The Most Powerful Morning Routine For The Law of Attraction | Morning Routine For 2021 (MUST TRY!)

I’m going to break down the most powerful morning meditation law of attraction process for attracting what you want into your life. This is an easy to implement process that can truly change your life forever and turn the next year into the year when everything starts to unfold a powerful way. So my name is Jake Ducey.

Morning Meditation Step 1: Go On A Gratitude Rampage
Step number one is to go on a gratitude rampage. When you wake up in the morning, just look around. Oh my gosh, I woke up in a comfy bed. Maybe it’s winter where you live, and you woke up in a warm house because you have a heater. There’s a lot of people that still don’t have heaters in the world.
Think about the amazing things that are still available and within your control in your life today. Think about them and go on a simple gratitude rampage or go on a gratitude avalanche. What this is doing, is immediately hooking you up with the infinite supply of the universe. It’s immediately getting you focused on possibilities and the subject of abundance. It is said that to those that have more is given and to those that don’t have, even that which they have is taken away from them. Having does not mean possessions. It means consciousness. When you immediately find something to be grateful for, you start to have the world work on your behalf.
Morning Meditation Step 2: Reprogram Your mind
Morning Meditation
Step number two, reprogram your mind. This is in a few parts, really. So it’s really a two-a, two-b, et cetera. So this is important because what happens is we wake up and do a lot of stuff throughout the day. Sometimes it’s things we don’t want to do. And we get on autopilot. When your body gets on autopilot, when you wake up in the morning, roll out of bed, and do the same thing as the day before, your mind also gets on autopilot.
Now we know that 95 percent of all of our thoughts and our actions are subconscious and sub means below. So this is below conscious, like 95 percent of everything you do when you wake up in the morning is habitual. And so it’s very important that we deliberately take time to suggest the images, energies, and realities that we want into our subconscious. Otherwise we play old habit patterns out throughout the day, over and over and over. So you need a good morning meditation, law of attraction style.
I do this in a few parts, and I’ve done this in a few parts for a very, very, very long time. Now, the first part that I do, what I call hypnotic journaling or hypnotic karate. And this is where I write what I want in the present tense in my journal as if it’s already happened. Like I’m writing to my diary.
Dear diary. And I just write about it. I write about the amazing things that happened. I write about what happened in with my finances, with my relationships and I just go and go and go and go and go. And it becomes fun. My only rule is I can’t pick the pen off the pad. I have to continually writing. So I start to drop into a trance and I do this for five, 10 minutes, 15 minutes, depending on the mood I’m in, depending on how much fun I’m having.
Morning Meditation Step 3: Law Of Attraction Hypnotic Writing
Once I do my hypnotic writing, the next thing I do is I practice visualizing what it is that I was writing about. And I do this through a kind of process of a hypnotic visualization. I have my own successive hypnosis that now about a million people, which is crazy in and of itself, have used it’s right there down below it’s called Jake’s hypnosis. You could start to use that. So I turn that on. I like to use headphones, but you don’t need them.
I turn my hypnosis on, and I practice entering into the reality that I was just writing about. Like sometimes I might write just about finance. Sometimes I might write just about my mood, and then I practice entering that state, going to that home. I practice going to that place. I practice celebrating that great thing that happened. Not only do I see it in my mind, I feel it in my chemistry. I feel it in my physiology.
What this is doing is this is starting to train my subconscious, to bring these experiences into my life. So my hypnotic or my reprogramming is two-folds. First it begins with hypnotic writing. Second, I turn on my success hypnosis and I practice visualizing and entering the spirit of what it is that I want. It is a fantastic law of attraction before bed routine. If you want to use my free success hypnosis, it’s

Morning Meditation Step 4: Exercise
Morning Meditation Law Of Attraction
Next, I always exercise in some way, shape or form. I like to do exercise that makes me sweat, and it’s hard. But if for whatever reason, I’m not able to, I at least want to move around. I think one of the biggest problems that we have with a lack of energy in our lives is a lack of movement. We know that what happens when you don’t move a lot is you aren’t getting oxygen. You aren’t getting oxygen to replenish your brain, and you certainly aren’t getting it into the muscles and tissues and fat cells of your body that have become lethargic. Your law of attraction daily routine should always include some exercise.
This can make our body not feel as good and vital as it should overall. We now know from the amazing studies, we’ve seen all over the world, all over universities, across the world, that one of the best ways to uplift your mood, create serotonin, create dopamine, even treating depression is through exercise. You increase your self-esteem, you increase your vitality, and of course, more than anything, you get into your body, into your day, into your life. You find something to feel good about yourself and about the day very early on.
Morning Meditation Law Of Attraction Step 5: A Simple Prayer
Last but not least, I like to send a little simple prayer to the universe with whatever it is I have been working and going on that particular day. This might be as simple as you offering a prayer of gratitude for good things to head your way. This might be as simple as you offering a prayer of gratitude for these challenges you’re going through to be resolved. And you’re thanking the universe that it has been resolved, and you have the answers and the people and the resources. This is your law of attraction morning meditation. It might be that you pray to be an instrument of joy and that your life is full of joy for the day. But it’s you offering your intentions to the universe.

“You aren’t a meat suit. You are a spiritual being in a physical body.”
This connects you to something larger than yourself. It gets you outside of your own meat suit. A lot of times we wake up, and we get so habitual through our lives that we get attached to this idea of being a little meat suit. You aren’t a meat suit. You are a spiritual being in a physical body. You aren’t a body. You have a body that you use for your physical experience, but you are a spiritual being. And it’s important to offer this gratitude. To begin meditating to get what you want. It’s important to offer this prayer to help us simply remember who we really are. You are a spiritual being in a physical body.
Morning Meditation Step 6: Write It Down

Last but not least, and this has been my tradition for a very long time, I grab an index card and I write my affirmation in the present tense. I write my chief definite aim for my life in the present tense on an index card or a post-it, and I carry it with me throughout the day.
So it might be, you know, about money. It might be about getting a job. It might be about happiness, whatever it is, that’s important for you to manifest in your life. You write it in the present tense in one to two sentences on an index card, and you carry it with you throughout the day. Every time you stick your hand in your pocket, and you feel it, even if you don’t, aren’t consciously aware of it, you’re activating brain cells. You’re starting to build new neural networks. You’re starting to condition your brain for new things, for new realities, for new horizons.
I’ve been doing this for, I don’t know exactly how long, but a very long time I’ve been making these index cards. And the amazing thing is universally, every time I’ve written them down on an index card, they’ve ended up happening. I can usually manifest anything in 24 hours or less.
Whether it was crazy financial goals that I thought were ludicrous. Whether they were goals with YouTube. Whether they were people I want to do attract into my life. I wouldn’t overly focus on these things ever, I would just write them down, set them in a clear state of consciousness, and I would allow the universe to unfold itself in beautiful and powerful ways.
So if you haven’t yet, I invite you to write your goals down and more specifically, put them in the present tense on an index card and start carrying that index card around with you, and then watch the amazing things that unfold in your life.
Okay. This is Jake Ducey, and I wanted to give you a simple and powerful morning meditation using the law of attraction that you can implement into your life. To reprogram your mind, uplift your energy and attract fantastic things into your experience. If you’ve got your own morning routine, let me know in the comments down below.
I truly believe is going to be an absolutely fantastic day to be alive. I hope you have enjoyed learning a morning meditation with the law of attraction. If you’re excited to have maybe your best day ever comment down below best day ever. I’ll see you next time.

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The Most Powerful Morning Routine For The Law of Attraction | Morning Routine For 2021 (MUST TRY!)
The Most Powerful Morning Routine For The Law of Attraction | Morning Routine For 2021 (MUST TRY!)

This is an easy to implement process that can truly change your life forever and make the next year when everything starts to unfold a powerful way.

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