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Hidden Bible Teaching To “MOVE MOUNTAINS” And Manifest ANYTHING You Want (The Law of Attraction)

This Bible teaching was hidden from
humanity, and it is the key to attract
what you want using the law of
attraction. This is Jake Ducey.

all right you know how in the Bible
Jesus is like yell mountains move and
then they move well there’s a certain
aspect to that that we don’t get taught
about and we don’t talk about and it
makes it so much easier to understand
how you can use that same power to move
the mountains in your life to transform
your financial situation or love life
your health your happiness your career
where you live your spirituality your
adventures whatever you want in life it
comes down to one thing and it’s called
expectancy you have to expect something
to happen before it actually happens the
reason Jesus could be like yo mountains
can you guys move for a little while
I’ll put you back later he expected it
to happen so he could call forth the
things that were not as though they
already work so what would it feel like
in your body if I told you in 11 hours
you were going to meet your soul mate
what if I told you in 14 hours you’re
about to get a check for $100,000 or
$10,000 or you were gonna get an extra
25% raise at your job or you’re gonna
find your dream job what if I told you
that whatever you wanted in your life it
was going to show up in a matter of
hours and be prepared get ready get
ready it’s about to happen
what would you do you get cleaned up you
take a shower maybe you’d shave your
face if you were a man or you brush your
teeth or you you get all nice and
dressed up and you looking all good in
your fine dress or whatever it is you
know maybe you go to the gym you’re just
excited maybe you go meditate you’re
just ready you’re waiting you’re like so
excited you’re moving through life but
you’re in this place of total expectancy
that’s something amazing was about to
happen and then what if it didn’t happen
in those 12 hours and you got to the
twelfth hour knew like a where to go I
mean I thought it’s supposed to happen
on the twelfth hour Jake so
what created those amazing 12 hours
going into it you know you felt
absolutely amazing we’re so excited you
knew amazing things were about to happen
you were you but forgotten about your
present reality you had forgotten about
your financial limitations or spiritual
limitations or past romantic failures or
the obstacles that you thought you had
in your life they were gone
why because you had expected something
so wholeheartedly that you had stepped
into a different reality and that’s what
I’m asking you to do today and you may
be like well this just sounds silly too
simple too easy wait wait wait wait
science proves it – it’s called a
cognitive bias and that’s essentially
when you’ve made up your mind about
something so you experienced that
reality even though it may not actually
be happening you look for it you see it
unconsciously your unconscious habitual
mind and nervous system and all of your
senses and perception that’s just what
you see and experience there’s no other
way about it that’s what it is called a
cognitive bias well you can actually
distort and bend reality and alter time
create a new life create a new future
outcome literally through using
cognitive biases you expect something so
wholeheartedly like you just know like
you know this takes some some faith this
takes some strength your mind wants to
pull you back to your present reality
and it’s like yeah but that’s easy for
you to say yeah I mean but how is that
gonna happen I mean have you seen my
bank account lately I just had another
overdraft fee and I mean every single
guy in my town is an a-hole and there’s
no good women and my boss I mean and
I’ve had so many troubles this has been
like this for 12 years for 14 years I
mean yeah it just goes on and on and on
your mind is addicted to your present
reality in your past
it’s literally addicted to it its
addicted to it and so what you have to
do is you have to rise above you have to
start talking to yourself talk to
yourself in a new reality man I am so
excited and
use that phrase man I’m so excited you
could drop the man I am so excited
da-da-da-da-da I am so excited that my
financial life is about to change I am
so excited that there’s so many amazing
men or women out there in the world know
if I’m my perfect romantic partner I’m
so excited that the universe is
co-creating with me
and it’s working in my best interest for
me to have every little thing that I
want I’m so excited that I’m about to
manifest an all new opportunity for
career I am so excited now that I’m
gonna get a new routine start going to
the gym I am so excited now that I feel
better about myself I’m so excited now
that I feel more confident I’m so
excited so what are you doing with that
excitement is a feeling so your
subconscious mind picks up feeling if
you’re gonna override the programming of
our senses being and our brain and our
nervous system being totally sunk and
cemented and imprisoned to this current
time-space dimension and the past you
have to use feeling to start to embody a
reality that has not happened yet so
excitement is a powerful energy it’s an
energy of expectancy expecting a miracle
expecting the new reality you know like
you know like you know and the first
time it’s gonna feel like an but by the
tenth time you’re I’m so excited that my
financial life is about to change
forever I am so excited now that this is
happening in my love life I’m so excited
this is happening in my career I’m so
excited that I just feel amazing I
cannot stop smiling and I feel so
excited that I’m alive and I get to
experience life what you’re doing by the
tenth time you say that by the fifteenth
time you say that by the 18th time you
say you’re starting to actually feel it
you’re starting to convince yourself
that this reality is happening only you
just use cognitive bias and what’s gonna
happen is your subconscious mind is
gonna pick up that feeling of excitement
and it says oh wow financial life is
changing oh wow romantic life is
changing oh wow a love life is changing
burn burn love life
and it picks up that energy the
subconscious energy boom and it snacks
you into a new reality and what happens
is your brain starts firing new
there’s determined neuroscience called
the hebbs law hebbs law says that brain
cells that fire together wire together
when you start saying and feeling over
and over I’m so excited that my
financial life is about to change I’m so
excited that I’m about to get my dream
house in New York in Canada whatever it
is I am so excited by the hunter time
you say that you’ve literally started to
have your brain fire in that way you’ve
created chemicals where you’re starting
to respond to it
it doesn’t matter whether it’s happened
yet or not what your future is
predicated off of what you feel now and
what you expect for your life now in the
same way that earlier when I said
imagine in 12 hours you’re gonna have
your financial life changed meet your
soul mate dah dah dah dah and then it
didn’t happen well it didn’t actually
happen what if I just told you it’s
gonna happen then it didn’t happen at 12
hours you’re like what the heck I
thought this was supposed to happen it’s
been 12 hours that 11 hours and 59
minutes leading up to it you felt
incredible you knew what was gonna
it didn’t matter what was happening in
the outside world you created that
internal state and when you can embody
that regardless of the world around you
regardless if it happens in 12 hours or
14 hours or two weeks or four weeks when
you passionately believe in what does
not yet exist you created so do it with
me comment one thing you’re excited
about right now I’m so excited now that
comment it down below I am so excited
now that and write one thing you’re
excited about right now and it may be
like well there’s nothing to be excited
about you’re creating that reality again
everything is energy you’re literally
using your consciousness to expect the
reality from your past that you don’t
want anymore
over and over and over it’s like you’re
caught in a record player of space and
time and the record player is on loop
over and over and over no I’m so excited
now that my financial life changed my
help by changing this is changing
actually comment one of them down below
use expectancy expect miracles expect
great things today talk to yourself like
that talk to your friends like that talk
to your lover like that talk to your
family like that and just talk about it
over and on don’t let anyone’s
negativity enter into this thing be sure
you download my free success of Knossos
Jake’s hypnosis calm it’s right there
down below use that to train your
subconscious mind for expecting success
and abundance in your life it’s free
Jake’s hypnosis calm right there down
below comment one thing you’re excited
about right now and practices for the
first time your goal is to say this a
hundred times today
whatever it is down
I am so excited that my financial life
is change change my health play my love
life my da da da da da da I’m so excited
now that hit the subscribe button in the
bail notification right over there even
if you’ve already subscribed please hit
that Bell notification because that’s
what actually notifies you for new
videos subscribe bail notification
comment one thing you’re excited about
in the present tense I am so excited now
that I can’t wait to hear what you’re
excited about
and the expectancy in the future reality
you are manifesting and creating right
in this very moment have a beautiful day
thank you for watching expect amazing
things today


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  1. Sue
    August 6, 2018 @ 1:52 pm

    I am so excited now that I am going to move to my new apt on Mallory


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