Raise your vibration, & the things you want will come like a magnet. The problem is society’s energy is programming us negatively so it is hard to raise energy.

Raising your vibration. Did you know if you can raise your vibration, the things that you want will come to you like a magnet? But the problem is society’s energy is programming us negatively so it becomes difficult to raise our energy.

the level you need it to to attract what you wanted in this video I’m going to share with you three hidden techniques or you raise your energy so you can attract what you want this is Jake Ducey we take juicy calm but stop right into this video if you have not subscribed yet be sure to hit the subscribe button right over there and hit the bell notification because that’s what’s gonna notify you for new video subscribe down allocation let’s get right to the video number one you must know what your vibration is first of all and then you can learn how to actually upgrade so what is feeling feeling is conscious awareness of the vibration that you’re in now what is vibration what is energy well if you look at her powerful enough microscope what you find is everything from the wall to a $20 bill to your body to a car everything in the physical universe is actually made up of energy moving at a very high speed of vibration so to our little limited physical senses in this instance our eyes the energy looks like it’s a solid object but it’s really just moving at the speed of light and when then when scientists start breaking down atoms atoms the building block particles of our universe what they find is they’re 95% empty space they’re non-physical it’s non-physical energy non efficient physical consciousness or intelligence that is permeating penetrating and filling the inner spaces of our universe the inner spaces is everywhere and this energy all has different frequencies much like you turn the knob on the radio you can get 99.1 or you can get 102.7 they’re both gonna play different music they’re both different vibrations of sound well similarly this whole reality is different vibrations of sound 102.7 99.1 i’m one vibration you’re one vibration money is another vibration cars another vibration everything is an energy signature to it if you think of yourself like the tuning knob at the car you are the tuning knob that allows you to experience different frequencies of energy now one person can be tuned to poverty and the other person can be tuned to attract money easily one person might be tuned to believe and thus experience a reality where they’re always going to be alone I cannot attract the right person I’m always if there’s no good guys left there’s no this isn’t enough they’re tuned to that frequency where the other person is tuned to it harmonious beautiful partnership one person is tuned to constantly believing that they are good enough and they are smart enough and they’re constantly met with career disappointments see we’re all tuned to different frequencies in other words your consciousness is programmed to a certain reality and that’s a reality to experience your consciousness is tuned to a certain frequency which causes you to create your own energy field you have your own energy field it’s like you walk into a restaurant or you walk into a room and you could just feel somebody or some things bad vibes right away you might even talk to you you can feel the energy of a situation or an individual what is that it’s your subconscious mind picking up on something or somebody else’s energy field now when you understand this and you understand how to raise your own vibration you can actually raise your vibration to the frequency of the things that you want and thus attract them into your life now that was the law of vibration the law of vibration says that everything is energy and energy is always moving and everything is vibrating at certain energy frequencies now the law of attraction is a primary law in the universe but it’s behind the law of vibration the law of vibration is telling us everything is energy the law of attraction is telling us that different vibrations are responding like energies like vibrations attract one another so you can learn how to get your energy which is we’re going to talk about how to raise it to a level where you can attract money easy you can attract love the things that you desire in your life easily that’s the whole game and when you do that and you learn how to shift your energy field to be in harmony with what you want you win the game of life and it becomes very easy and very fluid to attract what you want in your life so for me the big shift in my life was when I was trying to build my career doing what I’m doing one day do this for a living I wanted this me life was my passion my purpose the problem was I wasn’t making any money my now life was his dead people around here were telling her to tell me to quit and get a job and stop doing it she was index I could help her and I said look man I got to change this and now I realized that your thoughts and your emotions and your unconscious belief systems create your overall energy field and I said I have to change this so I began hypnotizing myself for success in abundance on an unconscious level to tap into my unconscious energy field and shifted and the results were amazing this YouTube channel took off my my my online courses have now been viewed by countries all over the world and my life changed forever and if you want to use that it’s right there down below it’s Jake’s hypnosis calm it’s totally free and you can use that to retrain your subconscious mind but the big thing that you’ve got to get out of this is that your emotion is the key here emotion energy and motion comment down below emotion equals energy of motion comment down below emotion equals energy emotion so you’re feeling about creates your emotion it creates your energy emotion what’s your energy emotion it’s your vibration is your energy field that’s gonna dictate what you attracted back in your life and that’s going to control what you do and do not experience so the question here is how do I get aware of that and it all comes down to the field can you feel what you want before you have it now most people say that’s impossible because look at my bank account how can I feel wealthy when I’m poor well that’s impossible to feel loved when the last three people cheated on me the last seven people for that sucked and I didn’t like them how am I supposed but how am I supposed to feel often missing about the future when there’s all this political controversy and you know and the 1% want us all be poor how do I you have to eliminate any of those thought processes all together and you got to realize that everything is energy and so other people ultimately do not control your destiny your energy your thoughts and your feelings control your destiny and so the question is can you begin to feel optimistic about your life even if your life hasn’t changed it even if your eyes are telling you your stuff you’re trouble you have all these difficulties you have all these problems you have to block out what your eyes and ears are telling you and for me that was my success hypnosis that began my tool and you can download down below Jake’s hypnosis calm right there down below but that became my tool for me to start to develop my own train of thought and ultimately my own feelings because my feeling was what was going to shift my vibration and ultimately change the things that I was attracting into my life so I started telling myself all the time I’m so great when my YouTube videos are taking off and I was just sayin and I was saying what would it feel like if I was truly beyond I was overwhelmed with gratitude that my youtube-channel took off and there was beautiful people from all over the world just like you watching videos commenting sharing their wisdom and their knowledge with other people in the community and like it was this learning platform and I was like saying like hey comment down this big takeaway for the video people were really receiving the information and it felt so exciting to me I would get him but I was like feeling like mam so grateful this is happening my eyes were telling me a totally different picture I was getting 2 3 4 views 12 views 10 views on videos nothing was happening I was having financial difficulties Ashley was struggling we were not but my outside world didn’t match that but I was creating an inner feeling and ultimately that started shifting my energy field and then the results of my life started to change so comment down below feeling is the secret feeling is the secret next nobody can bring you down comment down below nobody you can freaking me down comment down below nobody you can bring me down comment down below nothing can bring me down you kind of realize that because Wayne Dyer said it fast he said that if other people are your problem you have to send the whole world to the psychologist before you can ever get better think about that so if your financial problem you believe is student politicians you gotta fix the politicians before you can ever fix your financial problems if your problems with your happiness or your wife’s problems if your problems with your happiness are your husband’s problems if your if your problems are or your mom or your dad you have to fix them before you can get better and if you’re reliant on something outside of yourself then that thing will always control you and you can never change unless something outside of you changes but you don’t control other people so it’s this thing where we get caught in this cycle I feel this way because of them I can’t feel any way other than because of myself and when I take responsibility glad they say I create my own energy I create how I feel I intend to feel good that’s when my life change is coming down below I intend to feel good coming down below I intend to feel good now last but not least begin to focus on the possibilities rather than what’s missing comment down below I focus on possibilities comment down below I focus on possibilities coming down below I focus on possibilities and what do I mean by that most people are thinking about what’s missing all the time like for me I could have been thinking about what was missing but I wouldn’t you wouldn’t be watching this video if I was thinking about what was missing because when I was trying to scan YouTube off the ground I would have been thinking about what was missing in that instance it was views no one was watching the videos as getting 10 views 20 views 70 views 90 views no one was watching them that’s this heart name when you put your energy into something over a sustained period of time and you’re not seeing tangible ROI ROI return on investment you’re not seeing a tangible ROI return your investment so that he say well this must not be meant to be I must not be good enough I must not be smart up I must not be ready I this just isn’t meant to be no it’s just that you’re getting a lesson from the universe that’s inviting you into a lesson where are you going to continue to react to the outside experiences you can never be a powerful creator if you’re reacting to everything around you if you say well that’s not meant to be just because the last four dates failed doesn’t mean it’s not meant to be just because you haven’t healed yourself of the health issue doesn’t mean that you’re doomed for the rest of your life just because you’re still in debt right now and it hasn’t worked out yet doesn’t mean it’s always going to be that way just because things are where they are right now and you’ve been trying to change it doesn’t mean that it’s not going to be changing you’ll only see a little bit of energy with your eyes there’s things happening there signs that you just might not be seeing it or the universe might just be trying to teach you a powerful lesson to say are you gonna be a reactor or creator so comment down below all I want comes to me now comment down below all I want comes to me now coming down below all I want comes to me now get that though what if the universe is just trying to give you a powerful lesson to see you’re gonna be a reactor a creator a reactor says it’s just not meant to be I mean I’ve been working on in a mucky the results I’m always gonna be alone there’s no good guys like though there’s no right women like I I just I wasn’t born lucky I wasn’t born with the silver spoon I don’t have the right resources I don’t think I’m ready yet I’m not qualified another oh it’s that person’s fault oh it’s the economy’s fault it’s just not working out from me no matter how hard I tried that’s a reactor they’re allowing their feelings to be controlled by outside environment now creator says I’m so grateful now that this is happening and this is happening I can feel the shift starting to Kern you know by the way I’m so grateful for all the struggles that I’ve been having because it’s allowed me to go inward and reconnect to my own energy and notice my negative thought patterns that in the past have held me back and now I’m so grateful because I’m free from those thought patterns I still notice them and I still have them but I’m there they don’t control me anywhere they’re just like the wind blowing in the breeze and now I feel inspired creative I know powerful people are heading in my direction and this week’s gonna be fantastic I just know this is gonna be the best week I ever had I think I have right on the cusp of a breakthrough I’m gonna keep working hard I’m gonna keep showing up I’m gonna keep doing my work and something great is gonna happen I just got to keep working hard and staying in the process rather than getting focused on the outcome that’s a creator so comment down below all I want is coming now comment that down below if you have not yet is coming and if you have not yet make sure that you download my free success of gnosis it’s Jake’s hypnosis comm right there down below you got to get rid of belief systems from your parents from the media from teachers from other classmates growing up from other adult figures that have programmed us negatively and it’s not allowing us to attract the success that you deserve it’s right through down below Jake’s hypnosis comm right there down below and it’s totally free so hit the subscribe button the bell notification right over there Bell notification is what notifies you for new videos even if you’re already subscribed double check you’ve actually hit the bell notification turn your mouth like this and smile today’s gonna be a fabulous day something fantastic is going to happen today keep that energy up and something great is headed your way hashtag down below best day ever if you watch this video all the way through you care about creating your best day you care about creating your best life and so hashtag down below best day ever I’ll be sending everyone positive vibes that’s commented on the video when I read through everyone so have a beautiful day and I’ll talk to you later

We need to understand how to talk to the universe and use the secret better.

There are certain tricks to using the law of attraction to easily manifest what you want, but you need to learn how to talk to the universe.

Most people struggle with the law of attraction because they’ve never properly understood how to talk to the universe to use the law of attraction.

And most people struggle with LOA because they do not understand how to use it. So I share my biggest takeaways so you can apply it to your life easier.

In this video, you’ll learn how to use the law of attraction, understand it better, and apply it to your life.

The first step is to understand that you’re always using Law of Attraction. Most of us spend our whole lives doing it unconsciously.

We use unconscious negative affirmations as a technique that holds us back from what we want in life.

You have to become conscious of your affirmations and begin to use positive thinking techniques to feel what you want before you have it. It’s a constant affirmation meditation to visualize success and feel it in your nervous system.

This is how you use positive affirmations to reprogram your subconscious mind, how to visualize images, how to visualize what you want, and how to create what you want as a reality.

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Raise your vibration, & the things you want come like a magnet. The problem is society's energy is programming us negatively so it is hard to raise energy.

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