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It’s Easier Than You Think

It’s easier than you think…
In this video we talk about exactly how to manifest using the law of attraction. At the core, one of the most profound and valuable things to learn in life is “how to manifest.”
In order to accomplish this, we have to put aside our ideas of ourselves as little physical bodies, and start to understand our divine place in the cosmos. We are endowed with creative mental faculties that assist us in using the law of attraction. While many people heard about how to manifest using the law of attraction from the movie “The Secret”, there was still a lot of confusion about if it really works.
A lot of this misunderstanding about the secret and the law of attraction comes from deep subconscious programming in our society that dates back to childhood. This is programming that is embedded into our DNA through our parents and grandparents and our whole human history.
Today we talk about a practical guide to break out of that so you can begin to manifest what you want in life by way of the law of attraction.
#lawofattraction #thesecret #manifest How to manifest using the law of attraction in three fast, simple, and easy steps. It’s true. Whatever you can see in your mind, you can hold in your hand. The good news? Its easier than you think by a long shot. Step number one, understand the law of attraction is a secondary law to the law of vibration. The law of vibration basically says that every single thing in the universe is in motion. Everything is vibration. This chair, the car you want, the relationship you want. The certain reality that you want. All of it is just energy moving at a certain rate of vibration. We call those different rates of vibration frequencies. So in order to manifest the things that you want, you have to understand everything works in frequencies. So the law of attraction is a secondary law to the law of vibration. Now all of that being so, here’s where it gets exciting because a lot of attraction says that like energy attracts like energy. Similar frequencies attract themselves to one another. Based off of your level of consciousness, you’re going to determine what you attract back into your life based off of what frequency pattern you are resonating with. So you say, “what is my frequency and how do I change it?” You exercise your own free will to set the frequency that you operate in and you do this through your own emotions. People tell you think about what you want and make your vision board but if all of these things that you’re doing are desires that you have, and you just think of them as desires that you have, that hopefully you’re going to attain one day in the future, you are not on the vibratory frequency of them. Getting there, is easier than you think my friend. They are sometime in the future. You must realize that in order to truly manifest what you want, what you want already exists as a frequency pattern that you must max and sustain. You must use nonsense. What is nonsense? It means it’s beyond the senses. In order to evoke the law of vibration in the law of attraction, you have to move beyond your senses because what you see with your senses is simply a mirror image of your previous level of consciousness. So I had to go into nonsense. I had to go to a higher frequency plane and see myself inspiring millions of people. See my books being successful, see myself giving thousands of speeches at colleges and high schools, and guess what? Those things happened. And now I have an international multimillion dollar business. easier than you think I didn’t sit and look at it at my vision board where I would go, “I’m really hoping this happens”. No. If I looked at my vision board, if I looked at my statements, I looked at them as a reminder that I already was those things. Instead of it being a vision board about something I hope to entertain in the future, it was really more of a present board. I looked at the images on it as if they were already in my reality. That made me excited. That changed my emotions. Your emotions are your energy in motion. So think of the law of attraction as just about vibration and frequencies and your emotions are your own frequency and you can use your own free will power to change your feeling state, to practice gratitude and excitement for something that hasn’t yet happened. That’s how you bring it into your life. Number two is you have to get beyond the conscious desires. This is where a lot of people go wrong with creating the life that they want. They write their goals down, they know what they want. They work hard for it, but all these things are in the conscious mind. And now here’s the big missing secret. Psychologists tell us 95% of our life is subconscious. Sub means below. So it’s below conscious. It’s an unconscious operating system that is controlling and recreating our life. It’s based off of the past. It’s based off of how you were programmed in childhood. It’s based off of the adults and environment around you. It’s based off of the environment of the world that you grow in and it’s programmed into you. Now here’s the problem. People consciously want more money. They consciously want a better job. They consciously want their soulmate. They consciously want their dream life, but they’re programmed subconsciously to block it. So with their conscious mind, they watch all these videos. They do their law of attraction techniques. They work on their productivity. They work hard, but they’re still not getting the results of it because 95% of your life is on autopilot. It’s just like a computer software. Once the code is written, the code is going to play itself out. So if you want to change the way the computer works, you have to update the program. You have to delete the viruses and you have to install new software. It’s the same way with your subconscious. So I always say brainwash yourself before the world does. If you don’t brainwash yourself, what’s going to brainwash you? The impressions and information that you get from your physical environment. Think of your mind as clay that gets molded in the early years of your life. And you don’t know what’s happening because it’s subconscious. And then once those memories and patterns get formed, they play themselves out your entire life as an unconscious operating system. So the way to really manifest what you want is to put a new program into it. In essence, it’s to upgrade your programming. That’s why I created a hypnosis for myself. I listened to it every single day. And my life changed. My books sold all over the place. I got book contracts. My videos went viral. I attracted my soulmate. Things just happened. So I have a free success hypnosis you can use. It’s right there below. I became so grateful and so wired for the things I desired, that my frequency matched the reality. The universe offered me what I am. God offered me what I am. It will do the same for you once you align your vibration with it. Remember that its easier than you think and all the abundance is in store for you. There are great things on the way. Right now is a great time to be alive. I’ll see you on the next video. I have a feeling today is going to be a great day for you. Aloha.


It's Easier Than You Think
It's Easier Than You Think

Exactly how to manifest using the law of attraction. At the core, one of the most profound and valuable things to learn in life is "how to manifest."

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