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There is a secret law of attraction technique that Wayne Dyer used to become a millionaire and attract more money to him than he even knew what to do with. If you use this
your biggest problem will be what do I
do with all this money. This is Jake

So Wayne Dyer sold something like
fifty million books, tens and tens of
millions of dollars. And if you study his
work very in-depth, what you’ll find is
eventually he tells one of his
techniques to manifesting abundance in
his life.

and he says he believes that
this is what’s allowed him to make his
biggest problem in life wondering what
to do with all the money and what he’s
done since he was in his early 30s he’s
no longer alive now and passed away in
the 70s is when he would walk around
town when he would go on runs when he
would go to the store every single time
he saw any money on the ground whether
it was a penny or a hundred-dollar bill
he would take it and he had a huge pot
and he would put all the money in it and
he was telling the story in his 70s and
he said I have a pot that I’ve never
even taken the money out of before that
has money from 20 years ago in it and he
says get this what most people do is
when they see a penny on the ground they
don’t even pick it up as it’s just a
penny he picks it up and he says this
thank you God for this sign of abundance
in my life he doesn’t ask for more he
says thank you for this sign of
abundance and so what I invite you to do
is practice this with me practices with
me because think about this for a second
money is just an energy so when you
actually get to the energy of it the
penny is just as important of a sign as
a hundred-dollar bill why because the
law of attraction is a secondary lots of
allah vibration the lot of vibration
says that every single thing your
thoughts included have an energy
frequency that energy frequency positive
negative wealthy poverty is a track
things back to it so what do you think
the energy of Wow God thank you for the
sign of abundance in the form of this
crumbled-up valorize down on the ground
thank you God through the sign of
abundance in this quarter what do you
think that is it’s total appreciation
for the prosperity and abundance of life
and deeper it’s a knowing that God the
universe will always supply me with the
abundance that I desire
whereas what do you think this is oh
that’s just a quarter I’m not even gonna
pick it up be nice by $100 bill God’s
always giving me quarters and pennies
everybody make a joke about it or
something like that and what we’re
actually saying on a deeper level is I’m
not appreciative for the smaller levels
of abundance in my life and if that’s
what you’re saying
unconsciously then you’re blocking the
flow of greater abundance to show up in
your life and so I invite you to do this
with me sir a jar don’t ever see this
isn’t money people collect their pennies
their quarters their dollars or whatever
and then they spend it in six months
this is not that this is a sign of
abundance this is to get your
consciousness focused on abundance see
the thing is in order to attract more
prosperity in your life you have to be
able to look forward to notice it in the
first place in another video I talked
about looking around and counting all
the prosperity like drive by count all
the prosperity in every car or that’s a
Porsche $90,000 oh that’s a 1980 Acura
$3,000 oh that and just start counting
well this is the same thing because it’s
getting your mind focused on the
abundance you’ve a part of your brain
called your reticular activating system
there’s billions of bits of information
happening every single second like right
now there’s I mean
I live in Maui and there’s really big
wind right now I can see all the trees
blowing in every direction right out of
my window I could get focus on that I
can hear the wind happening there’s a
lawnmower a couple places that I could
hear that that could bring my attention
but I told my reticular activating
system just through the way that I’m
showing up that this is where I want my
energy to be focused this is where I
want my focus to be my consciousness to
be centered in much like a laser is
centered this is where it is so the
other noise and the same is so for you
you might be hearing a gardener or a car
driving by somebody else talking but
you’re here you’re focused with me right
now and your reticular activating system
blocks out the billions of bits of
information and it essentially focuses
on whatever you tell it to focus on so
actually what’s happening on a deeper
level is every time you’re picking up a
penny a quarter a dollar and you’re like
thank you God for all of this science
it’s just a sign of abundance don’t
don’t don’t think that you used pick up
a bunch of pennies you’re gonna have a
billion dollars you may but this is a
sign of abundance that Wayne Dyer would
use and so what you’re doing is you’re
giving your reticular activating system
the opportunity to focus on abundance
now if you could start doing that three
four or five times a day when you find
pennies quarters dimes nickels couple
dollar bills whatever if you can do that
you’re gonna see so much more abundance
in your life and if you remember that
the law of attraction is prime it is
secondary to the law vibration then what
are you doing you’re getting your
consciousness in a place of abundance
and prosperity to bring more of it into
your life if you can see the abundance
in your mind you will hold it in your
hand this is Jake Ducey with Jake Ducey
calm talking about Wayne Dyer’s law of
attraction technique that he says made
him a multi-millionaire
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so let’s do this exercise together let’s
do this technique together focusing on
abundance remember here’s what you’re
gonna say thank you God for the sign of
abundance in my life whether it’s a
penny whether it’s a quarter whether
it’s a dollar and maybe you might even
start applying hundred-dollar bills see
you on next video

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