positive image in your mind. When someone says something really negative or rejects you, it might conjure up a negative image of that time in ninth-grade when you got rejected.

Advertisers use subliminal advertising where little things will pop up on the corner of screen to start to suggest images of something so that you eventually buy in.
Law of Attraction morning routine

You call images into your mind at all times sometimes. More often than not, it’s what you don’t want. We live in such a negative world and are exposed to negative programming that quickly what happens in the morning is that you have a negative program. Then, a negative image pops into your head.

Take a minute or two to fill your mind with positive things. Even when you’re not consciously saying, “I’m going to go look at my images of what I want,” you see them around the house. You’re sending subliminal messages of what you want to your mind. When you consciously focus on an image for long enough, it gets subconsciously imprinted. Most people have subconscious negative images implanted in their mind – of negative money in their bank account, constantly having the overdraft fees, negative images of being rejected or violence or of abuse or the parents fighting over money or being cheated on. They replay these images in their mind over and over and over again but you can take your mind back.
You’ve got to reprogram your mind.

Get a vision board. Pull images of what you want. Print them out. Program your mind with what you want and you’ll notice all successful people do this. They get their mind focused on what they want, not on what they don’t want. Focus on what you want, then create it.

2.) Have a visualization or meditation practice.

Calming your mind and bringing a sense of peace to your morning will help you bring that same focused energy to your day.

Download my free success hypnosis and plug your headphones in. You can listen to the success affirmations over and over again. Close your eyes and visualize what you want.

Sit quietly for five minutes. That is all you need to start. You can start to grow from there but a couple minutes where you sit calmly and close your eyes. Focus on your breath and start to use your image making power of your mind to focus on what you want.

3.) Read your vision for your life out loud every morning.

When you write something down, it’s more powerful. Take out a pen and write your vision for your life. Begin with, “I am so happy and grateful now that…” and write the vision for your life

Mine was something like this:

“I’m so happy and grateful now that I’m a world-renowned author, thought leader, teacher and seminar leader who is inspiring millions of people.” It goes into about five or six lines that we read out loud on the morning. We’re intentionally filling our minds with what we want as opposed to what we don’t want. The more you start to do that, the more it starts to imprint subconsciously. You start to identify with a different idea of who you are.

Write the vision of what you want in the present tense and put it on your refrigerator. Put it inside a binder. Tape it on your wall and read it out loud once or twice a day – definitely every single morning. That’s how you start to change your story about who you are. Your life is a reflection of the story of who you think you are.

If you change your story and start to read that new story every day, you will slowly see your life change.

4.) Keep a gratitude journal

Every single day, I write the date at the top of a page then go through and write ten things I’m grateful for in the present tense. These aren’t all things that are already here. A lot of times, I write things that “do not exist yet” – I’ll write, “I’m so happy and grateful now that I filled my November seminar and there’s hundreds of people there and their lives were changed forever.” I’ll write that out ten times.

I’ll write out:

I’m so happy and grateful that large sums of money come to me easily and quickly.

I’m so happy and grateful that I attract amazing new enriching relationships and that I feel more fulfilled than I ever have.

I write these things out ten times every day and I get into the spirit of it. I feel it. I get emotionally involved with it. I visualize it and feel it as though it already exists. Start your own gratitude journal. The mind gets fixated on certain things and usually get fixated on things that it’s not grateful for because it’s easier for us to complain and bring drama into our life. It’s more emotionally stimulating in the nervous system.
Law of Attraction morning routine

The most viral content is often fear-based content online because it shocks your nervous system. Hijack your mind. Brainwash yourself. Get your mind focused on gratitude before you get going with the day.

If you do these quick and easy things, your life will change forever. What you appreciate will appreciate in your life. What you do not appreciate will depreciate in your life. No matter where you are in your life right now, you have things you can be grateful for.

This is the quick and easy Law of Attraction morning routine that will change your life forever. My life has changed – my fiance and I are both happier and healthier than we’ve ever been. Our businesses are both better than they’ve ever been. We accredit most of our success to these morning routines. Program your mind the way that you want.

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Best 4 Step Success Formula Morning Routine For Law Of Attraction That Will Raise Your Vibration
Best 4 Step Success Formula Morning Routine For Law Of Attraction That Will Raise Your Vibration

Law of Attraction Morning Routine: This is my law of attraction morning routine to get my mind working right, my body working right & my life working right.

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