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The Law of Attraction and What Nobody Tells You

The LAW of ATTRACTION and What NOBODY Tells You. MUST WATCH!!! This is all about how to really use the law of attraction and get what you want…
Let’s chat about the law of attraction and the real way to manifest what you want. When the law of attraction became popularized by the hit movie, The Secret, it left a lot of people hanging and too many actually began using the law of attraction in the wrong way. The law of attraction was really taught by somebody who declined to be in the movie.

And the reason this individual declined to be in the movie is because they said they were teaching the wrong information. If you really want to know manifestation, you have to understand one simple sentence.

This is according to Wayne Dyer. And what Wayne Dyer said is “you don’t get what you want. You get what you are.” And in order to get what you want, you have to understand who you are. And in order to understand who you are, you have to think outside of the dimension of form and outside of yourself as a physical body including the story of your memories and who you see in the mirror.
You have to start thinking of yourself as an energy field and an energy pattern. You are a vibration that is emanating a frequency out to the universe in the same way that a radio broadcasting tower emits a frequency out into the invisible ether. Now we know that 99.999 percent of everything in the physical universe is actually energy.
Matter is made up of 99 percent empty space. You aren’t a person. You are an energy field vibrating at a frequency that allows you to perceive a very small amount of who you are. IT was Buckminster fuller that said that you only see 1 percent of who you are. So if you don’t get what you want and you get what you are, then what does that mean?
You get the vibration that you emanate to the universe. The Secret taught you that if you just know what you want, you’ll get it. But here’s the problem. Everything is two things, what you want and the absence of what you want.
You can know that you want money, but you could be focused and always finding the fact that it is not in your life and how the rich people are greedy and how this boss screwed you over and how this person got the job you wanted and how this person shouldn’t be making that amount of money. You want money. But the way so many are going about this is the exact opposite of wealth. So you’re actually blocking what you want from coming into your life.

The question is, what are you broadcasting? Imagine that you are a radio broadcasting tower. Imagine that you are a frequency bandwidth that is emanating or projecting a certain vibration in the same way that 91.1 FM on the radio is projecting a certain vibratory frequency that is holding information called sound that plays 91.1.That is emanating a frequency that holds an informational pattern. And that informational pattern is a rock station.
You could turn it to a 100.7 And that’s frequency is a rap station. It is a frequency that is being projected or broadcasted, and you are able to perceive it. Well, think of yourself the same way. You’re an individual radio broadcasting tower sending a frequency. So you ask yourself what do you want to be broadcasting? What do you want your frequency to be?

It all comes down to a simple thing. Vibration. You have the ability to create and hold images. You have the ability to close your eyes. And because you were made in the image of God and you are one with the universe, the universal power spirit is flowing through you.
You can channel that energy using your imagination. You can imagine the world that you want to live in and you can practice feeling it and giving gratitude to it saying, thank you, God, thank you universe that my wishes are already fulfilled. And when you begin to do this in your imagination, what happens is you actually start to train your brain that you already have it. Your nervous system starts to think that you have it.
And what that means is your vibration changes. Your energy changes because all your emotions are, are your energy in motion. And when you can emotionally get involved in an image, a dream, and a reality that has not yet manifested physically in your life, but you can get emotionally involved in it, you’ve changed your energy.
You’ve changed your frequency. You’ve changed the plane of reality from which you are vibrating on. When you do that, your life will change. That’s why Nikola Tesla said “If you want to understand the universe, you have to think in terms of frequency, energy, and vibration”. Match and sustain the energy you want, and you will get it. This is the law of attraction and the real way to do it.
You don’t get what you want. You get what you are. Make sure to use my free success hypnosis if you haven’t already. When you listen to that every day, results of abundance flood into your life. We just need to wire our brains for the right opportunities first.

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The Law of Attraction and What Nobody Tells You
The Law of Attraction and What Nobody Tells You

Wayne Dyer said "You don't get what you want. You get what you are." And in order to get what you want, you have to understand who you are.

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