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Shocking Law of Attraction SLEEP TECHNIQUE For Attracting What You Want (MANIFEST WHILE SLEEPING!!)


manifest your desires while you sleep
yeah it works so far this year I’ve
manifested my dream home in Maui moving
from San Diego California growing my
business to levels that have never grown
it before I’m going to be marrying my
soul mate in just about six months all
of this has happened with this one sleep
technique to use a lot of attraction to
manifest your desires so if I could do
that I only imagine what you could do in
your life so hang with me this is Jake
doozy with Jake do c-calm and this will
change your life and make what you want
manifest quicker and faster
still law of attraction sleep technique
right because one of the problems people
have first of all with being able to
manifest is that somebody will say think
about your dream already realized but
what happens is the mind comes in and
then the mind is very analytical and
there’s an in congruence to that so the
mind is like no you haven’t done it yet
somebody says no think from the end and
you’re like no but I’m not there yet so
it can’t be possible so as soon as we
plant the image in our mind we reject it
unconsciously immediately and so I’ve
been using this new technique to bypass
that part of the mind and I know there’s
a lot of people that have commented on
my videos that have had that problem
before so picture this right because we
can all decide and agree we can all
agree that we manifest the quality of
our life is really determined by who we
are as a person right and people will
say we can’t control every single thing
in the world right you can’t control
every circumstance but what we always
controls who we are right so before you
go to bed your mind works in pictures
and there’s a thing called your self
image and your self image is the picture
of who you think you are and that
picture of who you think you are in the
recesses of your subconscious mind in
the depths of your subconscious mind is
what manifests itself as your life so
when you can change your self image you
can change your life and and the trouble
is that we have never contemplated a new
picture of ourselves because we’re in a
fixed mindset where we believe who we
are is is who we are and that’s it so
you know people think well am either
good at making money or I’m not good at
making money I’m either good at talking
to you know some somebody that I find
beautiful and potentially a romantic
partner I made they’re good at it or I’m
not a smooth talker right it’s either
you know well I have a good job or I
don’t and we believe we are these
certain things about ourselves but all
those things are is a reflection off of
who we have been and what we continue to
believe but the thing about a belief is
that it’s just a thought that you
decided consciously or unconsciously and
you can change it in any second when you
change the way you view yourself in a
relationship to money love romance
happiness career success then those
things in your life change so your mind
works in images your subconscious mind
is most accessible before you fall to
bed so your conscious mind is
responsible for only 5% of your life
your conscious mind is the part of you
that’s like here’s what I want and I
want this thing and oh yeah that’d be
great and this be this it’s your
reasoning mind it’s your analytical mind
and so when you say I want to manifest
I want to manifest my dream relationship
or whatever it is that’s your conscious
mind but the problem is the subconscious
is actually what creates our life and
the reason that’s a problem is because
psychologists say 95% of our life is
subconscious is unconscious and then we
have 65,000 thoughts in a day
approximately so 95% of all the thoughts
feelings and actions that you have are
unconscious and they’re pre-programmed
from our world our culture our parents
and it goes down this cycle and we have
a very negative culture and the reason
it’s like that is because advertisers
want you to feel like you’re not very
smart so you buy things that you don’t
need from them random appliances and
things that you don’t need and so they
perpetuated a system where they want our
self-image to be as low as possible
because the lower yourself images the
more needy and unhappy you are and the
more you perpetuate that the more you
perpetuate a consumeristic society where
you buy things you don’t need at all
right and that’s the way it works so
they want unhappy people the major banks
the major controlling elites of
companies want that and so when you
understand that then you can say okay
well the only reason I think the way I
think about myself is because I’ve been
programmed negatively and so that
self-image is controlling 95% of your
life but the good news is you can change
it so when you’re going to bed your
conscious mind shuts down that’s what
go to sleep right eventually you stop
thinking so much you relax yeah
getting tired right I love doing it no
I’m just joking but what happens is the
conscious mind relaxes and we can start
to access the subconscious mind so the
practice is before you’re going to bed
instead of thinking about the things
that you want and enacting the
analytical – – yeah but you don’t have
those yeah but you don’t have no here’s
why it doesn’t work what you do is you
start focusing on the on the person that
you desire to be really the desires
already manifest is because the growth
of who you can be is a natural process
from within yourself
you already are master out money you
already are capable and have everything
you need to create your dream job you
already can have the amazing
relationship and health and adventurous
life you have it all you don’t need
anything outside of yourself and when
you grasp that then any image you form
of who you can be it’s already within
you meaning that you already are that
person Jim Rohn said that success is
something you attract by the person that
you become so when you change how you
view yourself and thus who you are
upgrades then the results in your life
changed so before you go to bed when
you’re accessing the subconscious mind
because your self-image is a pattern
program in the subconscious mind and
when you go to bed you just close your
eyes and you start imagining like the
real you like the you and you’re in
total flow you’ve got no fear you’re not
letting negative thinking and silly
things hold you back that you right so
imagine that you and you close your eyes
and you see that you see yourself
walking into the awesome job huge smile
on your face you’re becoming a leader
you’re becoming great at speaking in
front of people you’re walking over to
that beautiful person that attractive
human being and you go over there and
you talk to them and you’re just
yourself and you have a great time and
it turns into a great romance and you’re
manifesting more money than ever and
you’re in your dream house and you have
this huge smile on your face and you’re
so great with people and you’re
connecting on such a deep level and you
feel such a deep connection in
relationship with yourself see all of
this in your mind and before you go to
bed you spend
last 10 minutes until you doze off in
that place and what happens is you start
to access a subconscious because before
you go to bed you’re moving into
hypnotic brainwave states where you’re
where you’re able to use suggestion more
easily to change subconscious pattern
plans such as your self-image when you
change the way you view yourself you
change who you are and how you show up
and you change who you are and how you
show up you change the things that you
attract into your life to more better
awesome beautiful things so start
imagining the person you want to be
before you go to bed allow that to seep
into the treasury of your subconscious
mind and when you change your self-image
your life will absolutely change so see
all the amazing beautiful things and
recognizes you already have it within
you you already are the person that you
want to be it’s just about releasing the
fear and the doubt and the worry and the
past and upgrading our perception and
our happiness and our smile and being
more courageous and competent and data
that isn’t it exciting so this is Jake
Ducey with Jake new sitcom teaching you
a secret sleep technique that I’ve used
to manifest my desires and I know that
they’re gonna work for you too so
download my free success hypnosis –
you’ll want to listen to that before
because we want to get rid of those
negative thoughts we want to change
those we want to switch the record
player so I created a three successive
gnosis you can use to start to change
the pattern plan around your
relationship with success
Jake’s hypnosis calm be sure that you
press the subscribe button in the corner
commenting what you’re gonna do and when
you’re gonna start using this technique
I hope that you have amazing day I’ll
see you on the next video thanks for


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