Do This To Make Money Fast!!

Do This To Make Money Fast for a simple formula to start to attract more money into your life. When you have no money, it’s important to follow..
I’m going to share a quick, simple, and easy formula to make money fast. The first thing you have to do is you have to make a decision. The word decision is Latin and it means to kill off any other alternatives. It’s a decision that you make that you’re going to do exactly what is necessary to do the thing that you say you’re going to do. So when it comes to money, how can we apply this?
You’ve literally decided you’re going to have the money. So if you are a real estate agent and it’s to get that extra sale, you’re literally going to stay up all night If you have to. You’re going to make 10 extra calls every single day until it happens.
It means if you say the website for your client is going to be done, and you’re going to get one extra website done a month. So it’s going to bring in an extra $1,000. It means that you actually finish one extra website, even if it means that you can’t go on Friday and Saturday date night anymore for the month. You actually make the legitimate commitment, no matter what to do it. It means that you legitimately knock on the doors to make the sale.
If you normally knock on 10 then you knock on 20. Like I remember when I self published my first book “Into the wind”. I would go to farmer’s markets because I didn’t know how else to sell my book. I figured people go to farmer’s markets, they buy kale and green smoothies, there’s a good chance they’ll also buy a spiritual and travel book.
I started with a local farmers market and ended up hitting different ones all around my area throughout the week. I would stand in the middle of the walkways and introduce myself to people trying to sell them my book. I would talk to every one that I could. Sometimes you get people that are a-holes and they’re not very nice. They would mock me and laugh. You get those people a lot, all the time, really.
It was pushing past that every time. I’d get 10 “no”s in a row but if I had two hours left I committed to selling 50 books that day. No matter what it was. I needed the $500 that would bring me so I would commit and do it. It was a no matter what attitude. And then we did the same thing when Ashley, my wife came with me on Van’s Warped tour. I was the first motivational speaker on this big music tour and we hit so many cities all through country in a big bus. 52 cities. 60 days. 500,000 kids across the summer.
I’d stop them in their tracks and ask if I could tell them about my book. Would you be interested in purchasing? Can I tell you about it? Some people say no, some people see us and you just keep going on and on and on. And then when I eventually got big on YouTube, I published over a thousand videos. So what I’m saying is you literally make the commitment, forget about the outcome. Forget about when the money might come, forget about if it’s working or not. You literally do the things that you have to do, and you do them until the universe literally bends at your will and says, Hey, that person has the faith. I’ll grant them their wish.
That person is getting a lot better. That’s what happens, right? You just get better and better and better at it If you keep doing it. And then all of a sudden the money meets you. But then the money becomes secondary to the progress that you made, to the growth that you had, to the journey you went on, to the adventure to the times that it sucked, that you can now laugh about over with your friend with a glass of wine. You can laugh about it now, but it sucked then. And that becomes the real wealth. And then the money just becomes a byproduct that comes to you as a result of you showing up day after day after day after day. But what happens to most people is their thinking is controlled by the level of their environment.
Think about this. When I say most people are controlled by their environment, think about what that means. That means that their thought patterns are dictated and the decisions that they make and the actions that they take are controlled by what they see with their physical senses.
The problem with that is often, when money doesn’t come as fast as they want. And when that does happen, sometimes it comes very quickly and it’s very easy. And sometimes you have to push through a terrible fear barrier. And when you hit that fear barrier, what most people do is they say, look Jake, the money’s still not in my bank account, Jake, I guess this isn’t meant to be Jake. I should go back to my safe zone. I took too big of a risk. I should go back. I shouldn’t start my business. I shouldn’t do that thing.
They look to the outside world to tell a story about the limitation of it. You have to stop allowing your feelings of the present situation control your thinking, because if you do, you’ll only be controlled. People never make a decision or they talk themselves out of the decision because their outside environment says, this is too hard. All that really is, is your old subconscious programming.
It’s your old paradigm coming up. So they make a half decision and they’re always half in, half out. I’d like more. I hope I get more. I wish I get more. It’d be nice if I get more. And that’s that whole saying that a bunch of people say is that there’s a difference between being interested in being committed. There’s one thing to be interested in making money. It’s another thing to be committed to making it. And the only way to know is to ask yourself, are you truly committed to it?
Some people aren’t ready for a message like this. Because they don’t want to face the fact they never make that extra call. They don’t like the feeling of facing the fear of rejection. So they always stop right before the rejection happens. The coolest thing is to find out when you get to the edge that you actually have wings and you can fly. Financially speaking, especially. I pushed through making these videos and they weren’t getting any views. And all of a sudden in 12 months I get more progress than eight years combined. Napoleon Hill says, “riches, when they come, come so quickly and in such vast quantities, that one wonders where we’re hiding all those lean years.”
And all you have to do is stick through with this decision. It may look far away. Your present circumstances might not have changed yet. But it might be closer than you think. Remember that quote by Napoleon Hill. Say to the universe, “I am ready to receive your blessings”. And if you’re having a little bit of a hard time just breaking out of that kind of negative pattern that you’re in, check out my free success hypnosis. It will help rewire your beliefs and energy level to ones that bring in more and more opportunity.

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Do This To Make Money Fast!!
Do This To Make Money Fast!!

Jake Ducey shares a quick, simple, and easy formula to make money fast. The first thing you have to do is you have to make a decision...

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