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How To Become A Money Magnet (MONEY MAGNETISM) – Law of Attraction


How To Become A Money Magnet (MONEY MAGNETISM) – Law of Attraction

In this video we discuss how to attract more money in 17 seconds! This is Law of attraction explained in a simple manner so you can easily apply it to your everyday life.

There are certain tricks to using law of attraction to easily manifest more money in 17 seconds, and we discuss them here.

I want to share with you the biggest ideas from my book so that you can apply that to your life to easily manifest and attract more money into your life. This is part one of a three-part video series.

one of the first books that I read that
allowed me to go from my now wife
girlfriend at the time being in debt for
everyday necessities because I couldn’t
pay for the electricity bill I couldn’t
pay for food heck I couldn’t even get a
couch so my friend and I and our tiny
little apartment went and found a couch
on the side of the street brought it in
into our living room and eventually I
was able to increase my income by tens
and tens of times and it all started
with this one book and I want to share
with you the biggest ideas from that
book so that you can apply that to your
life to easily manifest and attract more
money into your life this is part one of
a three-part video series let’s dive
right into the video number one money
magnetism money magnetism by Donald
Walters is essentially I think one of
the greatest books on the essence of
money ever right so there’s two ways
that you attract money in your life
one is through systems and tools like
for instance let’s say that you were in
a certain job and then you learn a more
effective system or process in order to
do it right so that’s the that’s the
doing or systems or outer aspect might
be the best way to put it outer aspect
of money and then there’s an inner and
in the inner a lot of times we actually
block money and when I was 19 years old
my wife now she was my girlfriend at the
time was in debt and she was in debt
because I couldn’t pay for anything
electricity bill I couldn’t pay for
groceries like I could pay for nothing
I couldn’t even pay for a couch so my
friend and I went on the street and we
found a couch and we brought it inside
and that was our couch in the living
room and it was rough and I finally had
a I’ve had enough moment and I was like
I’ve had enough of this like come on I
I was stressed all the time it was hard
and it was difficult and I’m and I
couldn’t even by like the camera I
wanted to make my videos like it was it
was a tough time and I eventually said
how that I had enough moment and when
the student is ready the teacher appears
I was ready and the teacher that
appeared was this book it was the first
book I ever read on money and I realized
I had all these belief systems in
regards to money that were actually
blocking and it’s not that important
money isn’t as important as as important
as happiness which is like what’s more
important your army or leg they’re both
important and I had all these belief
systems and when I read this book money
magnetism I started to realize what
money was what money is is an energy and
I used to think of it as a finite object
that was inherently evil which is the
silliest thing ever it’s how could it be
evil that’s like saying a car is evil or
door is evil because you gave him the
face by the door right like um it’s not
evil and I thought it was evil and I
didn’t realize that it’s an energy
system and it’s an energy system that
can actually be a great spiritual
practice and help your spiritual
evolution and that’s what I learned from
this book is to treat it as an energy
system and to treat it as a part of your
spiritual practice and there is a
there’s a was a very famous he’s dead
now very famous Indian yogi named
Paramahansa Yogananda if you can say
that back twice it and he had a center
right down the street from where he grew
up in Encinitas San Diego and what I
didn’t know at the time was when I read
this book he cited passages from him and
one of the passages he essentially said
that the greatest or one of the greatest
spiritual practices that you can embark
on while you’re here in this physical
world is the practice of creating money
honestly through providing value to the
world to help with your own practices
now the reason this is such the reason
this is true is because what happens is
almost all the time we need some lette
like unless you’re living in a community
that literally doesn’t even collect to
the electrical grid and the power grid
and you literally have never been to the
store everything like you literally have
no reason to be a part of society in the
least at all nothing nothing comes from
the world of Commerce then you’re gonna
need money on some level and what
happens is we either move into quite
often we move into a great energy or a
scarcity energy or a lack energy or
we’re dependent on other people for it
now these are all ways that we that were
actually we’re not helping our soul
evolve and money actually is one of the
foundational principles of spiritual
self-reliance in this physical world in
that if you don’t have whatever it is
for you
meaning that you’re making your you’re
spending less than you earn and you’re
making enough to provide you with
whatever types of values and experiences
that are important to you in this realm
in this physical world unless you have
that you become dependent quite often
and like whether it’s dependent on
another person at all times and if they
don’t provide your expectations then it
causes some type of discord whether it’s
being dependent on the government or or
whatever it might be and what I found
from reading this book was that just
like I need self-reliance in other areas
of my life and that that’s a coin that
was popularized by Ralph Waldo Emerson
in his compilation of essays which is a
book called self-reliance and
what I realized out of that was that I
needed to be self-reliant in my relation
with and to money in this world of
Commerce as well and that was this huge
changing point of my life when I read
this book because I realized wow this is
actually important that I master I
already decided that my spirituality was
important my meditation was important
connecting to that higher power is
important my health was important my
fitness was important the the foods and
the things I was putting into my body
going to the gym every day all of those
things but I hadn’t decided money was
port was important and I had get
gathered so much self-reliance and self
sufficiency in these other areas of my
life but I was struggling in this area
and it was affecting my relationships
and my spiritual mission on earth
because I didn’t have the money to do
what I’m doing right now in any capacity
because I and in addition to that that
caused me to feel stressed and worried
which stunted my creativity so I
couldn’t do what I’m doing now and I
learned all of this from this book so
needless to say super powerful book and
it’s called money magnetism
alright so this is Jake Ducey with Jake
Ducey calm thank you for watching part
of the three-part book series on three
books that allow me to 10x my income one
will help you manifest more money if you
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subconscious thought patterns and if you
can retrain that you can change your
whole life
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thoughts on it have a beautiful day
hashtag down below prosperity forever
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and see you next time



How To Become A Money Magnet (MONEY MAGNETISM) - Law of Attraction
How To Become A Money Magnet (MONEY MAGNETISM) - Law of Attraction

I want to share my biggest ideas so you can apply that to your life to easily manifest and attract more money into your life. Part 1 of 3-part series.

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