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How To Attract ANYTHING in 17 SECONDS!!

How To Attract ANYTHING in 17 SECONDS!! The Law of Attraction is very powerful, if you understand that at the core, you can attract anything you want, because everything is simply energy in motion. Here’s the 17 second rule technique.

Let’s talk about how to attract anything in 17 seconds. Do you believe it can happen? I’m about to show you a manifestation technique that actually can change your entire life.

Everything Is Energy
Number one, everything is energy. It’s not that some things are energy and some things aren’t energy. It’s not that this is a nice concept, but I don’t really believe it. No, everything that you want is energy, including your own thoughts. Your thoughts are vibrating at a frequency of visible light that is beyond what your senses are conditioned to perceive.
But it is energy. It’s a frequency pattern. Science tells us energy is never created or destroyed. And the Bible says that creation is finished. So if energy is never created or destroyed, where’s all the energy? Where is it? Well, it actually exists in a quantum field that exists basically in spirit. It exists in non-physical dimension.
What The Bible Say About Manifestation

The Bible says creation is finished so what that means is the same thing. Energy is never created or destroyed. And so if everything is energy, I’m going to teach you in a 17 second technique how to tap into the energy that you want and manifest it in your life. Step number one is you have to start viewing yourself, your thoughts, and everything that you want as purely energy.

Secondly, you must affirm what you want by evoking the energy and emotion of what you want. For instance, let’s say you wanted to quickly bring money into your life. I would do this out loud. I would go “God’s wealth flows to me in avalanches of abundance. I’m attracting money out of nowhere. Business comes to me every day in every way, all my businesses and all my endeavors are guided by infinite intelligence. I am getting rich”. That’s what I would do. You may think that’s new age and silly. what is feeling? It’s conscious awareness of vibration. So what is an emotion? It’s energy in motion.
So your emotion that you evoke through your own free will, that is your vibration. People ask, “well, how do I change my energy?” You have to change your emotions to change your energy because your emotions are energy. That’s what your energy is. Your emotional state creates your vibration. You have to think in terms of vibration and frequency. Albert Einstein said that all you have to do is match and sustain the frequency of what you want and you can’t help but get it.
How To Create Energy Within Yourself To Attract Your Dream Life

What is frequency? It’s energy. What is energy? Energy is emotion. So what you must do is pick a simple affirmation based off of what you want and repeat it until you enter the spirit of it.
Most People Hold Themselves Back By Doing This.

Too many people think attracting and creating energy is simply just saying affirmations but not matching the energy. If you need the outside world to give you what you want for you to change your emotional state, you’re always going to be reacting to the world. People say, “Jake, I can’t do that because my world hasn’t changed. I’m still waiting for the money. I’m still waiting for my soulmate. I’m still waiting for the job.”
The right moment is waiting for you to stop waiting for the right moment. Pick a wealth affirmation and repeat it for 17 seconds out loud with energy. And you might need to do it a couple times till you start to step up the vibrational ladder. You’ll enter the spirit of the frequency that you want to emit to the universe, whether it’s wealth, whether it’s love, whether it’s health.

Use Affirmations To Amp Up Your Emotions!
Use a wealth affirmation to evoke the emotion. If you want to supercharge this, this is what’s so important. You have to reprogram your subconscious mind. And this is why I always talk about the subconscious and my free success hypnosis.
This is so important. It’s not just positive thinking that will attract what you want. If you haven’t attracted what yo want yet and you think the law of attraction doesn’t work, it’s because you simply are missing the most important piece of the puzzle. It’s about using your emotion to send new vibrations, to send new energy to your subconscious. Your subconscious controls 95 percent of your life.
17 Seconds Will Change 95 percent Of Your Life

Sub means below. Psychologists tell us it controls 95 percent of your life. What that means is 95 percent of your money, of your love, of your happiness, of your career, is all from your childhood. From early years in your life. It’s been programmed into you, but you can reprogram it. All you need to do is start the process.
I learned all this stuff and I was like, I’m going to take it to the logical extreme and program myself for everything that I want. So when you brainwash yourself, it’s the same thing as upgrading the software on a computer. What you have to do is delete the viruses. And when you delete the viruses, the computer performs better.

When you update the software, same thing. The viruses are your belief systems in your subconscious. And when you upgrade the software so that your desires match your subconscious programming, you start to get what you want. It becomes quicker, faster and easier. Go ahead and download that right now for free and turn your subconscious mind into a magnet for what you want. Comment below, “I am a magnet for what I want”.
Build The Image In Your Mind

The third and final way to manifest what you want in 17 seconds or less is to change your energy and your life forever by building the image of what you want. Your mind works in pictures. For instance, what color is your car? What does your refrigerator look like? What does your kitchen look like? What does your bedroom look? Your mind thinks in images.
This happens instantly unconsciously. You build a picture of your future and it happens all the time. Most people just imagine what they don’t want over and over and over again. Everything is two things, what you want and the absence of what you want. Meaning, there’s a head and a tails. There is what you want and the absence of what you want. You could want money, but always be focused on poverty.
You could have a vision board. You could watch these videos, but if you’re always focused on the fact that what you want hasn’t come yet, or you want your soulmate but you’re focused on the fact that there’s no good guys or always creeping on your ex’s profile, your focused on the absence of what you want. And most people do this everyday with their own imagination. Their imagination, which is the software.
Imagination Is The Mind Of God Manifested

So the imagination is a mind of God manifested in physical form. Your mind works in pictures and the pictures that you dominantly hold impress upon the subconscious mind and then express themselves in your life. The images you impress will express. Are you following me? So many people think of worst case scenarios. They think how they don’t want to get fired, they don’t want to be cheated on, etc.
If you honestly started to believe that everything was energy and all you wanted already existed and there was no such thing as time, miracles will start raining on you. Albert Einstein showed us that time is non-linear meaning that everything is energy and all possibilities already exist in the quantum field. Through thought, imagination, and emotion we can manifest in the physical world. So if you really believed you are a divine being, and you really believe that your thoughts created reality, you did these exercises, you spent some time and you said, Oh my gosh, I have been thinking about the opposite of what I want.
What is the picture that I want conclusion? These are the proper steps to actual positive change. Once you’re done with reading, close your eyes and imagine it is that you truly want. Go through the scenario as if it were actually happening in real time. Focus on how you feel, what you’re smelling, what you hear, who’s around you? Transport your reality in the moment in your minds eye.

You’re more powerful than you believe. This just might sound crazy because society has conditioned you to be a little peasant with limiting thoughts of fear and lack. It’s time to wake up and realize you are a powerful, immortal being.

I want you to imagine what you want. I want you to use the beautiful image making power of your mind, to pull yourself out of any situation that you’re in. I want you to proclaim to God, thank you, thank you that this image, this imagination, this dream, is already materialized. Thank you that all the people, the places, the situations are falling into line perfectly. All the coincidences and synchronicities are happening because I’m a divine being, I’m worthy of what I want. I can say mountains move and they shall.
If you can do these 3 steps every single day, you’ll be amazed at the results that come into your life. Remember everything is energy and all you want already exists.

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How To Attract ANYTHING in 17 SECONDS!!
How To Attract ANYTHING in 17 SECONDS!!

I'm about to show you a manifestation technique that actually can change your entire life.

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