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It’s about to get crazy!! (WARNING!!)

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We’ve come here into this journey for our own reasons, for our own spirit, for our own spiritual growth, for our own things we’re supposed to learn. And I believe that it has to be the reason it’s getting crazy.


so i’ve been thinking about
how and why
the world and many of the
people in it
seem to be
more crazy
and more afraid of
everything seemingly every single day
and i’ve been thinking why is it maybe i
wouldn’t be thinking about this as much
if i didn’t just have a daughter right
so i’ve got a young daughter less than a
year and a half old
so i think about her and her future and
the world that she’s inheriting and you
know the last 24 months and then you
turn on the news and the news is just at
an all-time high
of just
propaganda and all that fun stuff social
media censorship all the arguments
between political sides and to top it
off we’ve got inflation at insane levels
some places in america even basically
like 799
gas 7.99 says gas it’s just like we’ve
got like hyper in place and we have
supply chain disruptions and then
they’re like hey guys prepare this
holiday season for there not to be any
presents on the shelves at stores guys
and it’s just like it’s i’m just like
why are people getting why is the world
getting crazier and here’s what i’ve
come to believe
is that i’m a spiritual being
i don’t believe i’m a body i’m not a
person in this world i’m in this world
but i am not of this world i’m a
spiritual being in a physical body i’m a
soul my daughter is a soul you’re a soul
we’re all spirit
we are a spiritual
being the essence of which proceeds
we’ve come here into this
journey for all of us for our own
reasons for our own spirit for our own
spiritual growth for our own things
we’re supposed to learn
and i believe that
it has to the reason it’s getting crazy
and it’ll probably get a little bit more
crazier is because the crazier things
get in the world the more it makes you a
lot of people detach from the world
which is the process of like waking up
is like eventually you get to this point
where you start to like look within
yourself and you start to go is this
true is this true is this true is this
true and like that’s what they call like
the uh the matrix or or taking the red
pill or what have you it’s waking up
and you start to just like
detach a little bit from the matrix from
the third dimensional reality of the
five sense world that we’ve come to
believe is who we are but
everything changes when we ask ourselves
one question so what if all this crazy
stuff is happening for people to go whoa
this is crazy makes your head spin so
much that it ultimately makes you detach
from the matrix which ultimately aids
spiritual awakening because we finally
go what’s the point of all of this
and who am i
there wasn’t that long ago if you asked
me who i was i would have said i’m jake
and in the right circumstances i
sometimes still say that like if i’m
like uh like
crossing the border
right at immigration and they’re like
passport who are you and i’m like i’m a
spiritual being in the physical body and
you know i’d get pulled into the back
room more than likely but if you would
have asked me not that long ago who am i
i would have said jake
well who are you i would have went on to
describe myself well i’m six foot three
i’m this much weight my eyes are blue
here’s my story of who i am i’m this
many years old i would have described my
body and where my body has been
but i am not my body any more than i am
my fingernail in the same way that i
take a car i rent a car in a new city
and i use that car in order to
experience the city
my body is a rental car for my soul
so what if all of this crazy stuff is
happening for us to stop paying
attention to it anymore
what if that’s why it’s happening what
if the point of the herd what if the
point of society was to learn to walk
away from it and go within yourself and
find out who you are and why you’re
really here because you have a different
reason for why you’re here than i do
and i have a different reason for being
here than you do
but when we start to go within and quiet
then turn the volume down on the volume
knob on the world outside of ourselves
that’s the great awakening
and that’s when people stop listening to
the control systems of the world people
stop listening to hollywood and the news
and the education system and the major
in the in the major mega churches etc
etc etc and that old system falls away
and then we create a new one
so what if all of this is happening
for us to actually wake up
because what happens is a lot of times
suicides is at record high and and and
um mental health is up all-time record
so all of that being true what happens
when we start to feel emotionally unwell
we’re asking ourselves why are we here
why is this happening why is this
happening to us and we can’t figure out
a good answer
if we just get attached to the craziness
of the world and how insane it’s
becoming at face value then we go why is
this happening and we don’t have a good
answer and then it’s just depressing and
it’s overbearing and it’s just like oh
you know i just want to be in my room by
if we realize that it’s happening for us
to actually wake up to who we are and we
recognize that we you are a soul and you
aren’t a body you have a body but you
are a soul
then maybe all of this is happening and
we incarnated here in bodies to begin
with to incarnate into a crazy lower
dimension in order to ultimately
reconnect to our self and soul thus
reconnecting to god obtaining you know
some degree of spiritual enlightenment
that allows us to move on to the next
level of the game that’s just after this
planet earth dimension and then we
reincarnate to a new level what if like
it was just like that so we were here on
this crazy level just to learn these
then all of a sudden we can let go of
our depression we can let go of our
feeling of hopelessness and helplessness
and feeling um uninspired we can take a
deep breath we can ask the universe to
speak through us and we can get inspired
what do i want to create who do i want
to be how do i want to feel
and when we are inspired we are in
spirit and when we’re in spirit we’re
connected to the creative power of the
universe which means good things will be
headed your way are headed your way and
regardless of what’s happening in the
world around you you still have your own
freedom which is what victor frankl
taught us he’s that guy that wrote a
man’s search for meaning man’s search
for meaning about being in the
concentration camps
and he was a psychologist before and so
he got to this place where the the nazis
took away everything from him except for
his ability to think what he wanted so
we still had this inner
level of of freedom that even though his
body and most of his reality was
enslaved it couldn’t be controlled
and when we all start to live from that
type of place with the craziness in the
then maybe what ends up happening is we
realize that it’s happening for us
not to us it’s happening for us
so then the question is what are you
here for and what is the universe trying
to show you right now in your life
so as the world gets crazier
and makes less sense
remind yourself of this howard thurman
quote he said don’t ask what the world
needs do not ask what the world needs
ask what makes you come alive
and go do it
because what the world needs is people
who’ve come alive what does it mean to
become alive right and you can feel it
subconsciously somebody has magnetism
and a lot of life force a lot of energy
you know you could just feel it it’s
attractive right well what is it to come
alive come alive is to be connected to
spirit what is inspired inspired is in
spirit that’s what the word means it
wins when you’re connected to the holy
spirit when you’re connected to your
true self when you’re connected to the
universe into life itself and you’re
living from that place
so the world doesn’t want you to be
the system the control system the
algorithms mark zuckerberg mark
zuckerberg doesn’t want you to be
inspired he wants you to be so
uninspired that you put the metaverse
mask on duct tape it to your head let
him feed you cricket protein paste
through a straw and spend 24 hours in
his virtual reality meta universe and
never come out again
they don’t want you to be inspired
why would they want you to be inspired
they want they they’re actively trying
to make you uninspired that’s the way
the entire social media algorithm is
designed to do
so the best thing you can do is to come
alive that’s how you fight the system is
to buy live an inspired life that’s how
you do it because very few people are
doing it very few people have showed
that there are no limitations to which
we do not self-impose and that’s why we
love counter-culture people because they
show us that our only limitations are
self-imposed that we can be successful
you know you can be this big independent
musician and you can be this big
independent successful news person using
youtube instead of the big major news
stations you can make your life a
reality so
don’t ask what the world needs
ask what makes you come alive like what
in your life makes you come alive what
would have to happen in the next 12
months for you to look back and say it
was the most successful and fulfilling
year yet what would have to happen in
the next 12 months for you to look back
and say it was the most successful and
fulfilling year yet
once you think of the answer to that
what would it feel like if you didn’t
allow your old thinking to control you
to stop you from doing it
ask what makes you come alive and go do
it because what the world needs is more
people who’ve come alive the zombie
apocalypse is already here ladies and
gentlemen ninety-nine percent of people
are asleep at the wheel of their lives
the zombie apocalypse is already here
it’s not coming it’s already here that’s
how that’s that’s we’ve become so docile
we’ve become like robots already people
are like fear the robots man they’re
coming together most people are already
they’re not that’s why benjamin franklin
benjamin franklin
the benjamin franklin
guess what he said
most people die at 25 but they aren’t
buried until they’re 75.
and then they die at 25 but they aren’t
buried till 75 so that’s a 50-year
window where the system pulls everything
out of you you spend 50 years in credit
card debt you spend 50 years paying off
the banks for this and that well they
print the money at zero percent out of
nowhere they enslave every and you spend
50 years of sleep
people go like how do we fix everything
that’s happening they want to
and they want to get everyone
we fix it by coming alive
you fix it by being the most badass
version of yourself and showing
everybody that limitations are only
and that’s how we break out of this
and so uh that’s the end of my rant for
today if you enjoyed
this rant and you don’t think i’m crazy
let me know in the comments right there
down below what do you think let me know
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It's about to get crazy!! (WARNING!!)
It's about to get crazy!! (WARNING!!)

We've come here into this journey for our own reasons, for our own things we're supposed to learn. I believe that it has to be the reason it's getting crazy.

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