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The subconscious mind and what nobody tells you. The truth is you have the most powerful piece of technology in the entire cosmos and it rests in an invisible area called your mind. It’s your subconscious. Now, the hidden hands of the world have known this information about the subconscious and deliberately used it to program you. But here’s the thing. There are some things that you don’t know about the subconscious mind that when you learn them, you’re literally going to be able to change your entire life to literally take the dreams, ideas, things you desire in your mind, your imagination, and create them in your life. One time Steve jobs says that the world was built by people no smarter than you. And when you realize that you can mold it, shape it, and change it however you want, but those last few words, there are the powerful ones.
You can mold, shape and change the world, your world any way that you want, whether it’s your bank account, whether it’s your confidence, your self esteem, how you are around men, how you are around women, your financial life, where you live, what it’s like in your day to day. Like you can literally recreate it if you know how to use the subconscious mind. So I’m going to share with you what you don’t know about it and this is going to be incredibly powerful and something that’s going to allow your life to just kind of kick into hyper speed, kind of like the cars and you press the button and it goes into hyper speed. That’s what’s going to happen with your subconscious mind. So make sure you hit the like button on this side or this side right over there. And let’s dive right into this video.
Okay, so here’s the first thing. The best analogy for the subconscious is just like software in a computer, right? You get a computer and maybe it’s like working pretty slow. You’re not getting the results out of the operating system that you want. The browsers all are are loading all slow or maybe it doesn’t have garage band and you want to make music or it doesn’t have Photoshop and you want to be able to make images or edit photos so the actual operating system doesn’t have the things that you want. What do you do? You update the software? Well, the first thing you do probably even before then is you would look to see if there’s a virus in it. At least that was how it used to be on the computers growing up. So you’d hit the, you’d hit the virus checking system and it would let you know all the glitches or viruses in the operating system that were affecting the results that you wanted out of it, and then you could just take the files, drag them into the trash bin, hit empty trash, put some new software on.
All of a sudden this thing starts zinging and it’s working like it’s a brand new computer. You’re getting an amazing performance out of the operating system or the software. This is exactly what your mind is like and ultimately how reality is. 95 percent of your life is subconscious. The word sub means below. So it means that it’s below conscious. So it’s, it’s a software that is operating, it’s the operating system that is controlling the supercomputer that is your brain in your life. And thus your reality that you’re experiencing. This is where the whole idea and Elon Musk, you know, went viral because he was like, reality is a simulation. And that’s something a lot of people say is reality. A simulation. The reason that we, that we think that or contemplate that is because we don’t understand the operating system of our life, which is subconscious sub means below conscious.
So we aren’t consciously aware of it. So it seems as if we’re in this giant simulation, and I guess you could call it a simulation because it’s, it’s a result off of perception. It’s a result off of a subconscious, hidden hand system we aren’t aware of. And the thing is that just like a computer software has an ability to be reprogrammed. You do as well. And so when I started learning all this, I started going the first step. Okay, so if the subconscious in my life is just like a computer, then what’s the first thing I do? Right? I would run that, that virus scan and I found out I had a lot of viruses in my thinking. I was 19 and I decided to drop out of college. I went and backpacked around the world. I wrote a book about it into the wind, my six month journey, wandering the world for life’s purpose and I had so much inner and outer resistance, pretty much everybody thought it was a bad idea.

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You have the most powerful piece of technology in the entire cosmos and it rests in an invisible area called your mind. It's your subconscious.

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