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The Most Dangerous Word That BLOCKS You From Attracting What You Want (Law of Attraction)

If you want to attract more money, more love, more happiness into your life, it’s very important you do not say this word. Because there is one word that will literally block everything that you want from coming into your life.

This is Jake Ducey and our entire world is saying this word.

The most dangerous thing you can say isn’t “I can’t”, isn’t “I’m not sure”. It’s not “I quit”.

It’s “some day”. You see, most of us are gambling on the biggest risk of all, and that risk is that one day we’re gonna be able to buy the time back that we wasted.

by the time back we wasted chasing
approval from our friends from our
parents from our friends by the time
back that we wasted sitting in fear and
over planning everything and wondering
what they’re gonna think of me buy back
the time that we wasted chasing money
and a false sense of security rather
than chasing our dreams buy back the
time that we wasted thinking that we
weren’t good enough
you see we all say someday and what’s
your someday
what’s your Sunday is it someday I’ll
get the gym membership someday I’ll lose
the weight someday I will let go of my
romantic relationship and set a higher
standard for somebody who supports me
better with my true passions is it
someday I’ll start my business someday
I’ll go out and I’ll go buy a guitar and
I’ll record my first album is it someday
they’re gonna start running every single
day is it someday you’re gonna start
reading books seriously what is your
someday someday you’re gonna move to the
other side of the world someday you’re
gonna move to your favorite dream city
but not now because it’s just really
it’s just comfortable someday you’re
gonna quit your job what’s your someday
and what I invite you to do is make it
your two day take one step today on your
Sunday and make it your two day you see
if we’re in a state of someday what
we’re really saying is my dream isn’t
possible you see the law of attraction
is about working with the universe to
create what we desire and there’s so
many people that watch these videos that
focus on what they want
know what they want they write their
goals down but if you still tell
yourself in your head someday it doesn’t
matter if you know what you want if you
read your affirmations it does not
matter because you’re not in harmony
with it your reality is someday in the
future so comment down below your some
day that you’re gonna make your 2 day
comment that down below let’s start a
chain of people from all over the world
every country every city in the world
that decide that they’re no longer gonna
gamble no longer gonna gamble because
most of us are gambling on the biggest
risk of all and that’s the bet that
someday we’re gonna get the time back
that we wasted chasing people’s opinions
chasing approvable chasing security
chasing money chasing safety chasing not
failing this is Jake Ducey Jake do comment your two day down the
sunday you’re gonna like going download
my free success hypnosis down below
Jake’s hypnosis com if you got negative
thoughts negative beliefs you can train
them and write them into positivity to
be in alignment with you want Jake’s
hypnosis calm we’ll do that for you
press the subscribe button in the corner
right over there share this video with
somebody that you think it will in spire
have a beautiful day and I’ll see you on
the next video.


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