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In this video we discuss how to manifest while you’re sleeping to attract more money, reprogram your subconscious mind to release the law of attraction , what affirmations are, and how to use positive affirmations and advanced law of attraction techniques to manifest your desires, how to use the law of attraction to attract more money, attract money while sleeping.

hey you would you like to make more money while you are actually asleep sounds absolutely crazy but over the last four months have used the law of attraction asleep technique to grow my income from ten from the previous year while working less than I ever have before and I’ve been waiting to share this just to make sure that it worked for me so I want to share it with you now this is Jake Ducey with Jake do and let’s dive right into the video so you probably heard of lucid dreaming before I’m not really an expert on you that type of stuff but I know it has something to do with before you going to sleep you use your conscious imagery faculties of your mind in order to put yourself into certain pictures that when you fall asleep you move into those dreams and I believe that because we spend one third of our life asleep if you can get the pictures of what you want before you fall asleep too then manifest themselves while you’re asleep then what’s happening is you’re sending signals to your subconscious mind to start to bring these pictures about in your waking hours for the rest of your life if you’re asleep for a third of your life roughly wouldn’t it make sense to try to use that to create what you want and so what I’ve been doing is before I fall asleep every single night what I’ve been doing is imagining what I do is I have online courses and what I’ve been doing is imagining people emailing me sending me videos sending me stories of their life being changed by them and and specific things before I’m falling asleep now sometimes the mind goes crazy so every night I don’t do it but quite literally I’d close my eyes and I imagine that happening and I get involved in the feeling of it I imagine more and more money coming into my bank account jumping up and down with excitement for time not just seeing the digits I’m seeing the results of that I’m seeing all the people I’m able to impact from that and I’m close my eyes in this space where essentially it’s like a cash register and the money keeps increasing and increasing and increasing and increasing and then I’m seeing the interaction of people that’s lives are being changed because money is a reward for service rendered good service and you when you are able to reach more people and they’re impacted by something you can earn more money and so I’m imagining this almost every single night in the most bizarre things in my dreams started happening it took a while I’m not a big dreamer I hardly remember my dreams unless I try to make very conscious intentions to do that and so what I’ve been doing is is that process before sleep I’ll just lie just a general asleep on my side and I close my eyes as if I’m trying to fall asleep but I’m getting really clear images in my mind and I have a free successive gnosis that I talked about abusive for six years I play it very softly in the background just to kind of get me in this state you can use that below it’s free it’s Jake’s hypnosis calm down below and I play that softly and I go to bed and then what I’ve been doing is you know wake up once in the night to go to the restroom and it was like probably four weeks ago and I remember thinking oh my god that was the craziest dream it felt so real and whatever it was it was a an email that I got from someone whose life was changed by her program and then like all these sales came in that we had like the biggest sales day we’d ever had in our life and I was like tripping out in my dream like yeah like exactly the deja vu that I had just before sleep imagining it and deja vu is a great sign that you’re starting to imprint the subconscious mind imagery and so what I invite you to do is whatever it is that you do professionally or if you don’t even want to limit it to one particular thing start a mad that you can use the cash register digits rolling up you can use the bank account digits rolling up jumping up and down telling your mom your sister your romantic partner your best friend or a stranger a taxi driver oh my god you won’t believe what happened like with the same reaction as if you won ten million dollars in the lottery like what is the reaction that you’re doing because that’s what sparks the emotion that allows it to actually imprint the subconscious mind and spark the imagery and it can take some time just like it can take some time to kickstart a motorcycle that hasn’t been starting in a while you know you got to keep writing room keep hitting it keep hitting it keep it in and then you get it going and that’s why I said it took me a few weeks before I was having dreams where I would wake up either in the middle of the night Lord in the morning and say oh my god I was just dreaming about what I imagined before and then moving through my day and having those experiences happen where just a few weeks ago we I made the most money that I ever made in a single dad I never even made that many much money in a month in the previous years and they didn’t a day and it was the exact experiences that I programmed the amount of emails I’m getting from people whose lives have been changed from my courses it’s never happened in a month before so many of them and I can only attest it to that so whatever it is you do professionally get into that state because if you can start to imprinted in terms of deja vu or similar types of experiences when you wake up or dreaming of it or you might say the opposite it might even you might even have some nights where you have like a terrible fear about money that’s it releasing from the subconscious mind no need to worry so give that a try where you listen you can listen to my success hypnosis down below do whatever it you gotta do to get yourself into an optimal state whether you take a warm shower Jacuzzi or you stretcher you know you sell sigh and breathe some fresh air it released the day release the past let it all go so you can allow yourself to be centered to focus on where you want to bring your mind to focus go to bed have a great night’s sleep and a lot every time you see your mind drift off and start thinking about random things what I’m gonna be doing tomorrow what happened last week bring it back to allowing the images of prosperity to come up and all asleep in that sea and you’ll be amazed what will happen over 30 60 or 90 days this is Jake Ducey with Jake do see calm talking about how you can manifest while sleeping and attract more money into your life so be sure that you download my free success hypnosis down below Jake’s hypnosis kaam hit the subscribe button in the corner and the Bell notification because that’s what actually notifies you for new videos your mind is going to tell you that you can’t manifest while you’re asleep oh that’s a craziest stupidest thing I ever heard but you gotta understand that consciously you can’t grasp the true powers of your mind give this a try just like you go to a movie with an open mind give this an open mind and give it a try and see what happens see what shows up in your life if you’re really looking for an awesome next step we have the second my neuro programmer which is getting the most crazy stories of people’s minds and brains we want rewiring to attract more money love happiness success in their life and you can demo it totally free it’s the second mine calm down below have a beautiful awesome day comment where in the world you’re coming from I’d love to know where the where the message is spreading and let me know the best part of your day so far in the comments below the best part of mine is I can see the Sun starting to set and it’s making the island of Lanai out in the distance out here in Hawaii turn it into a dark purple see you soon [Music] you [Music]



Like to make more money while you are asleep? Over the last four months Jake Ducey has used this law of attraction sleep technique to grow his income.

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