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Secrets Of The Millionaire Mind: Mastering The Inner Game of Wealth (Law of Attraction)

Would you like to know the psychological secrets to money, to wealth, to attracting it? How millionaires attract it? How people that don’t have money actually block money from their life? This is Jake Ducey and I want to share with you one of the most powerful books that I ever read on attracting and creating wealth.let’s dive right into
the video number two secrets of a
millionaire mind and that’s a really
powerful book that’s basically here’s
how I’d summarize it and what I got out
of that book is and that book was really
impactful for me I probably read that
one 1012 times and and I’m the type of
person that reads the same books instead
of finding a lot of new books and so
that’s why I’ve read that one so many
times and he likens the outer in the
inner game of money the psychology of
money and and and such and so what he
likens it to is you know how you set a
thermostat let’s say you set your
thermostat for 72 degrees right and then
it becomes an unconscious mechanism
right you don’t have to consciously keep
your house at 72 degrees there’s a
machine that’s in works set for 72
degrees and if you keep all the windows
open and it’s blowing 110 degree air in
your thermostat is gonna try to create
homeostasis by shooting colder air than
72 degrees to combat the warmer air
that’s coming in right or if all your
windows are closed and you have the door
open for a little while that I’ll kick
in shoot colder air to keep it at 72
right it’s a machine design to keep an
unconscious medium that’s been set an
unconscious target that’s been set well
that’s how your subconscious mind works
psychologists say 95% of your life is
unconscious its subconscious meaning its
habitual and you consciously do not
determine the results now 95% of our
life is subconscious or unconscious
meaning ninety-five percent of the time
we are not consciously determining the
thoughts feelings and results that we’re
getting in our life especially in
relation to money now our subconscious
mind is actually reset from the time
we’re a little kid it’s receiving
information from sources outside of us
and that’s how our beliefs actions and
habits largely get formed so most of
those in relation to money are formed
from whoever raised us their form from
what we hear on maybe the news media
casually while like you’re playing with
your toys or you’re doing your thing and
you’re a little kid and you’re sitting
with the Guardian or parent or whatever
at your house and then they’re formed by
the energy archetypes the consciousness
that our parents our grandparents and
our ancestors but specifically our
parents or guardians or whomever is the
adult figures when we’re younger
their consciousness and energy in
relation to money generally impacts us
so we’re programmed in a lot of the same
ways that our family is program now the
reason that that is so enlightening and
was so life-changing for me is because 9
out of 10 people die with less than
$10,000 in virtually no financial assets
9 out of 10 people so the collective
energies outside of us are generally
influencing us in a negative way in
relation to financial abundance and
financial ease now the number one cause
for divorce is money issues so we lose a
lot a lot of people’s parents got
divorced over over money and so you
might develop the subconscious belief
that either there isn’t enough money or
that money eventually leads to pain and
divorce and loss of love so
unconsciously you may even sabotage your
ability to earn money so there’s all
these belief systems that we’ve
inherited from authority figures
guardians and our world at large and a
lot of them are untrue altogether one of
the big ones that stopped me that I
learn was that I had I had decided that
one only greedy people have money and
this was a belief system that I
developed at about 17 to 19 years old
before I started doing what I’m doing
now I got very discontent with the lot
of the affairs and state of the world
and my first book that I actually wrote
about dropping out of college and
backpacking around the world called into
the wind begins in economics class and
I’m asking my economics teacher why we
cannot audit the Federal Reserve and I
wanted to know that because I saw that
there were a lot of there was a lot of
corruption and problems that were
occurring due to human greed catch how I
said due to human greed I thought it was
due to money that’s like saying that the
people that the reason people crash cars
is due to cars no it’s it often it’s due
to text messaging not paying attention
those types of things not the cars fault
it’s not the money’s fault it’s our
greed and our illusions that were stuck
in that closet
so I set this belief system right
unconsciously my association is that
you’re a bad person if you are
essentially if you’re financially
successful now I formed that
unconsciously and unbeknownst to myself
when I eventually started doing what I’m
doing I wrote my first book then I got a
publishing deal with penguin Random
House and I was starting to build my
career that’s when as I mentioned
earlier I was struggling really bad
financially and he got to the point
where it was like getting close to like
how like can I even do this as a
profession or do I have to quit this you
know I had this spiritual mission this
higher purpose to inspire people and do
all of these things but I was struggling
so much not only could I not do it but I
was always stressed so I wasn’t creative
I didn’t have the money to get a camera
that I want anything like that and I
realized that I had developed that
belief system which I mentioned and so
subconsciously I was blocking me from
thieving any more money than just enough
that I needed to have a little tiny
apartment that I couldn’t afford a couch
for and my wife now my girlfriend at the
time was in debt and because I had
developed the subconscious belief system
that it is somehow bad um and I’ll
become a bad person of a habit so the
subconscious job is to protect your
unconscious assumptions or belief
systems and mine was that so woody why
do you think I didn’t have money because
I had that unconscious assumption and
belief system that was controlling my
life and much like the thermostat that I
mentioned earlier your financial
thermostat which is a term that he uses
in the book is set to a certain level
that unconsciously you always adhere to
now I had that there’s other people that
make a lot of money but they’re always
broke because their thermostat is set to
blowing all the money right we’re set in
all these different ways and so that
book is really powerful to identify how
your financial thermostat is set but for
now maybe you could think of one way
that you’ve been you’ve developed a
thought pattern or belief system in
relation to money career abundance that
might have been formed in a limiting way
by your Guardians by the news media by
your parents by your friends or by
somebody or something outside of
yourself and if you want to comment that
down below and if you want to take it a
step further download my free success of
gnosis is Jacob gnosis calm is right
there down below
Jake’s hypnosis calm right there down
below and I created that after I read
this book actually because when I
understood how the subconscious mind
works in relation to money I created
this recording that eventually changed
my life and you can download it Jake’s
hypnosis calm right there down below all
right so this is Jake Ducey with Jake
Ducey calm thank you for watching part
of the three-part book series on three
books that allow me to 10x my income
help you manifest more money if you
really want to change your life make
sure you download my free success of
gnosis Jake’s hypnosis calm right there
down below to train your mind for wealth
and for success subconsciously right 95
percent of our life is governed by our
subconscious thought patterns and if you
can retrain that you can change your
whole life
Jake’s hypnosis calm double-check that
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you’re gonna buy one of these books or
if you’ve already read it what was your
thoughts on it have a beautiful day
hashtag down below prosperity forever
hashtag down below prosperity forever
hashtag that down below have a beautiful
day and see you next time


Secrets Of The Millionaire Mind: Mastering The Inner Game of Wealth (Law of Attraction)
Secrets Of The Millionaire Mind: Mastering The Inner Game of Wealth (Law of Attraction)

Would you like to know secrets to attracting money? How millionaires attract it? How people that don't have money actually block money from their life?

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