HIDDEN BIBLE TEACHING Reveals How To Manifest More Money FAST (Law of Attraction)

If people ever bring up the Bible, what often happens is the condemnation of money. It’s it’s as if that if you are to be a spiritually connected person, you’re supposed to be broken dependent on everybody else. You’re supposed to be dependent on the government to give you a handout. You’re supposed to be dependent on other people to pay your rent. You’re supposed to have no freedom to travel wherever you want, wherever you want, eat the healthiest food to give to your favorite charity or organizations that you shouldn’t put your kids into good schools because of course that somehow going to send you to hell if you have a lot of money. It doesn’t make any sense, and I believe that the reason that those teachings have been perpetuated through many, many, many centuries is because the institutions wanted you to give them your money. That’s why, and here’s the Hidden Bible teaching that’s so powerful and I know that we’ve all heard this one or many of us have, if not everyone, and I remember thinking it was such an odd thing to say and it says something to the effect of this, to he who has more will be given and to those who have not even what they have will be taken away from them.

So I didn’t grow up religious and I’m not a quote unquote religious person. Uh, I don’t identify with any particular religion, but I have a spiritual connection to a higher power. You can call that God. You can call it spirit. You can call whatever you want. You can’t get wet by the word. Water says Alan Watts. But that is such an interesting phrase. And I remember hearing that just through the great frying, going up, growing up and seeing that is such an odd thing to God essentially hates everyone. Like it didn’t even make any sense. So if you were somehow didn’t have money, then somehow God was going to punish you to those who have not even that which they have will be taken away. That doesn’t sound like a very nice thing, but this is the key to actually manifesting money to the person that has more will be given.

See, the very first thing that’s important to understand is that everything is energy and consciousness. That’s all it is, so that the person that has more will be given. When you’re in a framework of abundance, you will attract more abundance into your life and when you do not have, when you cannot be in a state of abundance, optimism, your future appreciation that good things are coming, the riches of the universe are here now, even that what you have will be taken away from you, and this is a huge key and a huge secret to the teachings in the Bible, to those who have more will be given. In order to do that, you have to literally understand that your senses, what you see with your eyes are an illusion because you will always be the second half of that, of that a biblical teaching to those who have not even that which they have will be taken away to those who have not.

You will always be a have not person if you decide your reality based off of what you see with your eyes. Why? Because nine out of 10 people that would listen $10,000 in virtually no financial assets, about two thirds of people were reportedly said in America that they could not come up with $500 immediately for an emergency. Most people are struggling financially and most of the time for us to manifest money. We’re coming from a place of quote unquote not having it. So if you’re. I say, yeah, but I don’t have any money in my bank account. Then your eyes will always control when. When, when Jesus said, Yo, I’m going to move these mounds. Everyone moved mountains and they shall move. He was already in a consciousness of having. If he was in a consciousness of have not, it wouldn’t be like this. It’s impossible to move those mountains, but it’d be really nice if they would please God, will you please move those mountains please, please, please, and that’s how most people live their pleading to God.

They’re pleading to the government, they’re pleading to their boss, they’re pleading to everyone to life itself. The please give them more abundance. You have to be in the consciousness of having it already, so that means if your bank account is and where you want it to be, if you’re not driving the car you want, if you’re not living in the house you want, if you don’t have the freedom that you want in your life, yet you have to start disregarding the evidence that you, that your physical senses give you because that’s all your senses are. They’re giving you evidence of your world. Your world now is a reflection off of the way used to think, so to manifest more money, you have to start being in a state of appreciation for it already. You start talking to money like this. I am so grateful that that God’s abundance flows in and through me that God’s will float me in avalanches of abundance.

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