The Law of Attraction – The Good, The Bad, The Ugly…

The Law of Attraction – The Good, The Bad, The Ugly…
So here’s the good news about the law of attraction. It’s always working whether or not you believe in it. And the cool thing about that is it relies totally on your own free will. So the law of attraction isn’t based off of some airy fairy thing from Harry Potter. We’re talking about actual quantum physics. So the observer effect, you should probably Google it on your own and look into it because it’s magnificent. So the observer effect basically shows us that through quantum physics they were researching and they were studying into the intricacies of physical matter of the, of the atoms of the walls, of the chairs, that type of stuff, right? And so we find out that there’s things smaller than Adam’s.
First of all, an Adam is 99 percent empty space, which is nuts in and of itself. But then there’s these things called subatomic particles that are even smaller than an atom. So what they did is they would look at these little tiny particles and they found out that sometimes they would exist and sometimes they didn’t exist. They’re called a particle, and if they don’t exist, they’re called a wave, meaning that they are now vibrating at a frequency that is greater than visible light. Visible light is this physical world that you live in right now. Visible light is how many digits are in your bank account. It’s what you look like. This is visible light. It’s the bandwidth of frequency that your senses can perceive. Visible light is an infant testimony, small amount of reality. There is way more frequencies, um, and universal energy. Then this dimension, that’s why there’s no such thing as death.
We’re in a very small bandwidth of energy. So what they found out was that a subatomic particle that is ultimately the building blocks of money, the building blocks of cars, houses, everything, anything that you want, they found out that it could exist and not exist. So they called it the observer effect because the consciousness observing it, the scientist’s consciousness would sometimes make it exist and sometimes make it not exist. Sometimes it would be visible in an invisible. Now sounds very wild, right, but this is the wacky world of quantum physics and this is really what the law of attraction is about. There’s a lot of suits, surface and superficial things and the secret, the movie popularized a lot of them, but the actual uh, basis of the law of attraction is based in the observer effect, which is saying that what you experience in your reality is based off of your consciousness.
In the Bible it said another way. It says to those that have more will be given. Think about that in terms of the observer effect and the scientists being able to perceive subatomic particles to those that have more will be given when they are in the consciousness of wanting to perceive the particles, see the particles, they exist to those that do not have even that which they have is taken away. When they go into it expecting not to see the subatomic particles, then they exist as a wave of frequency, bandwidth beyond visible light. So that’s what the observer effect is based off. And it’s the same thing that mystics have been telling us for since the beginning of time to those that have more will be given. So what this is saying is even if you haven’t had things worked out for you the way that you want, maybe still haven’t attracted your cellmate, the money hasn’t come the job as income.
Maybe you’re looking around and you just lost your job with all this crazy stuff happening in the world. The past doesn’t matter because the past is just a reflection off of what used to be. That’s all it is. And in this moment right now, the good about the law of attraction is right now you can change your consciousness right now. You could start dwelling in abundance within your own consciousness. In fact, it’s the only way to get it show up in your physical life. First, you have to possess it in consciousness. You have to see it. You have to feel it. You have to use your mental faculties to start feeling it and getting excited. Now when that happens, you start firing new nerve cells in your brain in neuroscience is called the hubs law and it says that nerve cells that fire together wire together, every time you have any emotion, you fire nerve cells in your brain.

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The Law of Attraction - The Good, The Bad, The Ugly...
The Law of Attraction - The Good, The Bad, The Ugly...

The law of attraction. It's always working whether or not you believe in it. And the cool thing about that is it relies totally on your own free will.

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