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Rewrite Your Financial Future And Manifest More MONEY FAST Using Law of Attraction Money Mindset!!

Would you like to predict your bank account down to the decimal? Would you like it to go up? Would you for some weird reason want it to go down? This is Jake Ducey and I’m going to show you how to predict your bank account.

from so many years that I went through
of not making any money so little that
my my light partner was in debt just to
help with our groceries
I learned that anyone who justifies why
somebody else has money but why they
don’t – will always be broke do always
be broke
maybe you’ve said something like this
before I know I did well they have a lot
of money because they don’t have that
many responsibilities they don’t have
that many time commitments well they
have a lot of money because of their
they have a good education they are just
a little bit older than me or a little
bit younger than me they are just in the
right business there in the movie
business the personal development
business they have the right job they
know the right people they just have the
right qualifications they’re just greedy
they’re just a slimy salesperson they
haven’t went through what I’ve been
be honest have you ever said something
like that I know all of those ones
because I used to say them every single
solitary day I justified why other
people had money and why I didn’t have
money and guess what I never had any
money get this money doesn’t come to you
it doesn’t come due to a certain
business if that was so every single
person in one business every single
solitary person in one business would be
rich and every single solitary person
another business would be broke think
about it there’s rich and broke people
in every single career choice every job
every occupation and every business so
it can’t possibly be be because of the
business that somebody is in there are
no way shape or form any logical reasons
why some people make money because of
their age the idea that what money comes
to you you know when you get older I
used to always rationalized why I was
young and didn’t have money well you
know they’re older money doesn’t come to
because of age if that were true every
person at one at one age range would be
wealthy and every person at another age
range would be Brooke think about it it
doesn’t come because of education if
that were so every person with a certain
level of education would be rich and
every person without would be broke
there’s people with Harvard degrees up
the end of their business card that are
broke there’s other ones that are rich
there are college dropouts that are very
rich there are other ones that are broke
it doesn’t come because any of those
things and if you justify why you don’t
have it you immediately give up your
power to create it so ask yourself what
reasons do you tell yourself you know
this was brought about because somebody
said to me well you make money because
you’re in the personal development
industry and immediately I knew that
they don’t have any money because nobody
who had money would say that because
everybody who has money that attracts it
into their life understands that it
doesn’t come by any of those means it
doesn’t come by which business you’re in
or not in what age you are or not what
what education or degrees you do or do
not have money comes due to the valuable
or invaluable service or skill that you
provide think about it why does somebody
make much money they’re not very
valuable or they haven’t figured out how
to become more valuable or they have a
very bad belief system around money that
repels it from them they don’t think
they’re good enough they don’t think
they’re smart enough they think money is
bad whatever it is think about it and
then secondly money comes to the person
who’s savvy enough to take their good
idea or service or product and reach
more and more and more people with it
that’s how money comes any other reason
is a justification as to why I don’t
have any why you don’t have any and it’s
tough to hear this I remember looking at
my bank account and justifying why there
was nothing in it and I was finally like
dude I spent all my time justifying all
my creative energy is spent justifying
why I don’t have money and why other
people do think about if I use this
creative energy to actually provide
service in the world in a bigger way to
actually provide bigger bolder service
in the world so ask yourself what
beliefs or stories or excuses around
money do I make that block it so get
this your beliefs about money will
either attract it or block it now I
could lie to myself and I did for many
years but the truth is revealed in your
bank account the truth about how you
view money and the service you are are
not providing in the world is revealed
in your bank account Bob Proctor once
told me that all money is is a good
indicator of whether your books your
ideas this is for me particularly my
books my ideas my courses if I was
reaching more people and and it was good
enough where people wanted to hire me
then money was an indicator that I was
providing more service in the world and
so the question is what rationale is a
you have what ideas you have that are
blocking it and think about the people
in your life that make excuses for why
they don’t have any money they’re
advertising that they don’t have any
money have you ever heard a very
successful or rich person justify or
rationalize why other people are
successful and they are no they don’t do
that they don’t spend their creative
energy on that so this is Jake do see
with Jake do see comm and what I’m
inviting you to do is signal and
pinpoint one or two of the top belief
systems if you tell yourself – that was
too young and having money is bad you’re
greedy if you have it those are my top
two now I was so unconscious about them
I never realized them until I finally
said well what am I thinking about money
what am i thinking around success and I
pinpointed those two I wrote them down
and then what I was able to do from
their point is start to identify them
more often in my thought processes it’s
almost like when you recognize an old
friend so what I invite you to do is
write down one or two of the limiting
beliefs you have around money comment
one of them down below and you’ll see we
all pretty much have the same five or
ten of them so comment yours down below
and write it down and when you write it
down you’re bringing it to awareness so
when it comes in your thought patterns
you can recognize it we have sixty five
thousand thoughts in a day according to
psychologists and 95% of them are
unconscious so we’re habitually thinking
I habitually thought well I’m too young
and that’s my reason and they’re older
and that’s their reason why they’re
successful on monies greed they were
habitual but when I was able to identify
them I could become aware of them when I
become aware of them then I can
recognize this isn’t even true I can
that and I can replace the thought and
that’s what I’m inviting you to do write
it down and replace the thought if you
have trouble with that download my free
success of Knossos down below
Jake’s hypnosis calm it’s designed to
reprogram your thought patterns and your
belief systems around money success and
prosperity it’s free Jake’s hypnosis
calm down below press the subscribe
button in the corner make sure you get
the bail notification because that
notifies you for the video and hit the
like because the like is what allows
more people to hear this you know we’re
in a world where like about 70 percent
of people are living paycheck to
paycheck most people believe that
they’re stuck with their financial lot
life it doesn’t allow them to put their
kids into the school they want or get
the health care they need or drive a
safe car or live where they want to live
or fund their dreams or go on a vacation
and that’s it’s not okay and some of my
mission with this video is I want to
raise our possibilities about what’s
possible for us financially when you
stop making excuses why you don’t have
money and you take responsibility what
happens is now it’s in your power as
soon as you make an excuse or
rationalization why you don’t have money
then you no longer have the power to
change it but if you take responsibility
then you have the power to change it no
guilt no shame none of that it’s just I
take responsibility for this is where
I’m at and I hold the key to my better
so wishing you a beautiful day please
share this video with somebody that you
think it will inspire I appreciate
everyone who does do that have a
beautiful awesome day and if you’re if
you’re still like how do I change that
my in my brain I’m really excited
because we finished the second line
neuro programmer and what it is is a
piece of technology that’s designed in
order to rewire the brain the brain
actually the neuro circuitry of the
brain wires in the ways that you
habitually think so you can demo it down
below for grades ii mind
komm I’m really really excited we got
that out and so have a beautiful awesome
day comment down one of your negative
thoughts around money or one of your
rationalizations write it down so you
can recognize it see you on the next
think prosperously think generously and
think well


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