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The Great Awakening And What NO ONE Tells You
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Nelson Mandela said that courage isn’t the absence of fear. It’s when you’re afraid and you do something anyways. Our whole society and the whole control mechanism of society runs off of fear. People are afraid to be different. People are afraid to follow their dreams. People are afraid to do everything. They’re afraid of the consequences. They’re afraid of the consequences that they go ask somebody out. They’re afraid of the consequences that they pursue their dreams. So instead they give them up and they get some job to hate for the rest of their lives because they’re told they can’t be successful at what they want. They’re afraid, they’re afraid, they’re afraid, they’re afraid, they’re afraid. And that’s how the control mechanism works. The Gallup poll said that 78 percent of people are actively disengaged from their jobs, politically correct way to say almost everybody hates what they do and their number one cause of illness is stress-related.
So there’s all this unconscious resentment and feeling of unfulfillment that has festered in the human collective unconsciousness. And it has created a very divisive world. A world where a lot of people are unfulfilled. A lot of people are unhappy, a lot of people are doing things they hate their whole life. They don’t have a sense of meaning, they don’t have a sense of purpose and therefore they have low self esteem. So that carries into relationships. People are afraid to ask people out. People are afraid to go for their dreams, and the first step of the great awakening is because of all the stuff that’s happened and kind of the world falling apart. In a lot of ways what it’s going to do is that it’s going to make a lot of people ask one simple question, what do you have to lose? And the answer is not very much anymore, right?
Like so many people have lost their jobs. There’s been over 40 million claims or unemployment, and so what’s happening is people are going, what else is there to lose? Everybody has their own purpose and the real shift to the great awakening. It’s not like the great awakening is in political. The great awakening is a shift from living inside the matrix in the rat race to finding meaning. And when everybody finds meaning and lives a purposeful life, the world’s going to change. And everybody has their own unique thing. Some people, it’s music. Some people, it’s nonprofits and people, it’s technology. Some people are meant to have billion dollar ideas that change the world. Some people are meant to be authors and writers. Some people are meant to create the most amazing, healthy family ever. Everybody’s got their own thing, their own meaning and its objective. It’s something that you come across yourself.
I can’t tell you what your purpose is. Nobody can. But the first step in the shift is to live with meaning. And a lot of times that’s scary because it might mean for me it was dropping out of college when I was 19 years old, backpack around the world, self publishing a book when nobody would publish it. And building this career that became, you know, relatively very successful. And there was so much fear and so much questioning of myself and questioning of my intuition. Um, and I was afraid and I doubted myself, but it was courage that courage isn’t the absence of fear. Now the shift occurs when people find meaning. So the first step and the first side is to look at the fears in your life that may have controlled you for a long time and ask yourself, what am I meant to be doing?
What am I meant to be accomplishing? How can I find meaning in my life? It might be the, you’re supposed to help single mothers or underprivileged kids. It could be anything. It might be that you create the greatest real estate company in the world or artists or anything. So the question is why not you and why not now? So comment down below. It’s time to wake up calming down below. It’s time to wake up. Okay. Step number two is a shift from dependence to self-reliance, from dependence to self-reliance. So you think about our world, we’re dependent on everybody and it’s not just like, Oh, we’re dependent on food from somebody. Our whole self image and invalidation system comes from other people and we’ve been programmed and conditioned in a world where we want so bad to belong, that oftentimes we give up our own individuality just to fit in because we’ve been conditioned for so long to believe we are good enough and smart enough.

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Society runs off fear. People are afraid to be different, afraid to follow their dreams, afraid to do everything. They're afraid of the consequences.

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