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READING THE SIGNS FROM THE UNIVERSE (And How To Communicate With the Universe)

The universe is always speaking to you. We need to learn how to communicate with the Universe. It is often using circumstances, situations and people, positive and negative, to speak to you, to give you clear guidance for your higher purpose and the bigger destiny that you have.

The universe is conspiring to help you create whatever it is that you truly desire out of life, but you can’t get there unless you can learn how to read the signs.
How to Communicate with the Universe:

When I decided I was going to start doing what I’m doing, I was 19 years old. I was a freshman in college and growing up I was a jock. I had a certain group of friends that I had been friends with forever and when I started thinking and talking about some of these ideas expressed on the channel, communicating with the universe, attracting what you want, understanding consciousness, they thought it was crazy. I lost every single one of those friends and it culminated with them talking bad behind my back to another individual and they quit calling me.

It hurt but they didn’t resonate anymore. A lot of times the universe sends a sign through the people you’re interacting with.

I lost all my friends so I didn’t. I went through a phase where I actually didn’t have any friends

I learned to view it as was the universe saying, “look, Jake, you have something bigger you’re supposed to be doing and one, you need to learn how to trust yourself better. If you’re constantly looking at other people to see, do they like you? Do they approve of you? Is this okay for you to do? If you keep looking outside of yourself, one, you’re never going to be happy. Two, you’re never going to fill the true potential and path that you were meant to live in this life, so I’m going to create this chaos in your circle of influence so that it causes you to take a step back and be by yourself and start to hear your intuition and trust yourself on a deeper level because, hey, you’re supposed to go out and you’re supposed to write books and you’re supposed to build this movement.”

As a 19 year old that failed junior English class in high school and didn’t have a college degree, writing my first book was going to be difficult.

Therefore, the Universe gave me more time alone, more time to study and grow.These were the types of thought patterns I felt like the universe was communicating to me. Instead of taking this undesirable experience such as losing people that I was super close with, I saw it as this thing that was shaping me, like diamonds are made in the rough.

It’s the next level of your purpose and calling in life.

It is made in the rough. Ask yourself: What is my higher purpose trying to teach me in this right now? What is the universe trying to help me with right now out of this experience? When you grasp that, it changes your life. When I was able to see that that was the higher calling and picture of my life, it allowed me to write three books in four years and have three books published. By the time I was 24 years old, I got my career off the ground in something that was going to be a very uphill battle.

The coolest thing was once I started to trust my guidance and follow this different path, I got better friends than I ever thought I was truly compatible with, with my values and the things that I placed emphasis on in life and these amazing friends started showing up in my life.
Go inward to find the signs from the universe.
How to Communicate with the Universe

When I was trying to get my career going, I had a manager that I brought on because I heard I needed a manager. I needed someone that could help me be successful. I tried different managers who tried different publicists. I tried all these different types of things. I was placing my faith in the fact that this other person could get me the right speaking gig or opportunity that would help me be able to support myself and continue doing this work. It didn’t work out like that and it was very scary when that last relationship fell apart because I was like, “what am I going to do now?”

The universe was teaching me that I need to trust myself, that I need to take responsibility for your message and your work getting out in the world. You need to take responsibility and create a business that can allow you to do this full time. You can’t place the responsibility on somebody else on any level. You need to take responsibility for your life.

That experience that “sucked” ended up being one of the best experiences of my life because it led me to doing the work that I do today on Youtube, my online courses and and all of these things that were essentially created out of what I thought at the time was an undesirable turmoil that I didn’t want to deal with. The universe was really saying, “look, you’ve got to deal with this because you haven’t taken responsibility for your business yet.”

Sometimes the universe communicates through failed love and before I met my current romantic partner and life partner Ashley, I was with somebody else. I thought they were going to be the one. It didn’t work out and and they left to the other side of the world and it was super devastating because I thought she was going to be the one. The Universe told me that I need to stop being dependent on somebody else to create the love and happiness that I desired out of my life.

It said, “You’re being too dependent on a relationship working out and you need to get more comfortable in your own skin. You need to know yourself better. You need to really get clear on who it is you are and what it is you want out of life.” I made the commitment to myself that I wasn’t going to need somebody else and I spent about a year or two like that in that place and then out of totally the blue, when I wasn’t looking for it at all, ] I met Ashley and my life changed forever.

The universe brought about another undesirable situation and circumstance to give me a sign that there were some things I need to clear up in my life so that I could be in the right energy to attract Ashley into my life.
The Universe is speaking to you.
How to Communicate with the Universe

You might be challenged to trust yourself more right now. You might be getting the sign that it’s time for you to spend more time with yourself, reading, studying, reflecting on who you are and what you want and what your goals are.

It might be time for you to reflect on what your heart wants and what your soul wants.

It might be time for you to have a similar experience where you take a step back and say, “Hey, you know what? This turmoil, this situation or this positive thing, the universe is speaking to me and I need to learn to read these signs so that I can continue on the ultimate destiny of my life.”

What’s one way right now the universe is speaking to you in your life?

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The universe is always communicating with you to help you grow and become the person that you’re truly destined to be.

Practice slowing down so that you can read the signs and the lessons that the universe is presenting to you because the universe is always conspiring to help you grow and become a bigger person.

Have a beautiful day.

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