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Receive UNEXPECTED MONEY in 1 DAY – I Manifested $15,000 in 24 HOURS Using The Law of Attraction!!

In this video today, I am going to share with you how to use the law of attraction correctly in order to manifest more money into your life!
I just received about $15,000 totally unexpectedly, in the last 48 hours! It was amazing. And I’m going to share with you my thought experiment and exactly what I did.

I want to talk about this important technique and thought experiment that you can utilize to receive unexpected money in your life, as well. So if you are ready to receive the unexpected financial blessings of the universe, comment down below, “yes, I’m ready for unexpected success”.
I just Manifested $15,000 in less than 2 days With This Thought Experiment!

Suspend Your Disbelief

I was listening to an audio book by Neville Goddard, and he was talking about manifesting money. It got me thinking about setting a new omen and to seeing what my mind could really accomplish. And if you’re new to this channel, I talk all the time about thought experiments. Don’t believe everything I say, do a thought experiment, suspend your disbelief and see what happens.
If you don’t know, one of the things I’m really into is investing in gold, silver, commodities, cryptocurrency as well, but really the focus is on commodities and metals. I have another channel where I talk more about it and it’s what I do in my spare time. It’s super fun to me and I care about it a lot. One area I’d never invested in specifically is platinum.
“God’s Wealth Multiplies All Your Investments And Businesses”

And he says in the book to say this affirmation – “God’s wealth multiplies all your investments and businesses”. I thought, I never really thought about it from the investment perspective because it’s kind of that world, that wall street has conditioned us to not understand and think that somehow these types of metaphysical principles don’t apply to that. Right? So I hear this and I think, well, I’m going to do a thought experiment.

My thought experiment is to receive unexpected money in a way that would blow my mind. I made videos about that subject before and where I’ve shared other people’s stories. Sometimes people think they’re silly or that I’m making them up. I always like to get back in touch with reality by doing my own thought experiments and this was one of these times.
So I started repeating that affirmation over and over again, while I was on the treadmill, listening to the audio book while I was warming up for my workout. So what I want you to do is start to say that affirmation. “God’s wealth multiplies all your businesses and investments”. Really do it. Most people will watch or read this and say, “cool”. Then move on. For results, you must actually put this to use.
Thought Experiment, Engage.

Number one is I forgot about it. The first thing is you forget about the money that you’re intending to manifest into your life, because otherwise you get so attached and desperate for it that you attract negative limiting energy. You attract desperate people, desperate situations. And so I forgot about it. I finished my workout, go on with my day we went on a hike.
change your thinking

I went on a hike with my wife and my baby, and I came back to my normal reading on my investments. Somehow the social media recommended through the algorithm, something about platinum and I had never invested in platinum. I just kind of stay away. I stay with the things that I know, but thought that I’d do a bit of quick research on Google.
I looked at a certain companies price and thought it was so cheap! So, I put $30,000 into it. Over the next couple of days, it jumped 53 percent. I’d like to say that I was a genius that did all this research, and I literally just showed up in my feed. I thought, OK i’ll just take this as a sign that I should invest in this company. I instantly manifested $15,000.
You Have Dormant Forces Lying Inside Of You!

The point isn’t that you should go buy the stock or that you should think about investments or anything. The point of this is for you to think about the fact that you have dormant forces lying within you. There’s this quote from Napoleon Hill that I always talk about. He says “riches, when they come, they come so quickly and they come in such vast quantities, one wonders where they were hiding all those lean years”.
This Is How Most People Will Block Their Manifestations

What that means is most people block the unexpected money. Most people block their financial success. Not because they’re not good enough, or they’re not smart enough, or they’re stupid, or they did something wrong or God doesn’t love them.
The reason they block it is because they carry so much disbelief all day long. They attach to these stories that somehow they believe in the universe, but then when it comes to money, money’s evil. And so they manifest these limitations over and over, or they’re very grounded, fundamental people. But then someone like me says, yes, unexpected money will flow in your life. They say, that’s so silly. And their disbelief stops them. 100 percent of all of your life is a result of perception. 100 percent. There is no reality outside of consciousness that you possess and project.

Everything is energy. That means money too. And if everything is energy, that means all the energy already exists because energy can never be created or destroyed. Science tells us that. So that means money can never be created or destroyed.
It just transfers to different hands. As water does, it moves to different States. It doesn’t disappear. It’s just transferring states and that’s all money does. It’s in a cyclical, constant, transfer of hands. And the way it transfers hands is the people that understand that money has ears and it hears when you call it. Then repeat that. What I invite you to do is now that you’re excited after this blog, is to do a thought experiment. Do a thought experiment and set the intention to see over the next 48 hours, how much unexpected success can come into your life.
Maybe you’ll get a raise out of nowhere. Maybe you’ll get a random phone call out of nowhere leading to a new sale or new opportunity. Maybe you’ll sell your house out of nowhere. Maybe money will just randomly show up and you’ll find it in a hole in the wall. I don’t know. Or maybe it’ll be like my story. Who cares! The point is that if you start to call money into your life, it will show up in the most convenient and appropriate ways that suit your life most regularly.
So what I want you to do is suspend your disbelief. If you can reprogram your subconscious mind, you will start to attract money out of nowhere. It actually will feel like money has ears and it comes when you call it.

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Receive UNEXPECTED MONEY in 1 DAY - I Manifested $15,000 in 24 HOURS Using The Law of Attraction!!
Receive UNEXPECTED MONEY in 1 DAY - I Manifested $15,000 in 24 HOURS Using The Law of Attraction!!

I just received about $15,000 totally unexpectedly, in the last 48 hours! It was amazing. And I'm going to share with you exactly what I did.

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