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SHOCKING: #1 Mindset to Manifest Anything You Want Using The Law of Attraction (NOT What You Think)

Hey, guess what? I really would like you to like me, but I don’t care if you don’t like me. I really would like it. I feel like I’m a very nice person. I feel like, uh, I would love for you to like me and enjoy what I put out in the world, but I don’t really care if you don’t fly because I have a vision from our life. My vision for my life is to every single week inspire millions of people. That’s my vision. Now I understand that we live in a world of polarity, positive, negative. There’s positive people, negative people. There’s people that are going to like you and support you. There’s people. There’s not going to not like you and support you. And I understand that. So you may not like me and that’s all right. That’s cool with me. Totally cool with me. You may have a very bad impression of me.

Alright, that’s cool with me. I know what my intentions are. I know what my intentions are. I know who I am, I know what I want to be, and from there do what you gotta do, and that’s what I invite you to have that same mindset. Know what you want, know what you want to check in with your heart, in your spirit, to connect with that vision, to really feel the authenticity, the pureness of your intentions, and go after that. Be that person. Walk with your chest out with your shoulders up high with that smile on your face. Be So damn positive that some people like it be so damn committed to your dreams that some people won’t like you. They feel threatened by you. They’ll try to tear you down. They won’t like that you that you have the car you want. You have your dream car.

They’ll say that you’re greedy or show off you have your dream girl, your dream guy, and let’s say your to show me with your love in person. Maybe you’ll have a six pack where you’ll have like a very nice, like a set abundance and somebody won’t like it because they’re jealous, but they won’t tell you they’re jealous. Instead, they’ll just tell you that your show off your, your your ass. That’s fine. You’ve got to understand anyone, any, anything anyone says is a projection of how they feel. That’s all it is. Anything anyone says is a projection off of how they feel so they can like you. I hope they like you. I’m sure you’re really great person, as long as you don’t intentionally harm, steal, kill in impact somebody’s life and that type of negative way do your thing. That’s why you’re alive.

And unless you have that level of mental freedom, you’re always going to be attached to other people’s opinions, to what other people think of you, and your success will never be your own. Even if you get the things that you want, it’s always going to be about trying to please other people. And how do I look in this and how do I look in that? I remember when I got my, uh, I’ve got, uh, I got a brand new Mercedes sportscar and, and I said something about it in a video and somebody took offense to it and they said, well, if you’re making positive messages, you shouldn’t have a nice car. So if I have something that helps people in the world, I shouldn’t have nice things. No, no, no. It doesn’t make any sense. For a second, your mind might have something like that and then you want to believe what somebody else says because we want to be liked. Dude, if you know your intentions and you know you’re a good person, do your thing, but the cs part, walk on water. Do your thing, and remember this, somebody doesn’t like you. It says more to do about the way that they view the world

than it does about you. If somebody is willing to talk negatively, to spend the energy to negatively look down upon you, doesn’t that say a lot more about what their priorities are then about you?

You and you alone are the person that has to go to the grave in your skin. You and you alone are going to be the person that’s going to sit with yourself. When your life comes to an end, you and you alone are the person that tucks yourself into bed every single night and has to sit with yourself, and if you love who you are and you love what you’re becoming and you love your goals and you love the way that you show up and you love the authenticity and pureness and heart that you live from that is good enough because God is a totally unforgiving energy. God’s not judging you. God’s not holding grudges against you. Well, here’s the tally marks. Are you going to get to heaven? Are you going to get the help? Newsflash heavens, right here on earth. You can live in heaven or you can walk in Hell. You’ll always walk in hell if you’re trying to please other people comment down below. It’s not my job to get other people to like me. It’s my job to like me. That’s your job. It’s not your job to get other people to like you.


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