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Have you ever wondered how to open your third eye? Here is how you instantly open your third eye and activate your pineal gland without meditation quicker, faster, and easier.

The pineal gland in the third eye is supposed to be the spiritual center. It’s a center for truth. Our world has built up so much illusion. There’s false belief systems about life and our spiritual center.

How to open third eye without meditation.

Your third eye is supposed to be the part of you that allows you to see from a higher spiritual perspective, to see the truth in things, the higher good in things, and to connect to the sacred in yourself. Most of us are living from the mind the whole time. We’re always in our mind. We’re always over analyzing things. We’re always thinking about things, even when we want to create the things that we want in life. We’re always thinking about things.

Your third eye isn’t a technique. It’s about getting outside of your mind and living from this higher place where you recognize what’s true.

You see the world as it truly is: an energy field.
Open Your Third Eye

All things are energy. You can manipulate energy to create what you want. You can have the peace and joy and freedom that you want. Your body is a garage that’s housing your soul.
Open Your Third Eye & Activate Your Pineal Gland:

1.) Use your intuition.

In your life, your intuition has been telling you something.

What is intuition? Intuition is the universe or God speaking to you. It’s your higher self speaking to you. The spiritual center is intuition.

It’s the form in which the higher intelligence of life communicates with us.

What has your intuition been saying to you? Has it been telling you to quit a certain job? Has it been telling you to stop hanging out with certain people? Has it been telling you to set a different goal, move to another part of the country or the world or the state? Has it been asking you to make certain diet shifts or start a YouTube channel or to get courageous on your sales? What has it been telling you? What has it been speaking to you?

Answer that call.

The intuition speaks from the heart but the mind gets in the way. The mind gets in the way and distracts us. We over-analyze and plan and find ways that things might not work.

When the perception is cleansed, everything will appear as it is: infinite. That’s what it means to live and have an awakened third eye.

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Open your mind and your third eye. Think of one way in your life intuition has been speaking to you. Every time the intuition speaks to us and we don’t answer it, it starts to harden. Everything is energy and when you get intuitively guided to something, that’s the purest, most unobstructed form of energy to manifest things instantly or very quickly. When we deny those impulses and get into the duality of mind, we start to block the energy flow. That’s what starts to harden the the third eye.

It lowers our ability to see from a higher spiritual perspective that we’re a soul that is divinely guided, that has certain wisdom, that has spoken to us and for us to live our higher calling. So whatever that is for you, you’re hired, desires calling to live a bigger life.

Think of one way you’ve been ignoring your intuition. Take a bold step towards it today. It will open up your entire energy. Lift your vibration and open your third eye.

2.) Recognize that you are not your body.

That’s not who you are. That’s the ultimate form of illusion. The Buddhists called the illusion of the physical world the Maya.

We’re stuck on the idea that we are these bodies. We get divinely inspired by certain things and then we look in the mirror,.We overanalyze, we judge, and we think we are this body right here

You are a soul using this body.

You’re renting a car. That’s what you’re doing. When you remember that and you put that in perspective, you live from a higher place where you recognize you are pure energy, pure consciousness. You’re one with everything you desire. You are one with everyone in this world

Use the affirmation:

I am one with all of life.
I am one with all of life.

3.) Constantly and consciously brainwash yourself.

The third eye, our spiritual center, is a place within ourselves where we live from a higher trute get conditioned by our society for a lot of negativity, failure, self-doubt, anxiety, fear, worry, on and on. We’re brainwashed, and so you have to consciously brainwash yourself in order to create the life you want.

Imagine you have a mirror in your bathroom. The shower is running and the water is hot. It begins steaming up in the bathroom. Without the steam, without the fog, you could see yourself clearly in the mirror. You have a clear image of your face. The steam begins to fog up the glass. You no longer see yourself clearly. In order to see clearly, you have to wipe the mirror and remove the fog.
Open Your Third Eye

Our spiritual vision works the same way. There is a certain amount of fog that is built up from our society. To combat that, we have to constantly brainwash ourselves.

When certain thoughts from other people, movies, media, or wherever come up, ask yourself, “this really true? Do I really want this to enter my mind?”

You have the ability to reject certain ideas. When you reject ideas that aren’t in alignment with your higher truth, you start to build the foundation of your own energy and begin to open your third eye.

When you do that, you remove energy blocks that allow you to keep your third eye open and in a position of power.

Your body is like a rental car for your soul. Your higher self is speaking through intuition, providing wisdom and higher truths to you. When you feel that intuition, you have to answer it.

Think of one way you can follow that intuition that will remove energy blocks and allow your third eye to open quicker and faster than you ever thought possible.

Open your third eye.

When you do that, you live from this place where your energy is light. Your shoulders feel free. You know you can create anything that you want. Why? Because you recognize you’re one with everything in life.

Have a beautiful day.


How to open third eye without meditation
How to open third eye without meditation

Ever wondered how to open your third eye? How to instantly open your third eye & activate your pineal gland without meditation quicker, faster & easier.

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