INSTANT RESULT ✅ How To Raise Your Energy Vibration FAST (Law of Attraction)

INSTANT RESULT ✅ How To Raise Your Energy Vibration FAST (Law of Attraction)

How could you possibly be upset about anything when the world is this beautiful? You’re on a little rock spinning through endless space.

all right listening to Mac Miller sold
out might before he passed away and I
really don’t want to sit down and film
yet because its own so nice doesn’t make
you want to dance a little check this
out I figure these horsies over here
kind of bright how’s your day going
today I’m grateful for all colors so
that I could see colors how about you
what are you grateful for comment down
below one thing that you’re grateful for
right now literally comment it down
below come here see if I can make them
come over here in the meantime comment
one thing you’re grateful for down below
Jay’s gonna come over here you want to
say hi I’m not a horse whisperer
what if I pick up the grass well they
come oh there we go come here look at
this come here I want some grass I’ll
give you some don’t bite me though okay
you’re so pretty how do you feel pretty
that’s my problem too the same problem
we both pull our hair out all the time
what’s your name what should I name you
grassy grassy
amazing how big and strong you are
you’re still big and strong
beautiful day look at that
so here’s a real question how could you
possibly be upset about anything when
the world is this beautiful have you
reminded yourself today that you’re on a
little rock spinning through endless
space what’s one thing that you love
about this world
comment down below right now you know
like every single media station is
designed for you to focus on what you
don’t love about the world now the
reason is that’s because they’ve
actually done psychological studies on
the most shared content on the Internet
is angry it’s an angry content and so
the world is in a lot of ways designed
like that so you got to take initiative
to talk about the things that you’re
grateful for and the things that you
love about this world because what
happens is it’s called your reticular
activating system your reticular
activating system so there’s billions of
bits of information happening at every
single second the trees are moving right
now there’s flies this guy’s biting down
by my foot at the grass hopefully my
foot doesn’t come off and there’s so
much happening right there’s all these
noises everywhere look at how pretty you
are say hi to my friends online say hi
you guys say hi to him yeah there’s
billions of bits of information
happening every single second so you
would you’re in your nervous system and
your brain would like be in total
overload mode you have the prettiest
Mane unless you had a reticular
activating system so basically whatever
your central point of focus is it
basically drowns everything else out so
that you can focus in on central bit of
information whether that’s light photons
which is what I am I’m a bunch of light
photons is a bunch of light photons look
at that it is so pretty or sound waves
it doesn’t matter what your reticular
activating system does is allow your
brain to focus on a central thing so
what happens is when you start
conditioning yourself for things what
are you doing that
oh I think he’s stomping like it’s
almost like he’s like he’s saying like
yes like kind of like a judge hitting
the desk like yes yes this is right what
I’m about to say and it’s really
important that’s why he was doing that
so is like your reticular activating
system right the reason it’s so
important is because essentially you can
program your reticular activating system
to always find beautiful things in the
world like during the Great Depression
some people got super rich everyone else
was in panic mode and these people were
seeing opportunity their brain was
programmed for opportunity and similarly
so you can program your your brain and
your reticular activating system and
your entire unconscious mind for the
beautiful things of our world and what
will happen is as you start to do that
you’re gonna notice them more and more
and more and more and more and more and
more and more and as you do that what
happens is you totally start shifting
your unconscious program and that’s when
things just start just showing up in
your life well I don’t I’m I was talking
to my friend recently and he was like
well you know do you believe you can
just really manifest things like I
believe you can create things in your
life but you know it takes a lot of work
and I said it takes a lot of work if you
believe that it takes a lot of work
sometimes what it actually takes is your
is you to be aligned and then what
happens is the client shows up without
you needing to do anything or the the
lover shows up on aisle 7 when you drop
the beans or you forget your money and
someone else offers to pay for it like
that’s how beautiful life can start to
happen so think of right now something
in your life that you are grateful for
and then notice your energy when that
starts to happen it gets really powerful
right I’m just walking I love amazing so
what happens is that your energy starts
to shift right and everyone has an
energy field and what happens is you
start to train your energy field to be
in an optimal place and what happens is
that’s what manifestation is is your
energy field starts resonating with
things that you consciously desire so
unconsciously your nervous system and
you’re a whole electromagnetic energy
field and then if you don’t believe that
you have an electromagnetic energy field
make sure that you don’t flatline at a
hospital because what are those things
doing they’re measuring the
electromagnetic wavelengths of your
heart and they’re doing the same they
measure brainwaves to when you start to
really notice all the beautiful things
like wherever you are you can do it
anywhere Viktor Frankl who survived
Auschwitz Nazi Germany wrote an amazing
book about how he was able to experience
spiritual freedom in the midst of
literally being enslaved and so we could
do that well you could do it while
you’re on the freeway while you’re doing
something you don’t want to do driving
someone around you don’t want to drive
around whatever it is and what happens
is as your reticular activating system
gets used to that focusing on prosperity
focusing on abundance focusing on the
good things in the world grow energy
field start to unconsciously resonate at
a higher frequency then you start
pulling things that are a similar energy
into your life that’s how you
essentially become the law of attraction
you’re no longer trying to consciously
use it you’ve raised your out your
energy field to a level that resonates
with prosperity with love so then you
find that you always attract epic people
in your life you find that money comes
easily to you you get great job
opportunities do you agree with this
turn your head that way if you agree
look at that see I told you he agreed so
oh you’re so pretty like you so what
happens is you that’s why I always talk
about my successive noses because it’s
one of the quickest ways to start to get
your energy field to regularly resonate
with prosperity as your energy raises
what happens is things start drawing to
you they start attracting to you in
response to the shift in your energy
field it’s just like when you walk and
you walk into a room and somebody’s
energy is so bad and you can feel it
what is that it’s somebody’s energy
field that you’re picking up on and you
do not resonate with it well what
happens when your energy field is in
resonance with money what happens when
your energy feel he’s calling me back do
you hear that are you calling me back
and what happens is your energy fields
start to resonate with that whether it’s
money whether it’s abundance whether
it’s amazing friends great opportunities
or whether it’s peaceful situations I
told you he was calling me back what’s
up dude you missed me I knew it you’re
so cute
so today start to make a conscious
effort like literally from this moment
on for the rest of the day make the most
conscious effort you can to notice every
piece of prosperity you can every ounce
of love that you can because what
happens is unconsciously you start
resonating that in your energy field and
I’ll show you how easy it is like this
is total prosperity like this shirt I
don’t know how much it cost 50 60 bucks
or something that’s prosperity like the
fact that we have like pools like in the
world even if it wasn’t your pool and
you were walking by it instead of
wishing that you had that pool can you
be grateful for the fact that we have
all of that stuff there what happens is
you start to resonate with that level of
wealth that level of prosperity when you
see people with nice cars when you see
people that are in love when you see
anything if you flip it to the positive
it infiltrates into the energy field and
you start resonating with those types of
frequencies so make sure you download my
free successive noses it’s Jake’s
hypnosis calm it’s right there down
below I’m gonna stop procrastinating and
go in side and make some YouTube videos
so I listen to a little bit more Mac
Miller to download that down below
Jake’s hypnosis comm right there down
below and use that to start to get you
vibrating on the frequency of abundance
and what happens is your energy field
shifts and then as a result of your
energy field shifting it’s math as you
raise to a new frequency you subtract
certain things and then you start adding
things that are in resonance with that
and then it just like becomes easier and
easier to create the things that you
want so hit the subscribe button the
Bell notification right over there even
if you already subscribed you got to
make sure that you’ve hit the bell
notification because that’s what
notifies you right Wow that’s what
notifies you for new videos hey grassy
come say bye man whatever alright it’s a
beautiful day isn’t it life is beautiful
everything is amazing doesn’t that make
you just want to smile and take a deep
breath in and be thankful for everything
and you notice how makes everything in
life better

In this video, how to raise your energy? How to raise your energy field? How to raise your energy vibration?

The law of attraction is all about energy. It’s energy and the law of attraction. This is the secret of the law of attraction. People do not understand because we aren’t used to thinking in terms of energy. But it’s all about keeping your energy up and if it’s not up, learning how to raise your energy and learning to raise your vibration.

This is the key to the law of attraction.

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INSTANT RESULT ✅ How To Raise Your Energy Vibration FAST (Law of Attraction)
INSTANT RESULT ✅ How To Raise Your Energy Vibration FAST (Law of Attraction)

How could you possibly be upset about anything when the world is this beautiful? You're on a little rock spinning through endless space.

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