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My Law of Attraction Manifestation Almost RUINED By Negativity | The Secret (NEW)

This one phrase will help you eliminate negativity from your life. Invite positivity and possibility. Remember this phrase: Their trash is your gold. Remove negative people & negative things – the haters – and ignore rejections to get the law of attraction working for you. When we see that their trash is our gold, you can begin to remove negativity from your life.
How To Eliminate Negativity From Your Life:

Remember this. There are people who will be all too willing to put you down, to diminish your effort and your goals. They will trash your goals.

Their trash is your gold.

They will be ready with reasons why you can’t be successful doing what you want.

This is like when I started my career. I dropped out of college at 19 years old to pursue exactly what I’m doing now. A lot of people were opposed to what I was doing – from friends to family, publishers. It felt like everyone in my life was putting me down. It felt like I had to explain myself to everyone. I had all these reasons that I was told why I wouldn’t be successful. I was too young. I was inexperienced. I was a college dropout, didn’t have a degree.

I remember there was this guy who really inspired by that is in my industry use very successful, particularly speaking to corporations and I, someone introduced me to him and I had a, like a 20 minute little quick call with him and his advice to me was to go back to school. He said, “you’re probably not going to be very successful unless you go back to school.” While he may have had some truth behind what he was saying, I already made up my mind that I was going to do this and that I wasn’t going back to school. That was like someone I was looking up to in my industry essentially telling me that I wouldn’t be successful unless I went back to school.

I was told that my hair was going to be an obstacle.

People weren’t going to take me seriously because of my hair. People actually suggested that I cut my hair, including my, now former, publicist. A person that worked for me, one that was responsible for helping me get exposure, was telling me that I wouldn’t be successful unless I cut my hair. I could only be successful if I met certain conditions. Once they were done with that and realized I wasn’t going to cut my hair, then it was that I didn’t dress up enough. I got dropped from a major speakers bureau because they didn’t think that I looked “professional enough.” It was so disheartening because I thought they were going to represent me and get me all of these huge $10,000 speaking $20,000 speaking gigs in my career was going to be off to the races. They signed me up and put me on the website. Two days later, we had a meeting.

They said nevermind. They took me off the website and that was so sad. This was one of the most authoritative speaking bureaus in North America. I thought that I wouldn’t be successful. Maybe I need to listen to them. There were so many things like that that happened one after another where successful people whose opinion I respected said, “here’s why you won’t be successful.”

You probably go through that too. But here’s the big crazy thing:

Many of the reasons people gave me for why I wouldn’t succeed became reasons why I did.
Eliminate Negativity From Your Life

They may have told you crap. They may have filled your mind with a bunch of BS. They might have gotten you to question yourself. You’re doubting your dreams, your goals. You’re wondering if the person you see in the mirror when you look at your reflection is good enough, is smart enough, is x, y, or z enough.

I read most of the comments I get on YouTube. I can’t respond to all of them but I try and read as many as I can. So many people have told me, “I clicked on you because you looked like you didn’t take yourself too seriously.” They liked my hair and the fact that I didn’t dress up too much. People said it allows them to relax and dive into what I was actually saying.

It was the looks that got me dropped from one of the biggest speaker’s bureaus in the world and had some of the people that I hoped would be my mentors in the early stages tell me why I wouldn’t succeed. I never talked to them again. Even though they may have had a point and it was well-intentioned advice. People have asked how I created such a successful business at a young age. Because I dropped out. I got a headstart. While other people were in class, I was working on my business. A lot of the negative programming about who I was and what I was doing became the reasons I succeeded.
Trust yourself.

Trust that if you feel divinely inspired, if you have a big dream, to follow that. You may feel it pulling you. You may feel afraid about it. You may also feel excited about it.

The universe speaks through you. God speaks to you through intuition. That intuition is the divine spark trying to express itself through you. Other people’s crap is going to get in the way and sometimes it may be well intentioned. Sometimes it would be people that just really don’t like their lives but they’re afraid to change them. They’re projecting that onto you.

Their trash is your gold.

You may think you need to change.

Trust yourself. Let them keep their trash. Their trash is your gold. Do not let it enter your mind. Press the erase and delete button on the negative programming that is in your conscious mind. Erase that. Get it out of your head. Those very things that you think are the reasons you might not be good enough are the very things that make you human and beautiful and help you succeed.

When I had all this negativity, when I worried about all that crap from other people, I started hypnotizing myself to block it out.

This is the exact recording I used to create everything that I’ve created in my life, the hypnosis that I used to help hundreds of thousands of people. Click here to get my hypnosis for free. Undo your negative programming.

Brainwash yourself with positivity. You have to brainwash yourself before other people use your mind as a garbage can for their trash. Most people’s mind is society’s garbage can because the trash of the world has infiltrated it.

Trust yourself.

Trust the divine wisdom speaking through you.


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