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God’s Secret Law of Attraction Affirmation To Manifest Anything You Want | The Secret

Life is good, God is good, this place is beautiful. So apparently there was some story. I don’t know whether it’s true or not, but let’s pretend it’s true. Some Indian guru that apparently was like to his disciples, tell me the difference between good and God. What’s the difference between good and God? And all these people had all these theories. Well, you know, the universe is good, but then what happens is the, the uh, humans create good and bad and all these crazy theories, right? And the guru apparently just went like this back and no one knew what he meant. It turns out he was holding up a zero. That there is zero difference between good and God. Guess what? What if, what if? The purpose of you being in a physical body? Because guess what? You are a spiritual being in a physical body. You’re a spiritual being, having a physical experience, your soul, your consciousness, and you’ve incarnated into a physical body.

But why the heck are you here? What if the reason that you’re here is to realize God and God is good? God is synonymous with good. So what if the purpose of you being alive was to realize the true goodness of life? See, a lot of people think that life is a hostile place. A lot of people think that somehow they’re limited. They look in the mirror and they say, my, my, my tummy is too flabby. My Butt’s too flat. My biceps aren’t big enough. They look at their report cards and then they decide how good they are. They have an image in their head that says, I can make roughly about this much money. You know, I can date, you know, this type of person. No, they’re too far out of my league there. I can do this. And we put ourselves in these little boxes and then these little boxes.

We decide what’s possible for our, for our life, and we experienced and very compartmentalize a very fragmented amount of the true amazingness of life. Like, do you want to live in Costa Rica? Do you want to live in Thailand? You want to be an author? Do you want to double your income? Do you want to get a raise at your company and become the secretary? Do you want to create your own floor cleaning business that operates in seven countries? What do you want to do? You can do it, but the only way that you can do it is first you have to realize God, and what is God? God is good. You have to realize that this place is good. This earth is good. Now, there are some arguably relatively speaking, less good things right there. There are murders, there are greed, there is, there is people that, um, maybe you don’t wanna be spending all your time with.

Let’s put it that way, relatively speaking, but the essence of this universe is good. It is why? Because God is in everything. It’s a creative force of this universe and it’s in everything. It’s in the walls, it’s in the trees, it’s in money. It’s in your head. It’s in your hair. It makes up your body. It breathes you. That’s what it is. God is in everything. It’s a consciousness. It’s a universal intelligence that’s in everything and it’s good. So what if the purpose of life today was for you to see the good in everything and if you could see the good in everything, then you can see God in everything because if there was good in everything, even in the things that seem to be bad, what was actually happening was it was God manifesting something that seemed to be bad or negative to push you in a higher and better place in your life. Because if you don’t get what you want, it’s always that or something better. So today, here’s what I invite you to do. See the good in every single thing and affirmed this statement. God is good.

Life is good. I attract good. God is good, life is good. I attract good. Imagine if that was the only belief that you have. Imagine if you didn’t have any other beliefs about anything except for God is good. Life is good. And I attracted. What do you believe? Well, you know, I believe that God is good, life is good, and I attract good. Nothing else. I don’t believe anything else. Everything else is just relative and I don’t really want to enter that into my belief systems, but God is good. Life is good, and I attract good. See what you can attract into your life today with that, with that affirmation. Be Amazed at the things that can show up in your life. When you realize the truth of existence, God is good. It’s an energy force that is good at wants to support you. It’s friendly.

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