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Signs From The Creator – #1 SHOCKING Ways The Universe Is Speaking To You [MUST WATCH]

Signs from the creator are always around you, because the universe is speaking to you. So in this video I break down the #1 shocking ways the universe speaks to you, and signs that what you want is coming.
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The weird thing is that sometimes the signs from the creator are shocking and unexpected. For example, sometimes it looks like something bad is happening, but the universe is speaking to you to try to help you attract what you want. I have had many instances like this occur in my life, where I tried to get what I wanted, and it wasn’t working. I was about ready to give up, and then out of nowhere I got signs from the creator and my manifestation would appear.
So many people do not realize that a lot of the times the universe is waiting for you to let go. Sometimes we try so hard to manifest what we want, that we actually start to force it and block the flow of abundance. So when you finally “Let go” and “let god” work itself into your life, that’s when a lot of really good things start to happen in your life.
So if you enjoy this video, practice “letting go” and trusting the universe. See if you can reflect right now on your life and see if the universe is speaking to you. I firmly believe that the law of attraction is always working, and the universe is friendly, but sometimes it gives us things that “look bad” so it can give us more of what we really wanted to begin with.
This has happened with my career, with money, with romance, with living situations, and so many other things in my life. Try to remember that you are a divine being and that the universe is truly on your side.
The universe is always speaking to you. I want to introduce you to signs from the creator that you may not see yet. Sometimes it’s not easy to see what it’s telling you. I’m going to help you decode the signs from the universe and the creator that are being sent your way that you may not know are happening.

Now Your Miracles Are Manifesting
These are signs that help you make more money, make the right decisions, find the right relationship, the right romance, the right career, where to live, who to spend your time with, and how to spend your time. These signs are always being given to you. I’m going to share with you these very shocking, yet unexpected signs from the creator that can change your entire life.
How Does The Universe Speak To Us?

One of the first ways that it actually speaks to us is through your own disbelief. If you were able to believe in Santa for 8 years, you can believe in yourself for 5 seconds. You’ve got this. Since we live in a friendly universe, a lot of the times disbelief manifests itself through our own disbelief. For instance, I don’t buy houses. I just rent everywhere I live and I invest my money in other things instead.
I personally think it’s just a better philosophy in my twenties for financial freedom. Sometimes it’s challenging because I like to live in really nice luxury houses. Sometimes there’s just not very many of them for rent. With everything that’s been going on in the world recently, my wife and I wanted to get out of California.
We moved to Utah and we found our house through the weirdest way. It was actually pretty frustrating because we were trying to find a house to live when we couldn’t find the one we wanted, we were getting a little frustrated because there just wasn’t the type of place we were looking for. We started falling into that train of thought that there aren’t good options for us.
Then out of absolutely nowhere, my sister-in-law bumps into some guy who she hasn’t seen in years, whose friend has this house for rent that they didn’t put on anywhere except for Facebook marketplace. And so that’s how we got the house. It was after we had already finished a week trip looking at rentals.
I went back to California after a week while my wife stayed for another day. She and her sister bumped into the landlord at nighttime and she went and saw the house at 5:00 AM before her flight home. Sometimes It doesn’t seem like it’s going to happen. This is the foremost sign from the universe that you’re actually super close to a huge breakthrough because the way God works is this.

These Signs From The Creator Means It’s Time To Learn Your Intended Lessons
Since you incarnated in your soul, the whole purpose of everything is basically to teach you the certain lessons you’re supposed to learn in life. One of those lessons is the power of thought. So a lot of times what happens is God wants to break and build your paradigm.
It wants to break your own belief system. Our belief system started to be, “well, you know, the luxury house we want doesn’t exist so maybe we have to settle. And it’s just against my philosophy. At 29 years old to buy a house, I’d rather invest my money. I’ll make more of it investing. And so I think I can put it to better use, but then I started questioning my own paradigm. Limiting thoughts crept in. By the way, yours is going to be different. It might be around money. It may be around romance.
When You Feel Hopeless, You’re Miracles Are About To Happen

You’ve been wanting something and it hasn’t happened yet. You’ve been praying for something and it hasn’t happened yet. You’ve been working for something and it hasn’t happened yet. This is the sign. When you feel pressed up against the wall with all your disbelief. Maybe I’m not good enough. Maybe I made the wrong decision. Maybe it’s not meant to be. If you’re having these kinds of thoughts, this is the sign that you’re actually about to be blessed by God. You just need to let go and let it happen.
That’s when God shows up. So the first sign that you’re very close is you’re questioning yourself. You’re questioning what God has in store for you. You’re questioning the infinite possibilities of the universe. And as soon as your actual belief system gets questioned like that, boom, you’re on the other side. The phrase you can use for this is “I surrender and let go to the highest good”. This helps gets your mind out of the way. And this allows the highest good of your soul of the universe to start to manifest itself. Comment down below, “let go and surrender to the highest good.
So coming up on the screen right here is a quote from Paulo Coelho about signs from the creator. And he says, “when you want something, the universe conspires on your behalf for it”. And that’s what you have to remember because what is God? God is an infinite energy field, a limitless source of power that cannot be defined and it cannot be limited. And so when you’re faced up against your own limitations, this is when the universe will start to show up.

the universe speaks
And I know it feels like that’s the time when you’re most alone, but it’s actually the time when really good things are about to happen because you’ve literally entered the arena of God, which is miracles. These low times are the best times to activate that dormant force. Simply say “the universe conspires to help me achieve all my desires”. You can comment that below!
You Have To Let Go Of Control

There’s actually not anything that you need to do. A lot of times what happens is we don’t get what we want. So we get anxious. We project our anxiety and the way we project our anxiety is binding or trying to control things. And it’s all done out of fear. We think it’s done out of being productive. So we go and we make an extra phone call. We make an extra email, we go on an extra date.
We asked that one question, we spend an extra one hour a day working, whatever it is, we try to just add a little bit more umph to it. But really what ends up happening is all we’re doing is we’re taking this action that we’ve convinced ourselves productive, but we are doing it out of fear and control. We’re trying to control the situations because we forget that the fact that it hasn’t happened yet is really just assigned from the creator to let go, surrender, and trust the highest good for all concerned, trust the infinite power of the universe.
I can’t tell you how many times in my life, the best things that have happened have happened when I officially let go. For example, meeting Ashley, growing my business, getting my first books published, they all came after every single one of my paradigms had been challenged when I asked, is this possible? Is this going to happen?
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It doesn’t look like it’s going to happen. Oh my gosh. And I would get to this point where eventually I would stress myself out and then I’d finally realize I’m stressing myself out after a bit. Then I would surrender to God, the higher power. It’s the same thing with this YouTube channel, I was so worried about every video taking off and going viral. As soon as I let go, my channel blew up.
This is the time to let go. This is the time to surrender. God is just waiting for you. It is just waiting and wondering, “are they going to let go? We’ll just wait here until they’re ready”. All you have to do is take a deep breath in and out and realize that whatever you’re struggling with right now, it’s not a curse. It’s actually a sign from God that something good is about to come. But you have to see it as that.
Now Your Miracles Are Manifesting

When that happens, miracles open up and amazing things occur quickly into your life. Life becomes a lot more easy to live because you realize that you aren’t the one doing it. It’s all being done for you. So it’s almost like this perfect red carpet that is waiting to be rolled out for you. So here’s what I invite you to say to yourself. “I am a divine being capable of everything I desire. The universe conspires to deliver miracles in my life”.
So if you feel like you’re losing hope, trust me, it just means something really good is about to happen. And it’s just a breakdown of the old world so you can be built anew for a new level of amazing things and blessings. If you haven’t yet, definitely make sure to check out my free success hypnosis. It’s designed to rewire you mind for positive thoughts, new patterns, and beliefs that bring more opportunity and abundance into your life.

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Signs From The Creator - #1 SHOCKING Ways The Universe Is Speaking To You [MUST WATCH]
Signs From The Creator - #1 SHOCKING Ways The Universe Is Speaking To You [MUST WATCH]

Jake Ducey breaks down the #1 shocking ways the universe speaks to you, and signs that what you want is coming.

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