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Make Your WILDEST Dreams A Reality & Attract ANYTHING You Want Using Law of Attraction (The Secret!)

Six years ago I wanted to punch my
economics professor in the face. Let me
tell you why. This is Jake Ducey.

So six years ago I wanted to punch my
economics professor in the face. I was a
freshman in college and I wanted to know
why we couldn’t audit the Federal
Reserve. I thought that was a rational
question in an economics class. He told
me to be quiet and memorize my textbook,
and I was so angry. And as I was walking
out of class I turned to one of my
buddies Tyler and I said “Dude I quit, I

there’s no reason for me to be here
we aren’t learning anything he’s making
me memorize this stuff I want to talk
about our future
I’m gonna go being off that was a crazy
idea for me to go be an author just to
take you back I was a total jock I only
passed classes cuz I cheated I didn’t do
well on any of my exams and I got into
school because of basketball and I got
kicked out of my junior English class in
high school and then it was gonna be an
author it made no sense and maybe you
have a dream and it makes no sense and
you’re sitting somewhere in your life
kind of like I was sitting in economics
class and I was just angry I was like
what am I doing here or maybe you’re
sitting somewhere and you’re frustrated
because you feel like parts of your
potential in your dream are left just
totally untapped and you aren’t able to
pursue that and I said I’m going to do
this thing and it was terrifying because
I lost every single one of my friends
pretty much all of my best friends
started making fun of me at parties and
they thought I was crazy everyone was
talking behind my back about how I lost
my mind and it was terrifying you know
but I say a lot of times that the point
of the tribe is to learn to leave it and
so it ended up being this great
experience for me to learn and you know
it was terrifying because we’re
programmed with the
idea and maybe you can relate to this
I’m sure everyone can we’re programmed
with the idea that we need to follow
what everyone else does you do this you
do this and this is how you become rich
and this how you become happy and this
is how you become successful give up on
your dreams don’t go out on your own
don’t start your own entrepreneurial
endeavor it’s not state you know you
need to do this if you want to be rich
and successful
it’s the prescribed path of society but
let’s break it down for a minute
seventy-five percent of Americans said
they’re actively disengaged from their
jobs that’s a politically correct way to
say I hate this and about 60
percent of people are living paycheck to
paycheck the majority of people are
following the prescribed path because
we’re sold the idea that if we follow
this path then we’re going to be rich
and successful but the reality is
everybody following that path is pretty
much unhappy with it and they’re
struggling financially but we give up
our dreams
this prescribed path is that the expense
of our dreams and I’m not saying don’t
get a job I’m not saying don’t pursue
your dreams what I am saying is what is
your long-term vision for your life
because most people follow the
prescribed path and they never give any
thought to the real vision they’re
gambling on the biggest risk of all the
bet that one day they’re gonna buy back
the time that they wasted chasing money
and a false sense of security that for
most people never actually comes
according to the stats and so my
question to you is what is your dream
people are gonna lap you they’re gonna
call you crazy they’re gonna tell you
you can’t make any money they told me
that now I make more money than I can
even spend it doesn’t make any sense
what they tell us and so the question is
what is your dream
what is your plan you may be somewhere
where you don’t want to be but what’s
your plan to get out of it in six months
we’re 12 months or 24 months what’s your
vision for your life because
every person has a dream inside of them
every person has a song to sing Wayne
Dyer said don’t die with your music
inside if you don’t die with your dream
inside of you there’s a reason the
cemetery is the richest place in the
world that’s because everybody dies with
their dream inside of them because
they’re told don’t follow your dream
don’t be an artist don’t start your own
business don’t do this don’t do that no
no no that’s not a good idea it’s not
gonna work out for you do this do this
here your choices do this this is the
safest option for you and then they get
to the end of their life and they’re
like damn I wasted my whole life there’s
a leo tolstoy short story the death of
Ivan illis and in that the book starts
and he’s on his deathbed and he says to
his wife what if my whole life was wrong
and the truth is if you’re facing
opposition if you’re afraid people call
you crazy they laugh at you they’re mean
to you it happened to me the reason they
do that is because people are afraid
they’re afraid that their whole life is
wrong they’re afraid that they’re
gambling on the biggest risk of all that
one day they’re gonna have the time to
actually create a life that they love
and in response they may be belittling
you they may do that but the real
question is what dream is inside of you
you owe it to yourself you have won like
you’re spinning on a tiny little rock
through infinite space WTF nobody knows
what they’re doing and so the real
question is what’s gonna make you happy
what’s going to make you fulfilled
what’s gonna make you feel like you gave
life your all go and do that thing do
not settle you may need to take some
jobs you don’t want Ashton Kutcher tells
his beautiful award-winning speech about
working all these odd jobs and mopping
the floors and there were all stepping
stones that allow him to pursue his
dream career and acting you may have
those things but don’t give up on your
dream have the larger vision it’s there
for you
where everyone is going to be called
crazy everybody is going to feel
brave everybody is going to be
challenged and the question is is what
you’re giving your energy to worth your
limited time on planet Earth
this is Jake Ducey with Jake Ducey
comm telling you that you got a big
dream inside of you and people are gonna
laugh you they’re gonna belittle you
everybody is afraid nobody knows what
they’re doing
follow your heart your intuition is God
speaking to you that little voice knows
best all the other voices are white
noise download my free success of
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beautiful day I’m wishing you well
you’re gonna be afraid sometimes you’re
gonna be scared sometimes but I promise
you you will be so fulfilled when you
say yes to your dreams


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