Special Message From My Heart FOR YOU!!! (MUST WATCH TODAY)

Hey everybody I’m wishing you an amazing day. It’s Jake Ducey.

Obviously today isn’t a normal video. I just wanted to say two things.

One, thank you from the bottom of my heart. Every day I make a video and it’s generally a video where I’m sharing an idea, some information, I’m teaching something. And I just wanted to make a video so you know that I’m a real human being.

and I just wanted to say thank you like I couldn’t be more honored to have you part of the community you know my mission is to create a it’s a MOOC create a movement of people from all over the world like every single country people that are out there promoting positivity attracting what they want in life inspiring others and that’s what we’ve done and thank you if you’ve ever opened one of my emails open one of my videos commented press like on the video like all of the success that my youtube channel has had and all of these things that have allowed us to inspire more and more people it’s literally been because of you and I didn’t want to just keep making videos and never just be like thank you so much from the bottom of heart and the second thing I want to tell you is I’m gonna feature some success stories so like every single day especially with you know you’ve probably heard me talk about the second my neuro programmer it’s a piece of technology we design that rewires the brain so you can attract what you want easily in your life and especially with that I get the most amazing success stories of people manifesting something in their life making a shift in their life so if you comment down below your story I’m gonna feature some of them in actual videos and so I’m really I’m really looking forward to hearing everyone’s stories things they’ve attracted things they’ve overcome or whatever it might be and I’m gonna share a few of those so I just wanted to say thank you I just want to to to make a normal video where you just see me sitting in my car I just want to wish you an amazing day go like this smile as big as you can pick an affirmation use the day and I just want to remind you also that we got the second line neuro programmer that you can check out you can demo it totally for free it’s the second mine comm just right there down below the second mine calm and so comment your success story down below if you haven’t had the level of success that you want attracting what you desire in your life read some of the comments down below there’s so many amazing people from all over the world it’ll be inspiring we’ll be back to a normal video tomorrow but thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you for being a part of this community thank you for spreading positivity thank you for being an amazing human being for everyone who watches these videos even relatively consistent I’m inspired by you because when we take that consistent step to study to grow our mind to grow ourselves whether it’s watching YouTube videos books or what-have-you we’re not only stepping up and showing up in our lives but we’re putting ourselves in a position to totally grow into a new person and that takes commitment and dedication to your own happiness and your own joy and so if you watch these consistently thank you for being one of those examples and leaders that’s that’s saying like hey it’s important for me to grow my mind and to grow myself and so just thank you so so much comment your success story demo the second mine down below the second mine calm down below if you got any video suggestions anything like that comment them on this page I just wanted to make an open forum video to hear success stories to share the best ones and to give you an opportunity if you have certain questions video topics you want discuss we’ll put them in there and so have a beautiful awesome day if you’re kind of bummed because you were looking forward to a normal video then what I invite you to do to just spark your energy is to pull out a piece of paper and to make a list of every single thing that you’re grateful about in life all of your goals moving forward and I’m wishing you a beautiful day be sure that you demo the second mine programmer down below ii mind thank you from the bottom of my heart if you subscribe if you watch these videos I am serious I’m so so so grateful and I really really truly mean that and I just wanted you to know in today’s video that’s what it was about me just wanting to say thank you so the best story the best success story will be featured and they’re gonna get a free download of one of our programs so wishing you a beautiful day good luck with the story and good luck with the contest and see you soon

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Special Message From My Heart FOR YOU!!! (MUST WATCH TODAY)
Special Message From My Heart FOR YOU!!! (MUST WATCH TODAY)

I just wanted to make a video so you know that I'm a real human being - Jake Ducey

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