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How To Easily Manifest What You Want in 17 Seconds – (17 Second Manifestation) | Law of Attraction

Instantly manifest what you want in as
little as 17 seconds. Sounds crazy, sounds
like a lot of hogwash? It happens when
you understand this law of attraction
technique. this is Jake Ducey.

So you can manifest what you want in as
little as 17 seconds, but you have to
understand something first. Everything in
the entire universe is energy, and it’s
totally malleable. Meaning that anything
in the universe can be changed almost
instantly, and in many instances, yes,
instantly. So the 17 second rule was
created by Abraham Hicks, and the 17
second rule is this. everything in the
entire universe is vibration that’s what
it is
so the law of attraction is a secondary
universal law to the law of vibration
comment that down below just to make
sure you understand it law of vibration
is primary over law of attraction law
vibration is primary over the law of
attraction what does that mean law
vibration says that everything is energy
moving at a different speed amplitude or
density of vibration it all has
different speeds of vibration all has
different frequencies but everything in
the universe is pure energy
well the vibration the energy that
something in when that when the
vibration is set then the law of
attraction can attract like things into
existence like attracts like but not
until the vibration is clear right it
makes sense right so what creates your
vibration every thought that you have
every belief that you hold every action
that you take every perception that you
have every word that you say all of
these things create your vibration which
then dictates what you attract it sets
the law of attraction into motion
so in 17 seconds you can change your
vibration right if I said think of the
most amazing blissful experience ever
think of an awesome sexual experience
you had right you can change your
vibration instantly in the same way that
if you thought of something terrible
that could change your vibration for the
negative almost instantly and what you
have to understand is just because you
can’t see something doesn’t mean it
hasn’t manifested yet your physical
senses only perceive a minut amount of
reality there’s way more happening
beyond what you can see lack of
evidences and evidence of lack just
because you can’t see it doesn’t mean
it’s not here
you can’t see electricity you can only
see the effects of electricity you can’t
see the wind you can only see the
effects of the wind so just cuz you
can’t see the manifestation yet doesn’t
mean that its effects aren’t coming
so in 17 seconds you can totally get in
harmony with what you want so what is it
that you are you can start your day I’ll
I’ll do an example I start my day like
this every single day I am so grateful
now that my message is reaching millions
of people I’m inspiring millions people
around the world my videos are going
viral every single day and I look myself
in the mirror and I say that to myself
it immediately puts me in the vibration
to attract what I want into my life we
think it’s this long drawn-out process
right transformation is a long drawn-out
process let’s go into your childhood
let’s go in and let’s see all your
limiting beliefs that you have what was
your earliest memory when you were 3
what did your dad say to you when you
were 4 on your 4th birthday and we’re
like I think he said yeah he said no no
no it doesn’t need to be this long
drawn-out process get your vibration and
harmony with what you want as quickly as
possible and you put yourself in
position to attract what you want into
your life so if you’re having an off day
in this very moment right now you can go
like this May and I’m so grateful that
I’m alive today I have the electricity I
have the internet to watch this video
right whatever it is get yourself into
the vibration of abundance of prosperity
of joy of love and in 17 seconds you put
yourself in a position to change the
time track what’s the time track well we
live in a world of infinite
potentialities all time and space
already exists all energy already exists
and the time track is what determines
what protect what fragments of infinite
possibilities we experience so the
reality of you being a millionaire is
out there in the reality of you being
$100,000 in debt is
they’re the reality of you having an
awesome dream relationship is out there
and the and the reality of you having
like the worst fall out relationship
ever is out there all of it is there
it’s just that in every moment you set a
vibration that dictates what you attract
into your life so decide in this moment
you’re going to get your vibration in
harmony with what you want and the first
question might be what do you want what
do you want what do you really want out
of life and you may say I don’t know
don’t say I don’t know you cannot say I
don’t know that’s the only rule you
can’t say I don’t know you may not know
the ultimate of everything that you want
but I’m sure you can think of something
that you want and then you just get
yourself in harmony with it you start
and you say well what have a thoughts
would the person that has this is their
reality think right now and you get
yourself in harmony with that right now
and when you do that and you realize
that in every single moment the law of
attraction is working the law of
attraction is responding the vibration
you’re in well what creates the
vibration you’re in your thoughts your
feelings your actions your programming
that all gets you in vibration and if
you have difficulty with negative
thoughts download my free successive
noses it’s Jake’s hypnosis calm down
below and it’ll program your
subconscious mind for success for
prosperity for having a positive
relationship with abundance and when you
do that you notice things that weren’t
there anymore you notice new
opportunities new things attract into
your life when you change your vibration
you can just today change your whole
your whole life can change today right
now if you decide that you’re not
letting anything in your energy field
and you thought any action any person
any you’re not letting any anything in
your energy field that is not in
resonance with love happiness joy and
peace decide that right now comment that
down below I make the decision that I’m
not letting anything in my energy field
that isn’t a love joy or peace you just
don’t let it in and when you do that in
seconds in two seconds in almost
immediately you put yourself in
vibration of what you want and things
start to attract into your life and it’s
amazing so download my free success of
gnosis jakes of gnosis comm press the
subscribe button in the corner I hope
that you enjoyed this video I know that
you’re having an amazing day and see on
the next video


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