Don’t Let Tarot Cards Ruin Your Life.

Don’t Let Tarot Cards Ruin Your Life….
I made this video because a woman wrote me an email about a tarot card reading she had, and how it was negatively affecting her life and she did not know what to do about it. So I gave her some advice on how to not let other people’s negative energy channel through a tarot card reading, and affect you in a negative way. Here’s the thing; tarot cards can be fantastic, but if you don’t realize that they are a tool that is communicating from your higher self, you can actually take on the negative energy of other people that are giving the readings. A lot of the time people take everything that’s said on face value, and they can assume they are about to get some bad changes or karma heading their way. If you get too attached to these ideas, you can actually have tarot cards ruin your life, because you will be creating from a negative place of perception and living from false assumptions.
Whether it’s Tarot cards, whether it’s psychics, whether it’s opinions from other people, there’s a good chance that a lot of people are letting it ruin their lives. And I want to tell you how to not let that happen. So personally, I don’t do tarot cards and I don’t do any of that stuff. My wife’s into it. Um, and I think all of it’s great psychics, whatever you want to do. But one of the things that I notice when people write me and they write emails with questions to our team is people get into the situation where they’re really desperate to get assigned in their life or to get what they want or to make change.
And they go to a tarot card, psychic, whatever it is, and they hear something from it that cement into their consciousness. And sometimes it’s negative. Like for instance, it might be a card that you pulled that is about unexpected turbulence in your life or a challenge in your life. Well, what if you had nothing coming in your life, but amazing things, but you pull a card and it gives you a negative perception that you form in your own mind. The tarot card doesn’t necessarily do it because we have free will. And we use our own perception to create things in our life. But if you take something, whether it’s a psychic, whether it’s an opinion from somebody else, whether it’s a tarot cards, whether it’s a, it’s a sign from the universe. If you take it in, you form an expectation of a challenge or something bad happening, or to look for something bad or some other form of a limitation in your life, then that tarot cards, psychic, reading, whatever it was, it actually didn’t help you.
It did the opposite of that. And what I hear a lot of times from people is that they are overthinking their life and they don’t recognize that there is a tarot card or a psychic or all these things that can be great and they can really help you out. Absolutely. But they can also point you away from God’s speaking to you because God’s always speaking to you. It already always is. All you have to do is hear it. You have to say if the close your eyes and you have to say, um, God, what’s next for me, God, what do you want out of my life?
God, why haven’t I attracted my soulmate yet? Which of these two options should I choose? And you talk like that and you get the answer right away. And sometimes what happens with the Tarot Cards or psychic is you weren’t getting the pure answer or the pure message. You’re getting it through a filter of somebody else that might pick the card or someone else that might be the psychic. And they have their own energies in their life. And sometimes unintentionally and unconsciously, the negative energy of their life or the negative energy of somebody they did a session with before training. It’s first into your experience. And so unknowingly you take on someone else’s energy or someone else’s karma or somebody else’s negative perceptions. And you, because perception and consciousness create reality. You carry it with you and then it affects you negatively and you don’t really realize it. And so something that I invite you to do, if you do taro cards, and if you do psychics, if you do anything, that’s fantastic. But the one thing that I would say to make sure it doesn’t ruin your life is to set an intention beforehand, where you basically say very clearly that the intention is for your highest and best good only. And anything that isn’t of love and light returns to its source. This is very important.
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Don't Let Tarot Cards Ruin Your Life.
Don't Let Tarot Cards Ruin Your Life.

A lot of people are letting tarot cards ruin their lives. And I want to tell you how to not let that happen.

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