The Great Awakening Is Happening! My 2020 Predictions…

The Great Awakening Is Happening! My 2020 Predictions…
Right now we are in a world that is finally beginning to wake up to a spiritual awakening. A lot of people have been wondering what life is about and finally they are being pushed towards having a great spiritual awakening. In this video we talk about what this means and my predictions for 2020 and what will come out of all of this going on in the world.
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Maybe you’ve been waiting for a global awakening. In this video, I’m going to talk to you about the great awakening that is occurring and I’m going to give you my predictions on what to expect in 2020

So my first prediction that’s ultimately gonna come about in this global awakening, this shift in consciousness that is clearly beginning to occur, is a shift from materialism to spirituality. People are quarantined all over the world. People are locked down all over the world. People are losing jobs, people are losing money, and people are kind of just twiddling their thumbs sitting around. Now, the result of all of that is the consumer is STIX society. A more

what happens is you start to ask a different question instead of how do I get more? You start to say, is there more? Is there more to life? And this leads you to a spiritual journey, a spiritual awakening where you start to decide, you know what? I want to live a more purposeful life. I want to live a more meaningfully life and I want to discover who I am and why I’m here. These are the questions that people are going to begin to ask themselves as this global awakening continues to occur. My second prediction is that people are going to detach from their egos and their mind. We live in a society where people are overly identified with their own minds. They believe every thought that happens in their head is them, and we’re attached to this idea of self being this individual form, when in fact everything is just energy.

That’s all. Everything is all. So my personal prediction is that there’s going to be a disc identification from the mind when this begins to occur. This will create less stress because all stress comes from the mind. Do you know that the number one cause of illness is estimated to be stress? Do you know that the most heart attacks occur at 8:00 AM on Monday mornings or 7:00 AM on Monday mornings? It’s, it’s stress induced. So we live in this society where we’ve been built upon so many social pressures and what happens is we’re never able to shut our mind off. Well, what happens when you’re quarantined in your house? You’re not able to do all the busy work you used to do to keep yourself occupied and you’re sitting there wondering, why does this voice keep running in my head? Ultimately, this is going to be something that’s going to help people slow down.

When you slow down, your nervous system slows down and when your nervous system slows down, you move out of fight or flight and when you move out of fight or flight, you create more peace. If this begins to occur and people stop taking their minds so seriously and people start to get used to slowing down, which is clearly beginning to occur because people are stuck in their houses. The result of that is you start to create a more enlightened society. I one time heard someone say enlightenment is when you lighten up, and we live in a society that so far has been pretty far from enlightenment because everything’s so heavy. Everything is so serious. Everyone’s in such a fight or flight mode all the time. That’s beginning to change. Remember, enlightenment is when you start to lighten up and not take every single thought in your mind, so dang, seriously.

The next thing that I’m predicting will begin to occur is a sense of oneness. Now there’s pictures all over the world of what planet earth looks like when we aren’t running around polluting it. You’re seeing Los Angeles clear up. You’re seeing so many things start to occur, not just oneness with our planet that will begin to occur as people start to go, wow, we certainly do pollute a lot. I think what’s going to happen is people are going to stop dropping food on the ground. People are going to start to be more, more responsible environmentally, but people are also going to take the most important environment more seriously, which is their own body. We live in a world where we’re so busy that we pollute our own bodies with tons of processed food, tons of toxic thoughts. We we don’t drink enough water. We drink too much processed drinks, too much artificial drinks, and now this coronavirus situation is making people look in the mirror because they’ve S they’ve shown that people that that are getting the most serious illnesses from the coronavirus.

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The Great Awakening Is Happening! My 2020 Predictions...
The Great Awakening Is Happening! My 2020 Predictions...

People are wondering what life is about & they are being pushed towards a great spiritual awakening. In this video: what this means & my predictions for 2020.

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